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Thus, there is no doubt that eCommerce is on the rise. With the pepping up of internet users and digital influencers day-by-day. There has been a substantial change in the digital buyers which has kept the numbers rising for eCommerce and has influenced its habitat to grow. With the adequate shift in digital media, online marketplace businesses across the globe have nourished themselves leaving a benchmark of 25% rise by Argentina as a torchbearer in 2020.

With such a hike, enumerable types of businesses have helped their clients/customers with upper hand services. Things like satiating B2B (Business-to-Business) clients, individual consumers are cranked open with a vast number of possibilities. This has led to the uprising of online marketplace flourishment for the coming years.

But hold on. Do you know how it was possible?

In the article below, we’ll be discussing various things that will help your business to be an active participant in this biggest venture.

What is an Online Marketplace & What Does it Do?

At its core, online marketplace business offers a wide background or a platform for various other businesses to get sustainable and run their businesses along. It not only saves small to medium size businesses to save themselves from any nature of the volatile market. But it also helps them to share the name of the big tycoons with them.
Some of the well-known marketplaces are:

  • Walmart
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Alibaba
  • Google Express
  • Etsy
  • And more…

2022 will be the year for Marketplace Business Plan

Online Shopping Marketplace

Well, you can say that it has been augured by the market watchers and experts that 2022 will be the year for the flourishing of the online marketplace business model. As the flag-bearer, Amazon will be seen leading up the race, leaving others in the short distance behind. Brands like eBay, Next, Country Life, Facebook TikTok, and more will soon be seen racing and coming close to Amazon.

This substantial rise and maintaining the hike will only be controlled if you understand your audience. And, thus you make sure that your customers share the same emotional connection as you have for them. It means making sure the tone of the voice, visual look, and feel stand consistent across all platforms. If you are thinking of mint more in the year, then you have got the chance to get handy with quick ways to make money. But, in the perception that minting money will be just easy with a flick of your fingers. Then you are wrong.

Overall, you need to have a marketplace business plan or an idea that will strike the cord for your business.
It all gets started through:

  • Getting a name for domain
  • Account for web hosting
  • A well-experienced web-designer

History of the Online Marketplace

It all started in 1995 when eBay entered the market. Along with this, Craigslist also started to grip the market chunk. However, eBay started to become the first place and choice for the sellers to opt-in for their products and services. With the advancement of others in the race, there have been many other sites like Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart, Etsy,, and more.

Getting the laser printer for auction, Pierre Omidyar first coined the concept of eBay way back in 1995. Seeing the brighter side, auction web became the best choice for many bidders which made Omidyar believe that he was on to something big.

After completing 25 years of business, eBay enjoys a capital size of $29 billion in 2019. This has also resulted in a net worth of $13.1 billion. This has been seen as a massive achievement for a startup owner way back then who dared to sell his laser printer for $14.83.

COVID has turned on the wheels

online marketplace

With the cribbing scenario of COVID-19, online marketplace business has experienced new openings to be more vigilant and victorious when people are away due to restraints of the pandemic. It has been shared by that digital channels have become the most popular alternative to a crowded store and in-person shopping trend.

Further, it also states that by following the online marketplace business model. In June 2020, global e-traffic ranked up to make a record of 22 billion monthly visits. This rise has been experienced for everyday essentials like groceries, clothing but also in retail tech items.

If we include technical stats, during the peak of the coronavirus when many global countries were still understanding how to manage things without raising the number for the multiplication. Some countries were just encouraging their well-curated online marketplace, business models. It includes the United Kingdom, Canada, and United States as the leaders with their rise percentage as 31.3%, 25%, and 22%, respectively.

Advantages of Online Marketplace

  • It adds the erupted source of revenue
  • Slashes down marketing costs
  • Allows companies to globalize their business
  • Creates transparency in availability, stock level, and prices
  • A great way for the online audience to compare prices
  • Open a gateway for your business to function all round the clock
  • Helps to generate trust between your business and customers
  • Customers will get a wide range of options from an online marketplace
  • It will be a subscription/fee option for the businesses for the online marketplace business to share its platform
  • Creating an overall online marketing habitat for the years to come.

5 Years from Now for Online Marketplace

eCommerce Marketplace

When it comes to eCommerce and its survival in today’s competitive era, it will be very foolish to think how it will survive? With the onset of an era that has been called ‘Online Marketplace Business’, everything has taken the cusp of entering the marketplace. We never know when the next marketplace will rise for another shift and change. But, certainly, the existing brick and mortar technique which is still implemented and used will get a personalized touch of AR and VR soon.

With the advancement of the marketplace, it has been noted that there are three types of marketplaces.

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Global

Vertical Marketplace

Being one of the initiatives of online marketplace business, vertical marketplace deals with products and services that come under one head. For instance, is deemed to sell jewelry and other related products. As it offers and displays the high-end product, the important role of the site stands as checking the authenticity of the product.

