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The sole purpose of a website is to reach more audience and turning them into your customers. No matter how attractive a theme or design you’ve added; if your site fails to easily interact with the users, it’ll fail to serve its purpose. Therefore, it’s essential that the site you are creating is also user-friendly and easy to access. Here are the top 5 ways through which you can boost your WordPress site’s usability.

Edit the Permalink Structure to boost your WordPress Site’s Usability

To increase your WordPress site’s usability, it’s essential that you edit the permalink or the default URL properly. For every post and pages corresponding with the id number of the database, WordPress creates a default permalink. These default URLs are basically permanent names that help in identifying the pages on which the users are on. Therefore, try to edit the structure of your permalinks, before creating any pages; so that you don’t have to break any links, created previously. Don’t lose hope if you’ve already created various pages; there are ways of redirecting the permalinks of those pages too.

Properly Arrange the Navigation Menu

Navigation menu serves as more of a roadmap to the important pages on your website. Therefore, for improving your WordPress site’s usability, it’s crucial that you don’t add too many unneeded drop downs in the navigation menu. Rather, think about introducing that sub-menus as links on the main pages. For example, while in a time-sensitive situation, any user will prefer to directly know about the main services of your site. Therefore, while building your navigation menu, the more specific you’ll be in presenting the main features, the better will be your WordPress site’s usability.

Create Your Direct Calls-To-Action

WordPress site's usability

Before creating the content of your site, settle upon what are the probable actions that you want the users to opt for. Whether it’s a sign-up or knowing more about the services you offer, use direct calls-to-action. By using clear language or clear action suggestions, such as ‘Hire Us’ or Click Here’ etc, you can enhance your WordPress site’s usability. After establishing the clear action suggestions, you’ll need to make sure that they do qualify the squint test. A squint test is there to help you find out whether you’ve successfully presented the elements that you wished to highlight.

Present Your Content in a Well-Planned Way

For improving your WordPress site’s usability, you need to present the content on your website in a planned way. Use bullet points to emphasize on vital points or select a uniform font style and size for all the body contents and headers throughout a site. Instead of writing huge blocks of words, try to keep less than five sentences in one paragraph. The content you present on your site must be concise and comfortable to read. Otherwise the users not only lose interest in reading them; they may simply skip reading it. Therefore, all the important things that you have probably mentioned in those contents will go unnoticed.

Analyze the User Insight and Improve

Analyzing the user’s insight of your site and refining it accordingly can greatly help your WordPress site’s usability to improve. Understand what the difficulties are that they are facing or how they’re interacting with your site. There are various services available like Crazy Egg that can help you to know about where the users clicked or how far down of a page they went etc. this factors can help you to make the needed changes to your website while increasing its functionality.

These five above-mentioned ways are the most basic ways for boosting your WordPress site’s usability. However, they are very much effective and play a significant role in turning the visitors of your site into loyal customers for life.

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