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How do you create an artist community website when you’re an artist looking to be more visible online. The reasons why having a site is essential if you wish to build an impressive portfolio and market your work.



What is the reason you require a website to showcase your art?

Build Your Website
Artist Community Website

“I am seeking. I’m pursuing. I’m in the process with all my heart” That’s the way Vincent van Gogh described what was happening to him. If you’re an artist, then you find yourself in a similar attitude. You might want to dedicate all your time to your work as Van Gogh did. Yet, despite the belief that artists are about creativity and passion, They are not always (although they would like to be). They’re often overwhelmed by tasks to promote and sell their art.

The positive aspect is that within the Internet age it is much more simple than at the period of van Gogh. He was dependent on the emotional and financial support of his brother who was his art dealer. So, van Gogh could dedicate himself completely to his art.

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No matter if you’re an artist and/or not, it’s essential to schedule time to present your artwork online professionally. A presence on the internet is vital to your image. Social media is a safe sanctuary for the often unpractical and impatient folks who work in the arts. You can present your work with little effort and as much enthusiasm that goes into creating it. However, there’s a caveat there are a few. Although social media is an effective tool to showcase your work and establish an intimate dialog with your fans, however, it should not be considered as a substitute for a fully-fledged online presence on websites.

You do not have the right to the content that you publish on social media and have no control over the representations on digital media of your work. The creation of a website to showcase your portfolio is crucial to establish yourself as an expert and market your work.

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1. Select a memorable name for your site

Domain Name
Artist Community Website

We’ve provided some tips and tricks to choose the perfect website name that is beautifully easy to remember, appealing and easy. The name of your website is the essential element for the identity of your company.

Make sure to select the right TLD for your new website because it will determine the expectations of visitors to your website. extensions or TLDs can be found placed at ends of Web addresses, such as COM, ORG, or NET. It is the COM TLD is among the oldest and most sought-after. However, it’s almost impossible to locate a name that is memorable in the COM TLD since most are already used. You can solve this issue by selecting the right TLD, which can be beneficial to you.

  • The right domain name extension can assist you in locating the most suitable and appealing domain name for your site.
  • Some studies indicate, in certain measures, new TLDs outperformed COM however, the cost of running a campaign with the brand new name was lower. New TLDs can provide greater AdWords impressions and also better positioning, according to the same research.
  • It is possible to ensure that your TLD is relevant and relevant to the industry. A good TLD for this is a sign of relevancy for search engines and users and will also help your reputation and image. The public will be able to get a better idea of your work and – with a suitable website name – will be aware of what your business is about.

It’s simple: if people are looking for information about art and are likely to visit a website that has that ART extension.

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2. Select the best layout Think carefully about how it will be constructed!

If you’re an artist you shouldn’t be taught the significance of style, personal design, and creativity. The value of aesthetics is an individual one for itself, and that’s why your website needs to display your art professionally and make it clear that your work and you are unique. This isn’t possible using an ordinary template for your website, which is why you should invest your time and perhaps cash on creating an appealing and attractive design that has good navigation and is well-organized. Remember the convenience of mobile devices. Users nowadays use smartphones more frequently than laptops and desktop computers.

Here are a few standard sections that you must include on your site:

  • Your bio or resume, as well as your artistic statement that is inspiring about your work
  • Portfolio or gallery
  • Contact Us section
  • Social media links
  • Buying information or online store

Include your finest artworks on the first page of your site or create an amazing background using your artworks like many of our favorite adopters have done. Of course, you must copyright your work. Do not allow your artwork to be taken away from you!

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3. Working on SEO

Local SEO Audit
Artist Community Website

You are happy with your site and your visitors already love it? Yes, but that’s not enough. Google must be thrilled also. You must be working on search engine optimization or SEO.

When you type in a query and click on one of the first results in the results. Just like everyone else except for the exception of… When your site doesn’t show up in the initial search result, you won’t discover it.

Here are some helpful tips for improving SEO:

  • Use a top-level domain! Google does not like to display third-level domains that are hosting free.
  • Enhance the user experience and usability of your website so that users feel more involved, since the time they spend on your site also impacts the SEO rank.
  • Your website should be filled with relevant content. You’ve likely heard of the significance of important phrases to SEO. The correct content can also impact the”dwell time.
  • Contact us page to boost trustworthiness. Google is a fan!

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4. Sell artwork from your site

Your website is your online gallery which you have complete control of. We’re not going to dictate what art form you must create to be able to sell it. Even if you produce artwork that is appreciated by a small group of connoisseurs, however, it’s still an excellent idea to market your work directly on your website.

Create a fully-fledged online store with easy-to-use and a shopping cart online. Visitors can browse through all your work on a few pages with a simple template and easy navigation. Be sure to provide information on return and refund policies and also provide different shipping methods and payment options. This will aid in increasing sales and give a professional appearance to your site.

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StoreMate Dokan

Conclusion on Artist Community Website

Everybody is online nowadays. This doesn’t mean you must be on the internet to be a great artist, but why don’t you make the most of all opportunities available to you? Make your art known, give it a human element, stay connected to your fans via social media, create an amazing online gallery through your website and even sell your artwork!

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