What Type of WordPress Hosting Provider Should You Choose?

WordPress Hosting Provider

Is WordPress the platform of your choice, where you’ll create and manage your website? Is this content management system (CMS) the right one for you, providing you with all the necessary features? After making this decision and being a part of the 60% of other website owners who have chosen it, it’s time for some big decisions. You might be asking yourself what big decisions could follow this major one. The answer is your domain name and your web hosting provider. Sometimes, the domain name and web hosting provider play a more important role in the future success of your website, so keep this in mind. Nevertheless, don’t stress because we’ll help you find the perfect match for your chosen CMS—in this case, WordPress! So, let’s dig into the fields of web WordPress Hosting providers and domain names, and try to get the best of each.


Why Is Your Domain Name so Important?

The domain name you get for your website will either help you stay on the surface and swim in the ocean with thousands of other “fish”, or let you drown and be simply forgotten. The domain name is your passport to get “recognized” for your name in the online world. Without a unique one, you won’t be attractive to your clients or customers. So, the whole point of your domain name’s authenticity is to simply be different from your competitors. If your customers recognize that you have a unique domain name, they will automatically think that the services are unique as well. And that’s what your ultimate goal is, isn’t it?

In addition, your domain name should also be catchy, easy to remember, easy to type, and easy to pronounce. It’s all about providing your users with an attractive and simple domain name. Such a domain name won’t create confusion when reading, typing, or when some of your customers dictate it to their friends. And that’s the type of marketing your domain name actually needs!

It should also represent your brand, your goals, and your vision in just one word. The shorter, the better! If you are having any doubts about the length of your domain name, just take a look at some of the top companies and how they’ve done it: Nike, Adidas, Apple, IBM, Zapier, CNN—all are one-word domain names, aren’t they? So, use them as your guide and inspiration for picking out the perfect domain name.

Choosing a Web Hosting Provider Important for Your WordPress Site


Even though you have made a good choice by picking out WordPress as your website builder, the type of web host is even more important for your website performance. If your web host is cheap, unreliable, and not so secure, then your website will fail, no matter which CMS or domain name you’ve picked. So, the web hosting provider is a kind of pillar that will either provide you with stability or let you make your way to the ruins quickly and easily.

That’s the reason why you should look into the features and prices of every web host that gets your interest. This is the only way in which you’ll choose the right one that’ll fit your WordPress site needs. First of all, we’d suggest you use a web hosting provider that is specifically used for WordPress, providing you with several hosting packages.

For instance, Domain Name Sanity offers you three packages that are for business WordPress sites, high-traffic sites, and a pro-deal with extra features for pro sites. Their package with extra features includes 150 GB of disk space, 1500 GB bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, a free SSL certificate, and very high performance.

So, we’d recommend you choose these or similar features if you want to get quality service. Other than that, the web hosting provider you choose should offer you:

1. Click Installer- WordPress Hosting Provider

This option is a part of the offer of many quality web hosting companies. It is essential just so you can integrate your WordPress site with your web host through a few install clicks on your cPanel.

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2. Security & Flexibility

The infrastructure of your web host should be designed in a way that protects your site from malware, bots, attacks, data breaches, and hackers. Also, it’s recommended that you choose a web host that offers regular backups of your data, just so it can be retrieved anytime.

Make sure that the host you end up using offers you several hosting plans you can choose from, and a chance for annual and monthly contracts. If your web host offers you flexibility, you can upgrade or downgrade anytime!

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3. High-Quality Servers

Did you know that your uptime means money? If you get a 99% uptime, this means you’ll get 3.5 downtime days every month. And that actually means losing a lot of customers and losing a lot of money, especially if you’re an e-commerce website. On the other hand, 99.999% means that you’ll have only five minutes of downtime a month. So, you’ll probably save a lot of money. However, this type of service may cost you a lot, because it’s probably enabled by a high-quality web host. You should go for web hosts that offer 99.9% or 99.99% uptime, which is a decent service you can get for an affordable price.

Now that you know all about WordPress, the importance of a domain name, and how a web host makes an impact on the future of your site, you can move further to making a choice. We wish you luck in picking out the best WordPress hosting provider for your website!

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