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Are you looking for the best WordPress Coupon Plugins for your e-Commerce store? If your website is coupon Centric you want to increase or boost sales then you are in the right article. Trust me! these best Coupon plugins will help you increase your sales with super attractive WordPress coupons for your customers. Before moving on to the article let us first understand coupon plugins. Well, WordPress coupon plugins are designed to turn regular websites into full-featured coupon websites.

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WordPress Coupon Plugins

Customers are always on the lookout for some sort of discount coupons or deals while purchasing products to save their money.

With the help of these plugins, website owners can motivate visitors to register and avail themselves of the good bargain deal, thus converting them into potential customers.

Why use Coupon plugins on your online store?

A coupon code will help you to pull back those visitors who are abandoning your website without making any purchases. It is used as leverage to attract them to purchase from your online store. Most people look for the coupon or discount code before making checkout at that time if you provide them with what they need they will become your regular customers.

When you give discounts to your customers they purchase more compared to without a discount. It increases sales of your online store.

Coupon code plugins provide you with many features with various options. You can coupons or discount codes on your website without coding.

Now let us check out the best WordPress Coupon Plugins for your online store-

Let’s get Started

Coupon Creator 

WordPress Coupon Plugins
WordPress Coupon Plugins

With 10,000+ installations and 4.4 ratings, this amazing plugin is one of the best Coupon Plugins. Coupon Creator is a powerful plugin to assist you in creating and managing your coupons. You can use it with any WordPress theme, plus it is highly customizable. If you can’t get something done via the web interface, you can upload your image and use it as a coupon. This is the simplest yet the most powerful solution for coupon management.

The Pro version allows ultimate options to change colors, style, and many more. By adding filters, coupons will work in Sidebar Text Widgets.


Coupon Pro

WordPress coupon Plugins
WordPress Coupon Plugins

Coupon Pro is an ultimate Coupons and Deals Management plugin for WordPress, which allows you to add and manage Coupons or Affiliate Links in a very easy way. There are Unlimited Color Schemes, and multiple layouts to choose from. Coupon Pro Plugin also gives you the feature to geo-target your coupons and serve the right coupon to the right people. This plugin comes with amazing features it has unlimited Color Schemes. Multiple Coupon Layouts. Show COUPONS and AFFILIATE Deals and much more. You can buy this plugin from ThemeForest.


Magic WP Coupon – Lite

WordPress coupon plugins
WordPress Coupon Plugins

With 200+ installations and 4.4rating, this proves best. The Magic WP Coupon plugin has both free and paid versions, but we would recommend looking at the free one to start since it has quite a few solid features to get you started. The whole point of the plugin is to turn your website into an affiliate site.

The plugin is a little more powerful than the others because it has a like/dislike system, boosting the amount of credibility you build with your coupons. The click counter that is part of the lite version of the plugin works similarly, but it could backfire on you if you don’t get much traffic, so be careful!


 JC Coupon 

WordPress Coupon Plugins

With 400+ installations and 4 ratings out of 5. JC Coupon is another much-loved coupon plugin, which is easy to set up and benefits from unlimited options in the coupon department.

It has a quick setup, unlimited coupon options, and the ability to manage your coupons from the WordPress dashboard.

You can include any of these coupons in your posts or pages, which is great if you write blog posts about a deal and would like to give out a coupon right there and then.

JC Coupon Lite plugin provides easy-to-use coupon management to be included in your posts and web pages or even in sidebars with the help of shortcodes. 4 colors are available for coupons. For this plugin, You must have an affiliate tool where your URLs are masked and a click on your coupon will mean a hit to your affiliate link.


WooCommerce Discount Rules

WooCommercem Discount rule

WooCommerce Discount Rules is one of the best and easy-to-use plugins to create coupons for your customers. Now you can create pricing and discount for your products or services. You set the rule and conditions for discounts. Your condition can be based on many things like quality, quantity, category, user role, order total, purchase history, and many more.

There are many various types of coupons that you want to create for your customers so they can not abandon your products or services on the cart page. This plugin will help you to display the coupons on the website product page and the cart page. 

Discount types that you can create: Store-wide global Discount, Percentage Discount, Price Based, Fixed cost Discount, Bulk Purchase Discount, Product Specific Discount, and many more.


YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards

YITH woocommerce gift cart

For your customers, discounts and Coupons are the gifts. Giving them coupons can increase engagement and sales on your website. Your customers can send their loved ones gift cards from you so gifted people can shop on your website with a discount. 

You can create printable and digital gift cards for your customers at any price. It gifts cart page layout with a usable experience for your customers. Get unlimited designs and make them according to your requirements.


Smart coupons

Smart coupons

Smart coupons have 15000 customers who are using it and making it an all-time best-selling plugin. It has all credit or gift cards, automatic coupons, gifts, and more. It has quick and easy management to use. The best part of this coupon is it will not make your website slow. 

You don’t need a developer to assist to create coupons on your website. It is a flexible and reliable plugin. It offers all types of discounts to customers. This will help you to decrease the volume of people who left the cart before making a purchase.



retainful plugin

With Retainful you can send the coupon with the order transaction email so your customers can come back again for other purchases. It creates the most unique and attractive coupons. To send the next coupon code to your customers you don’t have to worry about it retainful generate a unique coupon code and send it to your customers. You can create as many coupons for your business. 

It is a powerful plugin that can also help you to get those customers who abandon their cart for a while. It can send them reminder emails to purchase their cart products.


Smart Coupons For WooCommerce

Smart coupons for WooCommerce

A smart marketing campaign always offers coupons and discounts to its customers to leverage them. Smart Coupons for WooCommerce will be made it easy for you to create coupons easily and effectively. To increase lean you can give your customers discounts like giveaways, free shipping, flash sale, and more. It has an automatic coupon generator with the format you like. 

It supports one of the most trending offers Buy and Gets One Free (BOGO). Its restriction option can help you to make your coupons more effective. Use Smart Coupon For WooCommerce to get more purchases for your e-commerce store.


What do you choose?

Mentioned WordPress coupon plugins are the best ones to choose if you are running an online venture. But you only have to decide which plugin goes well with your site and helps you to increase sales. I hope that this article helped you a lot to find the perfect coupon plugin for your site. For any queries feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading.

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