Avoid These Common Web Design Blunders


Web Design Blunders

Some people might pay no head, but the time is way ahead of those old just-meant-to-be websites. A good web design is now a compulsion. We all know that a building a good website is quite a feat to accomplish. A good website design aims to impress a user and most importantly serve them what they are looking for. A practical, minimal and creative website is the requirement of modern times. But, designers and developers often make some Web Design Blunders that defeat the purpose of a good website. And if you may ponder why we are putting so much emphasis on web design, we hereby list them.

  • People trust websites that have a good design and the right feel.
  • Good design serves usability and practicality.
  • A website with a good design engages users and reduces bounce rates
  • Lastly, a good impression marks a beginning.

So, now let us have a look at the most common web design mistakes site owners make and how you can avoid them.

A website that takes too much time to load

website-loading-time : web design

You might feel that a lot of animation, high-resolution slides and images will lighten up your website and we agree on totally agree. But, what you may overlook is that these elements make the site slower and it tends to take a longer time to load. You must realize that people won’t wait long enough to check out your site if it takes time to load. So, in order to speed up your WordPress site, you can use fast loading themes and add up a plugin that optimizes performance.

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Cluttered elements and too much Whitespace

cluttered-design: web design

A web designer should feel obligated to design such a website that provides guidance, and a uniformly laid out pattern. Giving out the right set of information on the right page of the site is equally important.o If you try to provide all info on the landing page, it will clutter up the look and things will fall apart. Always make sure that you do not put up slides, pop-ups, videos and animations together on a single page. Do not put the site visitor at misery by designing a site that suddenly changes its color scheme or layout. Also, make sure that you have provides the right amount of whitespace to help viewers relate content easily.

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Bad Site navigation pattern

site-navigation : web design

A good website offers seamless navigation throughout its pages and links. It provides an intuitive and consistent user interface. No dead links, readable text, lightweight landing page are the essentials of a well-navigated website among others. Provide all links with a description in text format and images with proper alt text. Make sure that your site is capable of delivering most of its content to the site visitor in not more than three clicks; it’s sort of a thumb rule. Most importantly, choose a customizable theme that offers an uncluttered navigation.

Not choosing a Responsive web design

responsive-website: web design

This one will be a one mighty stupid blunder if you commit it. Because people spent almost all of their online time on a mobile device rather than ogling at a desktop screen. Always choose a mobile responsive theme! A responsive web site design is adaptive and you can reach out to a larger audience. Make sure that your site looks good and looks good on all cross-device platforms.

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Not updating your site’s web design

The web is an ever-changing place and so are its components. Making a website is not a one-time effort because you are required to regularly update its content along with maintaining a set standard. Visitors will be glad to see a regularly monitored and updated site so make sure you keep adding fresh content and new elements to it. Updating doesn’t mean entirely redesigning your entire site but just a few tweaks every now won’t hurt. We hope you will follow these tips to make your WordPress site super awesome.

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