WordPress Website Maintenance Service

WordPress is a popular open source content management system for blogging. It can also be used to host other types of websites such as media galleries and online stores. And offers plugin architecture and a template to provide WordPress Website Maintenance Service system for blogs as well. Continuous evolution of WordPress is going on so it becomes very important to maintain your wordpress site to keep it safe. WordPress is improving constantly and new features are being added on a regular basis. If a person wants to get the best out of a WordPress website, constant adaptation is needed. Updates of your WordPress website is a necessary part of maintenance services. There are many benefits of WordPress maintenance services that help you to give your users a smooth website.

If you ignore the maintenance of your WordPress website then things get wrong. WordPress website maintenance services like any other maintenance services helps your website keep going and trending on the platform. In this article we will discuss the needs and necessity of WordPress website maintenance services. We will also look at the various maintenance services present on the internet.


Why is maintenance necessary for the WordPress website?

Any website on WordPress needs maintenance regularly. Constant change and updates on WordPress such as plugin or theme updates need to be checked and many platforms provide these services so that the user can be stress free about their website and can focus on their content. Browser issues or a new software version update can cause some problems while working on WordPress. These maintenance services also solve these types of problems.

Some issues that can be fixed using maintenance services are as follow :-

  • If any tools break or stop working properly it can be fixed by these maintenance services.
  • Updating of softwares is very important. Your service provider will give you automatic notification to update your software so that a smooth workflow can be carried on.
  • broken links can be also fixed by some maintenance services providers.
  • Spam messages can be blocked.
  • Clean unused and unnecessary memory.
  • Scanning for viruses and malware is a very important tool for any maintenance services provider.
  • Optimization of the database is also an integral part of many maintenance services providers.

Some WordPress Maintenance Services

Which maintenance service you should choose depends on your personal needs, the type of work you are doing and also on your budget. In this section of the article we have provided some WordPress website maintenance services providers for different types of work. Every individual and website have different needs and priorities based on which one can decipher its correct maintenance services provider. With a little attention and research you can find the best service provider you desire and need. There are hundreds of maintenance service providers but we choose the best among them.

Here are the list of some WordPress website maintenance services provider:-

1. GoWP

GoWP- WordPress Website Maintenance Service
WordPress Website Maintenance Service

One of the most popular WordPress maintenance service providers is GoWP. This service provider is designed for freelancers. Everybody knows that WordPress is a platform where thousands of freelancers work. If you are a freelancer this service provider can be the best option for you. It is designed in such a way that it makes managing multiple WordPress websites very easy. This WordPress maintenance services provider gives a white-label solution for the support of your business.

They have a 24×7 team to handle WordPress maintenance for its clients. This service provider platform effortlessly handles tools updates, security, and data backups. If you work as a freelancer or if your company has more than 10 existing websites then this is a great choice. GoWP pricing starts from $250 per month.

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2. WP Buffs

WP Buffs- WordPress Website Maintenance Service
WordPress Website Maintenance Service

If you want a little assistance with the basics of your WordPress website or you want huge help with the setup of your website WP Buffs can help you at any level. Pricing of this maintenance services provider starts from $67 per month. This maintenance services provider gives various degrees of website maintenance. If you want help from something as simple as theme and plugin updates or if you want your website edits and virus removal. Theis service provider also provides custom plans for every customer if you have complex needs.

Not just the typical maintenance services that every maintenance services provider gives, WP Buffs also offers Google Analytics integration. You will also get various other very exciting offers such as emergency support from their team, premium plugins, and mobile optimization with this service provider. This WordPress website maintenance services works alongside various agencies and freelancers in the WordPress space.

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3. Maintainn

Maintainn- WordPress Website Maintenance Service
WordPress Website Maintenance Service

Maintainn is another great company that gives WordPress website maintenance services. It was started in 2012, and is owned and operated by WebDevStudios. Theis maintenance services provider offers daily off-site backups, security monitoring, weekly updates, and custom development. This service provider not just does maintenance but also gives various other options like modify current code, customize a plugin exclusively for you, repair and fix various bugs, and also suggest ways to optimize your website so that your website looks more user friendly.

The pricing of this service provider starts from $59 a month and goes to $299 per month. If you want to professionally maintain your website, then this company is a great option for you.

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4. WP SitePlan

WP SitePlan- WordPress Website Maintenance Service
WordPress Website Maintenance Service

WP SitePlan is another very famous WordPress website maintenance services provider. Its includes daily data backups, optimization of database, malware/ virus scans, and free updates for WordPress core, themes, and plugins. If you find it hard to save time or spend many hours understanding the tools, investing in this company can be your most smart decision. With a very affordable pricing of $29 per month, which makes WP SitePlan the most comfortable and competitive options among any other service provider.

Customers also have the option to pay annually instead of monthly and by doing that you can again save some money. This WordPress website maintenance services provider company is best suited for independent freelancers. You can also choose their premium offers, and avail the benefits of additional site management services. Services on this platform include content edits, daily performance monitoring, and other handy tools that can help you with your work.

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5. Site Care

Site Care- WordPress Website Maintenance Service
WordPress Website Maintenance Service

Site Care also is a great option, it offers a full range of site maintenance and supplementary services. This WordPress maintenance service can assist you with optimizing for website speed, WordPress updates, performing security audits, helping with emergency support tasks, and much more. This service provider also has some digital marketing services to include SEO, Pay-Per-Click Management, Content Marketing, etc.

So if you want to trend your content on websites and even on Google this is definitely one of the most liable options you can consider. The only drawback of this service provider is its pricing, it has a pricing on a little higher side. You can check it’s website to know more about this WordPress website maintenance services provider.

Buddy X

Conclusion of WordPress Website Maintenance Service

Every WordPress website needs a proper maintenance plan which should be done by professionals regularly. This not just ensures that your site will keep running smoothly but also ensures that your website and hard work will keep intact even if there are any changes in WordPress and its functionality.

If you work on platforms like WordPress, your primary goal should be to focus on the content you write. You should not waste your precious time on updating and troubleshooting and fixing the bugs on your website. Let these kinds of works be done by the people who know how to handle these things.

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