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WordPress is the future of the present. It is a powerful, yet humble digital platform for entrepreneurs, bloggers, business giants, startups who wish to leave a digital trail on the worldwide net and reach out to their target audience in the most presentable manner possible. So, it’s very natural that they want to convey the most out of the least. But this approach tends to clutter up their sites and make it slow. Therefore, in order to send out the maximum information, it is very important to adopt the way out through ‘messaging’. There is a single thumb-rule to this one – Adopt a minimalist approach. This will help you in the following ways:

  • Your business motive will appeal as a more professional and credible one
  • Help the visitors navigate through the site easily
  • To attract the necessary information to what’s really important – the content
  • Site visitors easily find what they came looking for
  • A clean and tidy approach to delivering information is appreciated
  • Ensure people are reading the crucial pieces of information and calls-to-action is right away

Follow these simple tricks to declutter your website and keep your visitors’ focus on the most important things.

The 3- Question Test

Take a look at your site and see if it is capable enough of answering these 3 questions to a new visitor on your website:

  • What is this site meant for?
  • How will it help me?
  • How does it help me?
  • There are tons of sites with the same functionality. Why should I keep reading this one?

When you are done, try to see if your website is capable of delivering answers to these questions. Once you are satisfied with the answers, chances are other visitors will be satisfied too.

Hide Away those Menus

Have you heard of a hamburger menu? I am sure you would have. But if not, read on. A hamburger menu is a symbol consisting of three parallel horizontal lines (displayed as ☰) that is used as a button in graphical user interfaces. It is often displayed in the top left or top right of a user interface.

This style, in particular, is efficient for mobile site browsing, but things change. You can definitely adopt this as a choice for your website as it will minimalize things. You can store social media icons or replace a bulky sidebar with them. The more space, the more the appeal.

Suggested WordPress Tools:

  • The Superfly – Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin
  • P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) plugin


 Break the content away into sections: Use Tabs

Tabs WordPress

You can cut down on the bulk content and pages by employing the functionality of tabbed content and accordions. Break the content into sections and make the content easily readable in the form of posting them into tabs.

Suggested WordPress Tools:


Get a Notification Bar

WP Notification Bar Pro: WordPress

A good website is the one that constantly shares updates like an upcoming event, a temporary deal or a new blog post. This engages the visitors and definitely increases page views. So, if you are one of those websites that do this, it’s time to get a notification bar for your site. This will take away the need of redesigning your home page. A full-width strip will serve the purpose and save the otherwise futile manual updates.

Suggested WordPress Tools:


 Make the Social Icons Prominent

social-media-icons-new for WordPress

Your business for sure has a social media presence. It validates your presence and makes a potentially positive presence. So, it’s also important to integrate links to your social network platforms into your site’s design. People do so by including direct feeds or widgets, you can go for the floating social icons.

Suggested WordPress Tools:


Live Chat


Get your website rolling by doing away with one-sided communication. The usual reading of the content, filling of the form and providing an email are the things of the past. Get an auto pop-up live chat window, so that every time a visitor comes to the site, he/she is humbly welcomed with a chat request for further assistance.

Suggested WordPress Tools:


Simplify Navigation & Get Rid of Links



Confused site visitors is an indicator of an ill designed website. It might look interesting or unique, but will fail to deliver your website of having a visitor friendly site. If site visitors navigate through the site easily, chances are that the purpose of your business site is materialized. Also consider cleaning up the Meta data and links for SEO benefits, in order to enhance indexing and Google page ranks. Replace sidebars with pop-ups and slide-ins.

Suggested WordPress Tools:



Take advantage of how flexible WordPress is. There are loads of plugins and tools in its repository to create the site that delivers all you can wish for. It’s important to make room for letting the visitor create an opinion for your site. A less complicated website impresses and delivers what other websites fail to do. So, revamp and declutter your WordPress site with this checklist. Get the cleaning started.

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