Use AppPresser To Build Mobile Apps With WordPress

If you have a reputed WordPress site, you may have imagined how difficult it may be to compose a mobile app for your subscribers and/or visitors. There are many ways to build mobile apps with WordPress straight from your WordPress site without needing to build an app from scratch.

A mobile app enables you to utilize device notifications to alert your users of fresh content and they can conveniently exchange your stories straight from their tablet or phone.

WPMU presents a digest of plugins you can employ to launch an app from your WordPress blog, most prominently Mobiloud which depends on, and Wiziapp which develops an HTML5 app. There’s also Appifier, which offers an economical app-building service; if you’re not extremely technical, Appifier may be a nice option.

AppPresser offers a great combination of ease of implementation with more intense technical control for developers. It utilizes plugins to combine with Adobe’s Phonegap platform. With personalized extensions and extra development, you can incorporate any device feature backed by Phonegap like contacts, the camera, geolocation, or the accelerometer.

You can develop a basic AppPresser WordPress app for $199, though if you wish camera incorporation or e-commerce, you will have to spend $499. You can either list your app in the iTunes Store and Google Play yourself or you can fund AppPresser to perform it for you for $499.

While there is some included complexity to expanding your WordPress site into an App, like customizing a new home page, AppPresser offers excellent documentation and many video guides to direct you along every step of the way.

In simple terms, AppPresser permits you to design a native mobile app for iOS and Android from your present WordPress site and disseminate it through Google Play and the iTunes Store. You can incorporate push notifications, build an e-commerce store employing WooCommerce, a social networking app utilizing BuddyPress, or you can perform custom development to develop any set of features backed by Phonegap’s API.

When you install the AppPresser theme and plugin (contained in the standard bundle), it does not alter the appearance of your desktop or mobile site, it simply displays inside your mobile app. Your regular website functionality and theme will not be influenced at all. So, if you visit your website through the standard internet browser on your device, you will not see any sign of AppPresser’s presence.

Nevertheless, AppPresser suggests that you possess a rapid hosting solution for your WordPress site in order to impart a top performing mobile app experience. If you desire managed hosting, they advise WPEngine.

AppPresser apps do not function offline. Therefore, your app users will need to possess an active Internet connection (WiFi or cellular) to access new content.

AppPresser application maker provides additional extensions to better the introduction and capability of your application: they are in general accessible in the organization group. These comprise:

  • AppPush – for facilitating with pop-up messages (accessible with the regular group)
  • AppBuddy – for harmonizing with BuddyPress
  • App-Geolocation – for facilitating with Geolocation
  • AppCamera – for developing photograph exchanging applications
  • AppSwiper – a nice touch-empowered slider gadget for your application landing page
  • AppWoo – for adaptation with WooCommerce

Description Of Features

Push Notification



AppPresser integrates Push Notification with your record, allowing you to easily start sending pushes.

You can dispatch warnings that open up explicit pages in the application or even dispatch individuals to an external URL. notifications can be dispatched from anyplace using our API, including from your WordPress site, any application, or the direction line.

The Agency Plan integrates the AppPush plugin, which allows you to dispatch pushes from your WordPress site. Dispatch to singular gadgets for signed in clients, for example when a BuddyPress client sends a private message. Using AppPush, you can dispatch pushes manually, or when another post is published. You can also use custom code to include pushes with any plugin or WordPress activity.

Converts BuddyPress Into A Social Networking App

AppPresser presents the leading “Facebook in a box” plugin BuddyPress and changes your recent BuddyPress controlled site into a social networking app.

AppCommunity is an expansion that follows any Agency plan or higher to integrate BuddyPress into your application. It allows AppPresser clients to form a social portable application for their WordPress sites such as Facebook or Instagram. With AppCommunity, application clients can post activity updates, make fellowships, photographs, join gatherings, send private messages, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Build A WooCommerce Store

AppPresser can permit you to make a fast, local mobile application for your WooCommerce store on iOS and Android.

Your application clients can scrutinize your items and buy in the application, using a similar payment gateway you possess on your site. If you employ PayPal or Stripe on your site, the app payment occurs exactly the same manner as they perform on your site.

Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins

Convert LearnDash Based E-learning Site To Mobile App

Build Mobile App

Make an iOS/Android versatile application for your LearnDash site using AppPresser.

Add your courses, tests, points. Exercises and most of your LearnDash content. Your students will most probably login, view their exercises, take tests, and download course matter. They can perform everything in the application in the same way it scores at your site.

Get Reign LearnMate Theme-Best Theme to Pair with LearnDash.

Geolocation To Pinpoint Area

The Geolocation extension allows the users of your application to focus their area on a Google Map, and post their area details to WordPress. You can similarly “check in” to a Google Places custom location or business.

Primarily, insert the shortcode to any page or post to display a “post area” or “Check-in” catch.

You can similarly make another latest post of any post type having a custom title and the geolocation detail to insert Google map with a location marker.

You can gather and update client area detail for all logged in clients as regularly as your application requires also. Develop applications for photography, social networking, journaling, maps, and considerably more.

How To Begin With AppPresser?

You first need to install the AppPresser Plugin. This is performed on the WordPress dashboard directory. The plugin reconciles your WordPress site to the application features and extensions that AppPresser provides with PhoneGap. Moreover, you require to install the AppPresser Theme and AppSwiper Plugin.

The theme is proposed in light of the fact that it doesn’t affect your present desktop or mobile HTML site. Its theme is meant to be used by contact based gadgets, while general WordPress topics are most definitely not. Once you’ve installed the plugin and topics the following stage is to sign in to your account. Click on My Account, at that stage View Details and Downloads to obtain your permit keys and theme download. You can similarly obtain other plugin downloads on this page. From your WordPress Dashboard, add the theme zip record that you downloaded and don’t activate it yet.

You would next be able to move the Swiper plugin downloaded by you and activate it. Activate “Load AppPresser for Administrators Only”. This will offer you a chance to view your application as the administrator. It won’t influence your site’s general task. To view your usual site, explore your site in secret mode. Enter your permit key also and leave the settings. Despite the fact that it will function, it won’t offer an incredible affair out of the box. For that reason, you have to make a specific custom home page for my application.

Build Your App Home Page

The WordPress application maker recommends that you frame a definite home page for your application. This might be viewed when individuals are using the application. It doesn’t affect the workspace or mobile HTML site. This can similarly be constituted from the WordPress dashboard and deactivates dialogs on this page as remarks are not advanced for contact related apps. The AppSwiper plugin builds new custom post types termed Sliders.



AppPresser includes the ability to use the camera that is local to iOS and Android gadgets in your application.

Using the AppCamera plugin you can include a shortcode to any WordPress page or post that constitutes a camera button. This button opens the on-site gadget camera or photo library and allows clients to move their pictures to your WordPress media display.

Social Sharing

AppPresser includes social sharing for your application clients to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, email, text.

Social sharing links are integrated within the toolbar of every post.


Building mobile apps isn’t a simple task. You need expert aptitudes to develop applications that are incredibly receptive to cell phones which present awesome client experience. AppPresser WordPress application developer that is portable is an incredible mobile software builder that transfers handy apps that integrates different stages as well as support for modern gadgets.

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