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Now is the best time to start an NFT marketplace website. It is not unusual to spend millions of dollars on expensive digital assets. Why not make a business of it?

Bitcoin took a little more than ten years to reach $69,000. In just a few months, a random NFT, a unique crypto token that takes the form of an image JPEG, was sold for $69 Million.

This blog will help you learn how to create an NFT marketplace. We will discuss tips and tricks and walk through the steps to build an NFT Marketplace website.

Top Takeaways:

  • A unique opportunity exists to start an NFT marketplace as more people realize that they can speculate on images, memes, and other digital content. NFT stores make commissions, regardless of NFT price changes.
  • Before creating an NFT marketplace, you must decide which blockchains to support.
  • To expand the NFT market’s application and increase its value, find a way to incorporate decentralized finance elements.

Why developing an NFT marketplace is an excellent opportunity?

NFT Marketplace

Why would you want your own NFT marketplace to sell? There are many reasons why creating an NFT marketplace could be a profitable venture.

A New Niche In The Crypto

NFTs are an emerging concept in crypto. As we speak, the notion of cryptographically secure ownership of digital assets (and sometimes physical assets) is gaining popularity.

What is an NFT Marketplace?

It is an abbreviation for non-fungible tokens. This means that each digital asset these tokens represent cannot be traded for the same asset because it doesn’t exist.

NFT Platform allows you to trade and mint various NFTs across multiple domains. NFT Marketplace is a place where you can display your creativity, collectibles, and other digital assets. This offers a wide range of NFTs, including art, photos, videos, and other digital collectibles. It allows individuals to show their talents and values to reach a broad audience.

NFT Marketplace allows you to trade non-fungible tokens for cryptos. Users can either list their NFTs in an open bid or auction on the NFT Marketplace. NFT platforms can be developed on different blockchain networks depending on your business needs. This blog will help you learn how experts create your NFT Marketplace.

Friendly DeFi Onboarding

NFTs are based on blockchains and provide easy access for crypto novices. If someone purchases crypto art, they will likely try other decentralized finance tools.

  • Crypto trading
  • Investments/staking/farming
  • Borrowing and loans

Do you want to create an NFT marketplace, like an eCommerce website, to sell a particular type of NFT? This is a great use case. You may also want to add additional DeFi features such as NFT-backed loans and trading.

Mad Gins

The mad gains crypto has made possible is what explains the NFT craze. Only a tiny group of crypto-savvy people will buy non-fungible tokens to boast about their collections. Most people are in this business to speculate. Any market will remain profitable as long as it continues to do so, even if they take fewer commissions.

Why You Should Learn To Create An NFT Marketplace?

Create An NFT Marketplace

There are many opportunities for NFTs and their uses, including NFT games, collectibles, NFT artwork, and so forth. Although it may sound like a great idea to use existing NFT marketplaces, there are some limitations. They are often not decentralized and have poor cross-chain interoperability. This tends to charge fees and limit users to the Ethereum Blockchain. These are only a few of the downsides to specific marketplaces.

Is there a way to get around these problems? You can create your own marketplace. Don’t let this discourage you. You’ll need to invest many marketing dollars to make your NFT marketplace the next big one.

You can offer to create an NFT marketplace for countless artists, celebrities, and businesses looking to launch NFTs. You can help them create NFTs. However, this is a good idea for everyone who wants to launch their NFTs. Why? You control the marketplace and can design the user interface to your specifications. You are also not subject to platform manipulation and can eliminate intermediaries that may charge you fees in addition to the expensive gas fees.

How Does an NFT Marketplace Work?

Register and link your crypto wallet to your account to use a marketplace.

  • Make an NFT and set all parameters.
  • You may list your digital products and wait for moderation.
  • Auctions are when buyers place their bids.
  • After the auctions are over, the marketplace transfers digital products and cryptocurrency.

Smart contracts are a collection of transaction protocols that NFT markets use. These protocols control the connection between buyer and seller. These smart contracts also contain the identifying data associated with an NFT. This makes it easy to buy and sell tokens.

NFTs: Why are they so popular?

OpenSea is a popular NFT art marketplace. It works in the same way as the eBay app. It allows users to buy and sell crypto products and NFTs, just like an online marketplace.

Some statistics support this. NFT’s market capitalization has increased rapidly and increased tenfold between 2018 – 2020. The global turnover of NFT marketplaces in 2020 was $338.04 Million.

The NFTs can show the possession of file formats such as GIFs, MP3, JPEGs, and others. In 2021, an NFT asset called Everyday – The First 5000 days sold for $69 million. It is a collection of art pieces arranged in a collage.

