A Career in Tech: How Can Fresh Graduates Find a High-Paying Job

A Career in Tech

Entering the job market fresh after graduation can feel stressful. That’s why it is better to start early and prepare properly. If you are looking into careers in tech, keep reading to learn how to get into the industry.


Current State of Tech Job Market

The tech industry has always been more open to hiring graduates and specialists without experience than many others. And it offers high-paying jobs even at entry level. But the situation in the job market currently is not the best.

November 2022 brought major layoffs in industry leaders like Meta, Twitter, Amazon, HBO Max, Shopify, and Walmart. As a result, a lot of experienced specialists are looking for new positions, which makes it harder for recent graduates to meet the competition. At the same time, the majority of those experienced professionals will probably not go for entry-level jobs.

Overall, the state of the Tech job market has slowed down. Surely, companies are still hiring talent. But finding a job might be more challenging now, especially for those without relevant experience. This should not discourage you but rather get you in the know of trends and tendencies.

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High-Paying Jobs for Graduates

Before you start applying to companies, it is important to know what jobs in tech are well-paid and open to specialists fresh out of college. This helps set priorities and narrow the search down.
The most promising in terms of salary options are:

  • Digital marketing manager;
  • Web developer;
  • Data analyst;
  • Web designer;
  • Graphic designer;
  • Social media manager;
  • Software developer;
  • Computer support specialist;
  • SEO specialist;
  • QA specialist;
  • DevOps engineer;
  • Data scientist
  • UI/UX designer.

All of them offer competitive salaries and growth prospects. But those careers focus on different skills and responsibilities. Yet, they usually offer entry-level positions that welcome fresh graduates.
Look into those opportunities and consider which are more suitable for you. Evaluate not only your major relevance, salary rates, skills, and experience but also your interests. Create a short list of career options you find the most attractive.

How to Get a Job in Tech

After you have narrowed down potential career paths, it is time to get into a job search. Here are the best tips on landing a tech job as a recent graduate.

1. Expand Your Search

Expand Your Search

To find all the opportunities available, students need to use all available sources. This includes both online and offline possibilities. For example:

  • Job boards like Indeed;
  • Job aggregators like Jooble;
  • Professional communities online;
  • LinkedIn;
  • Career fairs and events in college;
  • Online and offline networking.

Also, make sure your internet presence is professional. Create a LinkedIn profile that serves as a digital resume – a lot of recruiters look for talent on that website. Also, look through your social media and make sure there is nothing that would paint you in a bad light. A lot of companies run background checks on candidates.

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Upgrade Your Resume

Resume Writer

A resume is a crucial part of a job search. It needs to be professional, attention-grabbing and well-designed. Avoid common resume mistakes that a lot of fresh graduates make. Use the format and layout that present your skills and achievements in the best light.

Use numbers and stats when applicable to illustrate your accomplishments (increased Instagram following by 15% in 3 months). Put all your certifications and qualifications in. Also, showcase your motivation and interest in the field.

Another important tip is to adjust your resume to each company you apply to. They have different ideas of an ideal candidate, so cater the formatting and emphasis to each one. Look into posting to find keywords to use in your application.

Go Entry Level

Although you might feel like you are qualified for a higher position, consider entry-level jobs as well. Particularly if you do not have prior work experience, the job market is pretty competitive. So starting on level one is better than having no job at all. After that, you can upgrade your skills, gain experience, and move forward with your career.

Research Companies

Before going on an interview, do research on the company. This way, you will learn about its values, history, and corporate culture. Go through the company’s website (“About Us” and “News”) to learn all the basic information. Also, consider scrolling through the company’s socials to get a better idea of the team, dress code, and overall atmosphere.
By doing so, you’ll be more prepared to shape your answers with this information in mind.

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Stay Motivated

It is quite normal not to get the first job you’ve applied to. Or even the second one. This process takes a while, and there might be some disappointments along the way. That’s why it is good to start in college and balance everything out with research paper writing services and smart time management.

However, do not get discouraged. Think about whether you can do more. For instance, you might opt for an internship in the company you want to work with. Or you might get an additional course to upgrade specific skills. Look into certifications that would make you stand out from the competition.

Also, freelancing might be a good idea to build a portfolio, gain experience, and invest in a personal brand.

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In Summary

Although it might seem impossible to get a high-paying job for fresh graduates in the current economic state, it is worth giving it a shot. With the right amount of effort, dedication, and strategizing, students can land desired tech jobs.

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