WooCommerce Extensions for your Webstore

WooCommerce Extensions

WooCommerce is a most popular and amazing plugin everybody can use if you want a web store on WordPress. It is a flexible plugin for various multiple purposes. Not being just only a web store plugin, it has many other amazing functions to work on. In this article, I will tell you the WooCommerce different extensions that can be simply followed on your work. Here you can get the latest analysis for WooCommerce Extension. Simply before using any plugin, most of the people want to know about the functionalities of the one. Definitely, it must be known to everybody to go with the best one. In this article, I will cover some of the “WooCommerce Extensions” that will give you some quite pretty ideas like what the activities you can do with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Extensions

WooCommerce Subscriptions

WooCommerce Extension

WooCommerce is very powerful to sell subscriptions for Newspapers, online access, and products etc. Once you have installed this WooCommerce Extension, you will get the tab just under the WooCommerce settings. It will give you the opportunity to assign subscribers to a particular role. These are used to allowing the recurring payments. You can also have switched to another subscription just to the next level. Once you activated you can get the different other benefits like Payment Gateways, Subscription Coupon and many more.

WooCommerce Memberships

WooCommerce Extension

You can sell access to the membership plans to your products. This WooCommerce Extension helps you to manage your members. You can view and edit details for each member assigned to the users, then you can add notes and share these notes with your customers via email. Another important feature that you can restrict post, pages, custom post types. This will allow you to restrict your activities like some of your site content is public, and some content can be seen by members only.

WooCoomerce Amazon Stores

WooCommerce Extension allows to Amazon’s API to fully integrate its product into your store. It is managed in such a well mannered that users would not know about the core extension. Means visitors never knows that it is Amazon itself. If a customer wants to check out, in that case, they can check out on the Amazon’ page. It is really a perfect plugin if you want to have an experience in an e-commerce store. If you are using this plugin, make sure not worry about stock and payments.

Facebook Stores

WooCommerce Extension

This WooCommerce Extension is so far used for social media marketing. WooCommerce offers you the free plugin to set up your web store on Facebook, where you can manage all your products and quotes on the Facebook page. As many of your target audience is used to spend their time on social media, so it goes well initiate to catch your target on social media. For this, you can easily manage your purchase through your existing WooCommerce admin page. Moreover, you can target your audience on Facebook by simply using Facebook pixel. It will make it processed for import your product into the Facebook page.

Wrapping Words!

As you are s, WooCommerce is being more in the marketplace and why considering as the best E-commerce plugin, it is not up to the selling products only. You can use many more different functionalities just you must have an idea what you need to do and how to do with WooCommerce.



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