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Hey! Are you looking for some great tools for your WordPress Automation? Creating and running your WordPress website is easy. But it is hard to keep from going smoothly without any jerk is somewhat difficult. But thank God! WordPress offers you a wide variety of resources, plugins, and automation tools that can take at least some of the burdens off your shoulders. Some of them can handle even all of your website’s heavy lifting. While it is absolutely necessary to keep up the good work, there is no way to boost productivity without automating at least some of the basic tasks.

Why is WordPress automation important? Using tools for automation allows your WordPress site optimization which is one of the essential things to do. Perform several other tasks like site setup and testing, or even things like responding to queries, spam filtering, and posts on social media platforms. Isn’t these things necessary? C’mon, with a little effort, will only drive you for a lot better results.


Work Smarter with these WordPress Automation Tools

Today I’d like to share some of my favorite tools for automating WordPress for daily workflow. So, let’s get started

1. Akismet

Wordpress automation

Akismet is an open-source software plugin, which is a widely used anti-spam plugin around. Its key feature is to protect your blog from comment and trackback spam. It keeps your site protected from spam 24*7. This plugin Automatically checks all comments and filters out the ones that look like spam and even which are more than 1 month old. It efficiently monitors incoming comments and addresses any spam without any interaction by the user. Awesome, let’s kill some spam.

2. Automate Woo

Wordpress Automation - Automate Woo plugin

AutomateWoo is powerful marketing automation for Woocommerce stores.  that provides follow-up communication based on user-defined workflows. Users use this plugin to automatically alert theme buyers that their subscriptions are expiring and request they renew to receive continued support.

3. CoSchedule

Wordpress Automation - Coschedule plugin


As the name suggests. Coschedule is another well-known tool for marketing automation plugins. This plugin works as an editorial calendar for content marketing, blog postings & social media scheduling. Now you will never miss a deadline, with this well-organized multi-purpose plugin easily plan all your blog posts, marketing content, and social media with an easy drag-and-drop functionality. Users like it because it works autonomously on every browser. This is the only editorial calendar plugin that can even schedule unpublished posts from your WordPress Dashboard. It is the only high-rated plugin that is available for 14-day free trial.

With the help of the Coschedule calendar, you can plan perfect social; media scheduling –

  1. Schedule all your social media messages on co schedule
  2. Monitor all the social traffic
  3. With the help of co-schedule, you can easily schedule dozens of social media messages in bulk.
  4. Co-schedule smartly promotes your content at the best possible traffic which in results better engagement.


Wordpress Automation - Yarpp plugin

Another best post-related plugin is Yarpp It classifies posts in types and displays only those relevant to your visitor’s background. Yarpp introduces your readers to other relevant content on your site.

Yarpp comes up with the best features –

  1. Provides the list view of related content.
  2. The YARPP templating system gives you advanced control of how your results are displayed.
  3. Display related posts in RSS feeds with custom display options.

With 200,000+ active installations and a 4-star rating, this plugin is best for WordPress automation.

5. Yoast SEO

Wordpress Automation - Yoast seo plugin

If you want to increase the search engine rankings of your website, then Yoast SEO is proven best. This plugin has an ultimate readability score feature, which focuses on-page SEO that in results better content. It also suggests the optimum length of the title or meta description. In return, will help you to increase your website rankings and click-through rate for organic search results. Go for Yoast SEO for the best results.

6. iThemes Sync

Wordpress Automation - ithemes Plugin

To mention and manage your WordPress website is a big task. So, why not hire one personal assistant for you? Shocked! Yes, iThemes sync plays as a personal assistant for your website. It is designed to help you manage and maintain all your WordPress websites in one place to save you time and hassle. Instead of messing up multiple users, iThemes sync helps you to have one central dashboard to perform WordPress admin tasks. It connects with BackupBuddy which will automate remote website backups and keep you protected. If you are handling bundles of websites on WordPress this tool is a key part of keeping us as efficient as possible.

What Tools do you use?

Learnmate Learndash

I shared some of the tools for WordPress automation, but there are hundreds available. What tools do you use and love? So, try out these tools today and see the results. Other than that, If you have any questions you would like answered about e-commerce plugins for WordPress, feel free to drop a line in the comments section below. I’ll be happy to answer you.

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