These stats and analytics show that NFT marketplaces are more in demand over the next few years. This competitive era makes it possible to create a market app that will profit you.

NFT Marketplace Must-Have Features

The NFT Marketplace Development Guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the essential features required for our marketplace’s success.

1. NFT Catalog

Any NFT marketplace, in its purest form, is an eCommerce platform. It requires a storefront to display its inventory.

These are just a few of the options that you can consider to create highly engaging experiences:

  • Categories and subcategories
  • Filters and sorting
  • Top charts

2. Crypto Wallet Integration

What happens if newbies don’t have a cryptocurrency wallet? They will be delighted to have the ability to create a wallet directly on the market.

If a cryptocurrency wallet is not compatible with non-fungible tokens, it’s impossible to set up an NFT market.
Use services such as WalletLink to connect your crypto wallets during the signup process. It is essential to ensure that your crypto wallet allows you to display NFT content directly inside it.

3. Auctions & Other Mechanisms to Buy and Sell

Auctions and fixed prices are the most common ways to sell NFTs. You are allowed to play around with the NFTs. You are free to experiment.

4. Minting

Many marketplaces encourage users to create their own NFT. They take a customer’s digital asset and link it with a blockchain. Your cat gif becomes an NFT when it is added to a chain block.

5. Miscellaneous

It is easy to see user profiles, settings, notifications, and other information. They can find their way into every software. Our NFT marketplace is no exception.

Let’s also consider adding:

  • Support section with a chatbot
  • Register and login (duh!)
  • favorites, user moderation
  • Status of nft listing

6. Advanced Features

We can’t create a website like OpenSea, and then sit back and watch for the exponential growth. We must have at least one or two key features in mind.

I believe the most innovative ideas will come from the combination of traditional marketplace options (buy/sell) with other DeFi functions such as:

  • Use NFTs to secure loans.
  • Allowing p2p NFT trading.
  • NFT fractional trading.
  • Use AI content management to remove inappropriate images.

Consider These Factors When Creating An NFT Marketplace

NFT Marketplace

1. Transparency

Transparency is a must for any NFT marketplace. The Blockchain network ensures that transactions are seamless and error-free through its payment system. This will allow users to see all transactions.

2. Security

This is a vital feature in an NFT market about token transactions among traders. It protects traders against transaction loss and other functions that are not necessary.

3. Decentralization

This allows you to share and copy all information to multiple Blockchain networks. The network updates its Blockchain to reflect the new block.

4. The Monetization Model

This element should be considered when creating an NFT market. OpenSea, for example, does not charge any listing fees. The platform does deduct 2.5% from the product price during sales.

5. Smart Contracts

Intelligent contracts are initiated without a commission. To avoid fraudulence and reduce intermediaries, you can sign the contract online.

Key Niches Of NFT Marketplaces

Many NFTs can be used to make money from digital art. You can make digital copies of photos or memes. OpenSea allows you to buy, sell and send images, videos, and GIFs, as well as music. It runs on Ethereum and creates NFTs with the ERC721 or ERC1155 protocols.

The arts aren’t the only area where NFTs could be used. They can also be used to trade collectibles, game characters (CryptoKitties), digital properties (Mintable), virtual universes (Metaverses), and investment offers. You should also create a market that suits your needs.

If you are looking to create an NFT art marketplace, an online store is necessary. It’s pretty simple to set up the backend and store, sell, and exchange NFTs.

You need to create a platform that allows you to use NFT technology for real estate transactions. These platforms can be used with MLS databases to locate users and other helpful information.

Other niches in which NFTs could be highly successful are:

  • Online education: These markets need to offer more online learning options. You can also sell entire courses and track progress.
  • Investment Projects: this NFT trading platform should function like stock markets for asset trade. They should be legally-enforceable assets that can also issue dividends or shares.
  • Security: Tokens are required tokens that can be used as keys to access various content, programs, and databases. The platform must be focused on security and support Touch ID (Face ID), Eye ID (etc.) to sell these NFTs.
  • Videogames: The sale and purchase NFTs (representing various characters and items in-game) are done either in-game or via external online platforms like Steam. This ensures that transactions are secure.

How do you build an NFT marketplace?

These steps will help you create an NFT marketplace for your company.

1. Choose Niche

Start your NFT marketplace development projects by choosing a niche. Discuss your general idea with developers to create a strategy and estimate the time frame for creating the marketplace. Experts recommend that you target a vertical market rather than a horizontal one.

