Yoast SEO 6.3 Clean up and Enhancements

Yoast SEO 6.3 has been up to something since last few days. They have been doing a critical evaluation of their much-loved plugin and have come up with some changes and clean up. Yes, Yoast SEO has decided to clean up few parts of their plugin that they feel are not required anymore. They have compiled all these changes in Yoast SEO 6.3. Let us give a look at what these are:

No Meta Keyword Box Anymore

In 2009, Google officially announced that they are not using Meta Keywords anymore. So after so many years, Yoast has finally decided to completely remove the meta keyword box from their plugin. Now from the next update, you will not find that unnecessary meta keyword box anymore.

No more “Noindex Subpages” feature

Yoast has removed the feature that allows noindexing subpages of archives. Since Google has improved upon its working on paginated series, Yoast decided to remove this feature as well. Allowing noindexing of subpages results in the lesser crawl for them which in the end leads to the lower amount of crawls for the older articles and that is really not a good idea for a website.

New Enhancements in Yoast SEO 6.3

The main aim of Yoast this time is to provide fewer settings and more context to its users. They must be aware of what a particular feature does. Yoast has removed a couple of features, it has removed the tab in the advanced settings as well.It has tried to make it easier what a particular setting does. Yoast has also added a step in the configuration wizard for enabling and disabling the advanced settings.

Also, there is an improvement in the Open Graph Copy for Facebook and Twitter in the Social Settings. Yoast has also added an importer for SEO Ultimate and SEOpressor plugin as well. Several other improvements made by Yoast includes adding a piece of text to the Internal Link Analyzer after completing the full site scan to let you know more about running the analyzer.

Also, they have added an explanation on entries in the Features Tab and links to the explanatory articles on the Features Tab.

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Yoast SEO has actually worked on removing the unnecessary features that existed in the plugin for a long time. They have made it easier for users to understand what each feature does and why it is there. Not only this, they have also been fixing bugs and getting things ready for their next release. You can see all of their improvements and enhancements in the changelog on WordPress.org as well. To know more about these enhancements you can check this article here.

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