Blogger is now a very powerful CMS of blogging to the rest of other CMS. Now, many people use Blogger instead of WordPress and other CMS. But the thing here to be noted is that what is the reason behind that people now use blogger instead of other CMS. The answer is very clear now blogger has plenty of its resources available on the Internet. Now designers have developed thousands of different kinds of blogger widgets and blogger templates. Today we are going to show you my great collection of blogger widgets which makes your blog look super cool, you can also call it “Cool Blogger Add-ons” or “Gadgets for Blogger”.

Best Blogger Widgets

1. Category Posts

Blogger Widgets

As the name suggests Category Posts Widget shows recent posts from a selected category. You can show post titles as a list, or select to show excerpt and thumbnail as well. Using it with Widget Context will allow you to show hide widgets on specific pages in WordPress.

2. Recent Posts Widget with Thumbnails

Blogger Widgets

By default, WordPress comes with a recent posts widget, which displays a plain list of your recent posts. Recent Posts Widget With Thumbnails allows you to display recent posts with thumbnails. It uses a featured image or the first image in a post as a thumbnail. You can also adjust the height and width of the image from the widget’s settings screen.

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3. Simple Social Icons

It is a really simple widget to add social icons to your sidebars. All the configuration options are in the widget’s settings. You can choose which social networks to link to and add your profile URLs. You can also modify the icon by choosing background and icon font color.

See our tutorial on how to add social media icons in your WordPress sidebar. This is by far the best WordPress widget for adding social icons.

4. Image Widget

Blogger widget

If you need to add an image to a sidebar, then you need to write the HTML in a text widget. However, many beginners do not know HTML and cannot properly style an image. The Image Widget solves this problem by allowing users to add an image using the media uploader in WordPress. It also provides a graphical UI to add a caption, alt text, and select the image size. Image optimization is another aspect that you should keep in mind.

5. Authors Widget

Blogger widget

Easily display a list of authors on your multi-author WordPress blog. This simple widget allows you to display author names with their avatars and link to their posts. You can also display an article count and display a link to the author’s RSS feed.

6. Random Posts Widget

This simple plugin provides an easier way to display random posts in your WordPress sidebar. The widget settings also allow you to show random posts from a particular category. It also supports multiple instances, which means you can add this widget multiple times. For more advanced users we have a simple tutorial on how to display random posts in WordPress.

7. Display Recently Registered Users Widget

Blogger widget

On a multi-user WordPress site, you may want to showcase your recently registered users. This WordPress plugin provides an easier way to display your recently registered users in a widget. You can choose to display user gravatar, join date, and link to user’s author page in WordPress. For more advanced users we have a tutorial on how to display recently registered users in WordPress without a plugin.

Make Your Blogs More Interactive

Well, these are some of the best blogger widgets which can really make your blog more nicer. I bet you that these widgets will really make your site more attractive and allow your readers to engage with your site more and more. Let me know what you think about this blogger widgets.

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