2. Define Your Project’s UX/UI Design

When building a marketplace, UX/UI design is crucial. Your UI should be simple. A good UI/UX improves usability and gives the platform a beautiful feel.

3. Moving to Front-End Development

It’s time for you to implement your design ideas. It would help if you had a framework that could meet your needs. To ensure great functionality and credibility, hire an NFT expert.

4. Smart Contracts Token Generator

Back-end development is not the same when building an NFT marketplace. The NFT marketplace is decentralized, and most data is authenticated on a Blockchain.

5. Test and deploy

This is the most important step in creating an NFT marketplace. This stage is crucial because you will need to identify and resolve all backlogs. In addition, software tests are essential to ensure the project runs smoothly.

It is important to provide post-launch support to minimize bugs and ensure quality performance. In addition, this step ensures app functionality and credibility.

How We’ll Help You To Attain Greater Heights With NFT?

Well, with Wbcom Designs, everything goes buttery with expert assistance as much-valued options. So, when you are thinking about NFT, you need to contact the experts. Here, you’ll get a uniform platform to sell your products and services online. If you already have a WordPress site, then things will work smoothly. It’s time to take up your WordPress site and skills to the next level.

With Dokan, you can create your multi-level digital store with NFT advancement. Here, we can assist with WordPress multivendor plugin Dokan which has become the best multi-vendor WordPress plugin ranking up with 4.4 stars. Other than that, we have also Woo Sell services. Here, you can allow your sellers to sell services to their customers. This plugin harnesses the ability of WooCommerce to sell services just like a product is sold.

So, let’s take it up one by one.

1. Dokan

ecommerce theme for business 2022

For Admins

As the website’s traffic rises, the administrator should swiftly change different elements of the user interface (UI), that helps to make it more scalable and seamless. So, you can even count upon NFT here.

Manage Suppliers and Customers
Admin can provide the tool which they need to manage both vendors and user profiles simultaneously, in addition to a variety of product catalogs.

When dealing with huge traffic volumes, a big number of vendors, customers, and thousands of items. It is also capable of lowering workspace stress by real-time communication. It further includes one-time passwords, automatic product tracking, and other services. And, the Dokan multivendor plugins provide total automation.

This is required for analysis. It includes timely creation, analysis of sales, statistics, campaign reports, revenue reports, and other data to assist in making informed decisions.

product service for ecommerce

For Vendors

Vendor Dashboard
Managing supplier’s profiles, items, inventory, and sales are possible in using a vendor dashboard, which is accessible through a web browser.

Promotion and Advertising
Vendors can be provided with a range of promotional and advertising tools to assist them in promoting and advertising the products on the eCommerce platform.

Database Management
Vendors can import and export a wide range of data, including tax information, legal compliance information, cost assessment, and consumer preferences, and thus you have advanced features in all segments.

Multistore Facility
Adding many stores and multiple products is made possible by this functionality which allows the vendor to add more stores and products/services as they like.

So, who are you, admin or vendor? Here, both the options are ready to get implemented now!

2. Woo Sell Services

Wanna initiate a conversation and want to make the vendor manage all the things? This plugin will allow you both. Additionally, it will add a feature of a product review where customers can give their reviews and rating for the purchased services.


Easy to Use Backend Setting

  • Access all the services on the service page
  • Features to manage variation level delivery date
  • Assign order-level support agent
  • Manage live conversation
  • Manage emails on conversations
  • Map manage order page from backend
  • Sent customers notifications to fill up the required details
  • Take advantage of support agent functionality

Sell Services as Product

  • Manage your orders with a dedicated manage order section
  • Give review to your vendors after successful order completion
  • Ask service-related requirements from your customers
  • Chat feature between customers and vendors
  • Customers can approve/disapprove final delivery

Easy Setup

  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for WooCommerce based on service portals
  • Simply install the plugin and give a quick setup

What is the cost to create an NFT marketplace?

The performance of the marketplace will determine the cost and time it takes to build a platform. You will need to invest more money in the NFT marketplace if you want to build a complex platform.

You cannot be sure of security if you use a pre-made solution. The product will depend on the platform where the key is received. This scenario will have a lower cost, however.

You can also hire a software development group to build a custom website. The specialists will design and build the marketplace, create user flows, and add functionality. The price of the service may go up a bit.



The NFT market is a rising trend that has a growing value. The platform’s attractive features attract more users as the non-fungible tokens value rises.

Investors are choosing blockchain platforms due to their high trend graphs. As a result, the NFT market has many opportunities. We urge you to build your NFT platform and earn millions or billions of dollars by using the art of others.

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