WordPress post format was introduced in WordPress Version 3.1 to provide different post formats. Let me show you how to use WordPress Quote format to showcase quote as a feature image in post directory. Latest Reign BuddyPress Theme update provided the support for all the post formats.

Quote format to show quotation in standard blockquote with author name. It will contain two parts one is Quote Text and Quote Author which is to be filled by Author. The quote blogs are very useful for news, press release and speech articles.

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Steps for WordPress Quote Post Format

Reign provides support for various post formats with WordPress classic editor. If you are using Gutenberg block editor make sure you switch to Classic editor.

1. Create a new post and select the post format to quote

WordPress provides options for various post formats to select by default it will set as standard. Blogger can select diffrent post format based on blog nature. Quote are very popular for inspirational and motivational articles as in motivational posts the soul of post can be summarize in quote. Similarly for News articles which are based on someones speech need to highlight the importance phrase someone said. News articles are picking up from what he/she twitted, so to highlight it reporter can place the tweet in quote.

WordPress Quote Post Format
WordPress Edit Post

2. Add the Quote text and Author name

The post format setting includes quote text and Author box. Blogger can utilize this space based in the blog need.

Quote Post Format Setting

3. Add Feature image or leave it blank

Theme will provide a default background image and text will appear in white. You can place the background image and the quote will appear over it. You can also request the color and other WordPress customization which can be done with minor CSS tweaks.

WordPress Quote Post

Final Thoughts

Quote post format is helpful to share quotations which in front instead of post content. The heart of a persuasive article may be a quotation. Quotations leaves a long lasting impact on readers similar to good featured image. The WordPress quote post format also help to write a more compelling blog for bloggers. Let us know in comments section about your experience with a quite post.

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