Horizontal Marketplace

It sells various types of products of many types but they all share characteristics. Being the best way of online marketplace business, it facilitates the need of a wider range of customers across the multiple wings of the economy. It does not mainly focus on the various products and services. But, it focuses on a specific category of items to sell almost everything that reaches a broader audience.

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Global Marketplace

This deals with selling everything. Being global in its name, the global marketplace describes the exchange of goods, ideas, and services not conjoined by geographic borders. Through the global marketplace, organizations can target and access relevant customer bases regardless of their proximity.

With the aid of these marketplaces, you are able to get hold of your business without any hitch up of anything. With the advancement of the global marketplace (which is here to stay). We tend to enjoy certain things while participating in them.

  • Stability during economic turbulence
  • Expanded market share
  • Improved technology
  • Expedited access to vital resources
  • Encourage more workforce
  • Compete with global rivals
  • Tap into emerging markets before others
  • Infuse smooth globalization and much more

If you understand your market, you are keen on enjoying a larger share of the chunk.

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Why Should You Create Your Own Marketplace?

Well, with the heck of a digital marketplace. You can create your own that will help your audience to understand the better side of your business. With the advancement of online marketplace business, one can tend to represent digital opportunities of businesses that give customers an upper hand into your business leaving a clear thought of selecting your product or service, scrutinizing it, and purchasing it at the best price.

Additionally, keeping heed to previously used online marketplace business models. Today’s marketplace aggregates the products that are plainly sold out by third-party vendors. Now, the idea of selling products in the centralized marketplace has been coined and replaced with the digital idea of eCommerce and managing things from the central dashboard.

Online Marketing is the New Trend

Now, eCommerce has become the main game-changer. With that, a marketplace has become a giant economical place for better sustainability. There you get multiple sellers in one place that stands cheaper as compared to operating the whole eCommerce through the website. To deal with online marketplace business, you need to cater to both the sellers and the buyers. It also comes with added advantages of marketing that will foresee businesses interacting with your brands and thus spreading a good name about your business.

Keeping tap the voluminous growth that the sector has witnessed over the years can be experienced by the below-mentioned points.

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Advantages by Opting Marketing Business Plan in 2022


Now, if you say that both pricing for developing a website or handling an e-marketplace stands equal. Then the answer stands yes. But, you need to check upon the efficiency side too which is more toward harnessing online marketplace business models. Although the logic behind an e-commerce marketplace is rather complex. It also keeps a check on specific needs dealing with varied vendors’ needs.


This can be better achieved by the sides of the market niche and aligns with business goals. The way marketplace admin/owners derive revenues is settled on the basis of determining the platform type which they are choosing. With the fervour of online marketplace business, the most popular model to showcase its transaction is through commissions, listing fees, subscriptions, lead generation fees, and more.

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Gone are the days when the paperwork was the only solely responsible for earning commission that it received from sales. With the advancement of automation, you can get a lot of advantages through a high degree of business process automation.

Scalable Market Model

It has also been seen that a marketplace has less coincidence of failure than honing eCommerce as it doesn’t require any investment. Further, according to the trend, it is seen that marketplaces are keen to expand more in the days to come which will foresee more traffic growth in the incorporation of more vendors to the system.

In the Nutshell

So, now it’s your turn to start developing your marketplace and add on to your community. But how? Would you simply walk into any random digital marketing company or any technological-driven company and raise your requirement? Nah! You need to first check the organization’s work/portfolio and then everything on the table. To make your search process a bit simple and more professional. We have one of the best options for online marketplace business. Welcome to which is a one-stop solution for improvising online marketplace business models.

Here, you’ll get an upper hand with top solutions like

StoreMate WC Vendors

StoreMate WC Vendors

It will help you to own your Amazon and eBay quickly. With the best plugin for developing an online marketplace business. It will help you to launch an amazing marketplace site on WordPress which can be optimized instantly, fully customizable with WooCommerce. Further, by infusing your online marketplace business ideas, StoreMate is responsible and has a flexible theme for WC vendors that is suited for all kinds of the multi-vendor marketplace.

StoreMate WCFM

StoreMate WCFM

This is yet another online marketplace business model that can be fully customizable with Woocommerce. While counting upon its features, it counts upon custom eCommerce solution, in-built support for WCFM, compatible with WCFM Pro, retina-ready eCommerce theme, beautiful theme skin options, useful theme panel option.

StoreMate Dokan

StoreMate Dokan

If you wanna merge the best multi-vendor marketplace on WordPress and earn through Commissions with products ranging from digital to physical? Then, here is the solution. With the help of StoreMate Dokan, you can get full-operation support, the application of Dokan Core and Dokan Pro, Mega Menu, One-Click demo import, typography and theme skins, and more.

Wrapping Up!

So, you have the three best options in front of you waiting for your expertise pick. However, if you already have erupting online marketplace business ideas, then you can get a hang of SEO-Friendly best premium WordPress themes. With embracing full support extended by, you can get a collection of superior quality and niche-driven themes catering to every vertical that you need. This includes blogs, community, eCommerce, and more.


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