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Online events require a community platform for smooth functioning. If you were confused about the whole concept, you are in the right place. In this article, we will go through the basics of community platforms and how they can aid in conducting online events. Read on! 

What do community platforms for online events mean and how do they help? 

To put it simply, community platforms for online events provide an end-to-end, multi-screen solution that enhances your content and adapts according to networking goals. Online communities and events, which may be online or offline, have common elements of networking, ideation, knowledge sharing and discussions. Due to the pandemic and work-from-home culture, a huge number of offline events now take place in an online event format – which could be in various forms such as concerts, webinars, courses, and so on. That is why, having a community platform for online events is the need of the hour and we suggest that you start one for your company too! 

How to create a community platform for online events? 

If you are new, the whole process may seem daunting and complex. However, that is not the case! When done correctly, community platforms have the ability to grow and benefit your organization in so many ways! To make it simple for you, we have listed below some ways you can create a community platform for online events to ensure maximum success.  

  • Community Building: The events you want to organize should attract people that have similar interests – because that is how a community is formed. You should think of a bigger theme that encompasses a sense of belonging amongst the audiences. 
  •  Integrated Community For Your Event: It is crucial to select a platform that works ideally with modern event management and conferencing softwares as it leads to an easier and smoother experience. 
  • Keep Your Audience Invested: Your audience is the most important aspect of the overall process and it is paramount that they are invested in the event. This also leads to loyalty in the long term and they feel heard when their feedback is considered. 
  • Promotion: Just having a community is not enough, it is important that you engage on a continuous basis with your audiences. This can be done with gamification techniques such as notification tools and other engaging content. You can ask your audience questions, comment, conduct polls, and so on. 
  • Networking: Again, networking is the overall objective of communities like this and you should be able to help members connect with each other before and after the event. Encourage them to share their experiences and build networks to ensure long-term participation. 

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Here are some great ideas to help you with the networking and engagement aspect when it comes to online events: 

  • Have varied themes – it helps in sparking a discussion and motivates your members to talk and contribute
  • Create groups or different channels for members that share similar interests – so they can spend their time discussing topics that interest them the most. 
  • Record your events and post them on social media for maximum reach – especially Facebook and YouTube. Your members can then share the same and comment on these videos. 
  • Spend some time hosting Q&A sessions to encourage member interaction. 
  • Share resources with your audiences such as presentations, questionnaires, and other notes. 
  • Host competitions to encourage further participation of your members. You can also use virtual currencies to create a sense of challenge and then later your members can redeem the same currencies within the community for various benefits. 

You can also use other techniques to connect better with your audiences and talk about topics that are specific to your kind of communities. This ensures that the members stay in touch and have a valuable contribution during meetings and events. This will further interest and attract other people from the same niche. 

Advantages of having a community platform for online events: 

  • Community platforms help the audiences to engage with you on a regular basis and create stronger networks during and after the events. 
  • Community helps you to build your own tribe and therefore promote your events in the future and attract a greater deal of audiences. 
  • The participation rates in online events are high as they are the most convenient medium of attending events. 
  • You can document whatever happens in such events and use them in the future as reference and analysis. 
  • The quality of any discussion depends on the participants. 

Disadvantages of having a community platform for online events: 

  • Lack of physical contact may lead to miscommunication amongst members.
  • Such events have the possibility of leading to an information overload. 
  • Chances of members going off-topic is high during discussions. 
  • Time lag may be too long between commenting and receiving a response. 
  • Having a stable internet connection is a must – this might lead to technical problems. 

To conclude

Online communities are an excellent way to reach a wider range of audience from across the world. We live in uncertain times and more and more people are choosing to attend events online. This is the future! We highly recommend that you start using community platforms for your online events to be able to connect with your audiences better. 

Here is a helpful blog that delves into the benefits of online communities. It explains in detail why communities play a major role in today’s digital world. 

We hope this article has been helpful to you. Thank you for reading and all the best! 

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