The Blog Post Checklist Before Tapping Publish Button

Blog Post Checklist

Writing a content or blog can be a passion or profession. In which context you are writing its all up to your choice and requirements. A blog post can be of your personal choice, or for any brand representation. Whatever be, there are some common things, you must follow, before hitting your blog publish button. Yes, we are talking here, for the blog post checklist, you must do cross check before making it published. Speedy writing and quick publish is the easiest thing, but when we have to manage the readers choice, it must be of good quality and fully optimized.


Find The Blog Post Checklist Should Be Focus On

To prevent your blog from wastage, as no one got interested in reading it. There are some essentials you must be a focus on before hitting your blog published. As readers want the quality, relevant, well-structured and fully optimized content that gives a high-quality presentation. So, check out the list of work below you must do before publishing it.


Proofread Of The Blog Post

Blog Post Checklist

Do not forget to read your blog for a once at least before making it published. Your purpose should be providing quality and relevant information to your readers. Make sure to check all the spellings, grammar, article, tone, and presentation of your blog post.


Check Your Post Should Be Completed

Blog Post Checklist

Before giving a final submission to your post, make it all completed. Do check, if there is anything left that you want to mention in your post as a relevant and useful information or material. Must check your post contains all the things and stuff properly that should be there.


Research Related Keywords

Blog Post Checklist

Keyword research is one of the most important parts of writing any blog. You must have to go through with the statics of keyword research. The keyword you are stuffing in your blog post, what is the monthly search volume of it? You must have the proper analysis of this fact. You are stuffing your keywords many times in your article, but if it is not much popular, then it creates a great hurdle while ranking your blog post in the search engines.


Title Should Be Crafted Carefully

Blog Post Checklist

Before hitting the publish button of your blog post, check the title of your post. Is it crafted properly or not? Contains attractive words or not? Is that much Catchy? Is this relevant to the post and meaningful? These are the important criteria, you must focus on your title crafting for an article. The avoidance of this factor can affect the presence of your article. Make sure to give your additional efforts to article title as well.


Use Relevant And Attractive Images

Blog Post Checklist

People days are in love with visual effects. Sometimes, in their busy schedule, they want to get complete information in the form of images and visuals instead of reading your entire article. Images help to attract people to read the complete stuff. As images are playing a dominant role these days, so do not forget to give your 100% on using the quality, relevant, and attractive images.


Linked With External And Internal Links

Blog Post Checklist

Check your blog post contains all the relevant and useful internal and external links. These links are very beneficial to get a high rank in the search engines. Make it check, your blog posts contain all the relevant links, they shouldn’t be broken, and fake. Otherwise, it can affect the ranking of your blog posts. This is last, but do not consider it the least, as backlinks have lots of potentials to make your posts ranked well.



Wrapping Words!

Here, we are wrapping up the words for this article. Hope you enjoyed the article, and get the most required information that should be check before making your blog post published. If you like this article and want to give your feedback, feel free to write in the comment section below. Thanks for reading and your valuable time!


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