How to make a Babysitting Website

Babysitting is an integral part of child care. The demand for nanny services is growing as more and more parents have to go out for jobs. Moreover, as the world is finding a place online due to the ever-growing technology, now is an ideal time to build a babysitting website. Almost all services are now available online – so why not babysitting? In fact, there is now a concept known as virtual babysitting! It allows parents to work at home while their kids are kept busy by professional babysitters through apps such as Zoom, Skype, and so on! 

Did you know that 69% of parents say that babysitters are hard to find? Your website could provide them with the one and only solution they need! Moreover, during emergencies, it becomes extremely difficult to find someone to take care of the child. Even for these incidents, your website can be useful! 

However, now a lot of babysitters have an online platform to market what they do. Here is where a babysitting website comes into the picture. Along with babysitting, pet sitting is another area that is gaining traction in the market. 

How to monetize a babysitting platform? 

make a Babysitting Website
make a Babysitting Website
  1. You can take a percentage of commission when a transaction takes place between the sitter and the parent. 
  1. You can have a business model on a subscription basis wherein parents have to pay a monthly fee. You can also ask the members to pay you a membership fee. 
  1. Additionally, you can provide a background check as a service and charge for the same. Security is a grave concern. Background checks are now an unmissable part of hiring a babysitter, so they will work out ideally for you. 

What should your babysitting section include?

Since babysitting is an entirely different niche, the website needs to have different aspects. Your website can be divided into two sections: for parents and babysitters. 

Parents section: 

  1. Profile creation and registration: Registration is the first step. This is where the parents introduce themselves. They fill a form and fill in basic details such as the number of children, their age, requirements, child’s interests, and care preferences, the preferred schedule, clarification of duties, and so on. 
  1. Search and browsing: The website should be easy to navigate. The visitor should be able to browse babysitters by experience, availability, location, pay rate, background, rating, and so on. 
  1. Scheduling: Parents should be able to book babysitters without any hassle. They can use a calendar or get in touch with the sitter. The sitter can then accept or reject the request. 
  1. Payments: Such an online platform will need a dedicated payment system that is simple to use. It should make payments once such a transaction has been confirmed. 
  1. Reviews: The website should have reviews of both the parents and the babysitter. This will work well for both of them. Such reviews also foster a level of trust amongst them. You need to ensure that the reviews are genuine. This is a great way to add credibility amongst both parties.

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Sitters Section: 

  1. Registration: Like parents, babysitters should also be able to sign up and register themselves. This will include information such as an address, experience, skills, references, certificates, a greeting message, photos, videos, and so on. 
  1. Background checking: This is extremely important. Security is a priority when it comes to babysitting. Before you verify a babysitter on your website, a comprehensive background check must be conducted. Such information can be verified through social media, interviews, checking of references, and so on. 
  1. Messaging: Both the parents and the babysitter should be able to communicate with each other to clarify things and reach a decision. Clear communication will ensure no inconveniences to either party in the future. 

Other than this, a babysitting website should also include admin features such as: 

  1. User management – profile editing, categorization. 
  2. Job listing management – editing and deleting listings. 
  3. Content management – website content. 
  4. Notifications management – user alerts, newsletters, and notifications. 
  5. Transaction management – viewing status in real-time. 
  6. Regular reporting – for analysis. 
  7. Monetization management – setting pricing and subscriptions.
  8. Integrations management – integration with different payment systems, CRM, and so on. 

Additional features: 

You can also have other features such as time-tracking where the billing takes place automatically to avoid any arguments. Geolocation can be used by parents to check where their children are. This also facilities an easy search for babysitters in the locality. A calendar helps the parent and babysitter know the complete schedule of the child. On the other hand, activities tracker helps the parents know if their child is following the daily set routine. The babysitters’ can checkmark on the activities as and when they are done. 

How to foster trust between parents and nannies? 

Around 30% of parents rejected a babysitter due to safety concerns. 

There are different ways to verify whether the parents and the nannies are legitimate. Security is a top-most concern here. Some ways are ID verification, interviews with parents and the babysitter, references validation, checking educational certificates, secure payments through cards, live streaming and chat during babysitting, and so on. Additionally, parents should meet the babysitter before choosing them for their needs. This acts as an extra layer of understanding between both parties. 

To sum it up: 

As mentioned before, as more and more parents choose to work to bring in the money, the demand for babysitters has been higher than ever. It is an ideal time to start a website that makes the whole process smoother. There are different ways to promote your website once it is up and running – the most common being the use of social media. Building an online presence for your brand needs to be an integral part of your business strategy. 

We understanding that all this gets overwhelming. To help you with the same here is a helpful article on how to promote on social media.

So, there you are! This is what we had to share. If you follow the guidelines and ensure transparency, your business will be a success. We wish you all the best with your business. Thank you for reading this article and stay safe! 

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