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Have you Started Vlogging?  Not yet? In this article,  I’ll let you know how much vlogging is important for your career and also best vlogging tips beginners. A video is one of the best ways to connect with your audience and a growing form of video is vlogging. More than 1.5 billion people visit YouTube every month.

Viewers spend over an hour a day watching YouTube on their mobile devices. On the other hand, Facebook is huge in video and live streaming too. With more than eight billion video views and more than 100 million hours of video watched on the platform daily. So, if still not creating video content you are losing out on this great opportunity to engage users. Lets get discuss some vlogging tips beginners

  • It can be a great way to increase the number of followers.
  • An excellent way to promote your WordPress website.
  • You can sell your products or services and generate leads.
  • Earn fame and fortune through vlogging.

In this article, I’ll make you learn how much vlogging is important for you. What efforts you need to boost your vlog video. So let’s get started

Benefits of vlogging

1. Vlogging is customer-friendly

Yes! You got it right vlogging is the only platform which is customer- friendly. It creates a personal connection with customers. Vlogging is helpful for those who are new to WordPress business recently set their startup. So, budding entrepreneurs, it is one of the effective platforms to generate income from a passion.

The benefit of blogging is that it provides a human face to your company – giving the customer a more personal, personable experience. People relate and connect, and feel they are purchasing from you as an individual, not just a website.

2.Generate traffic to the website

Content-based blogs are boring and monotonous. Now viewers are more interested in the visual than content. Everyone is so busy in their life. People want more work in less time. Viewers lack time, they are now believing in fast and forward. So, vlogging can prove best then. Many bloggers and businesses use vlogging to drive traffic to their website. Watching videos is fast becoming the norm and the preferred online media type.

You can write articles video from a slide by slide. This proves an instant drive in your website traffic. Generally, websites often use vlogging to attract new visitors, as well as help the retain current ones. When are going to do this?

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3. Sell and promote  your brand

Vlogs can be also very helpful for building a marketing strategy for a certain brand. Apart from that, if you’re creating an e-commerce site, then vlogging is the most effective way to promote or sell your product. Or if you run a membership site, explain why viewers should sign up. If you have an eCommerce store, display your products and tell those watching why they should make a purchase.


4. Tell Better Stories via vlogging

Storytelling is always the best part to explain any concept. It allows you to create robust content and build a strong relationship with your customers. As you see the recent story update on social media platforms. Which is quite great and on demand.

Whether you’re creating powerful story-based emails or filming a compelling story on Snapchat – stories will draw your audience in. And telling your story through vlog will give you strangers results.


5. Gives you name and fame

Who doesn’t want to be a celebrity or treat like them even me too?  If you want to become a celebrity then the only way is you have to come on TV.

Did you know vlogging can also provide you fame and money both? Now you don’t need to come on TV. Some of the most famous vloggers have accumulated hundreds of thousands of followers, and their videos are watched by millions. Not only have they become celebrities, but these vloggers have also made big money through advertising on their videos. Amazing it is. And did you know popular vloggers are being paid by the companies to promote their brand?

How to get started

start Vlogging

It is easy to start and not necessary to invest in expensive camera equipment. When you are filming vlogs, you need to check that the camera quality of your blog is HD quality. Check the sound quality. Script your video if that helps you be more confident Check all the initial points before shooting for a vlog.

Another most essential step before starting a vlog. Research what other vloggers are doing. What strategy they are applying in their vlog. And not just the vloggers in your industry, but also those who are trying unique strategies that you can implement.

Once you are done with your recording. It’s time to edit it. With the help of iMovie for Mac or VSDC Video Editor for Windows edit and software tools easily edit your video.

Choose your platform

start Vlogging

YouTube is the most wildly popular platform for vlogging. Firstly you need to engage visitors through your vlog. Increase your following in your vlog. Urge them to visit your website, sign-up to your email list, buy products. Youtube has its own channel. Where you can easily upload all your vlogs by connecting it with your Gmail account. You can also add your own image or logo.

Even description to your channel’s page, create your own playlists, send messages, reply to comments. Your fans can then follow your channel, making it easy for them to find your vlogs. You can also run your vlog on Vimeo, Viddler, Facebook, and Daily Motion. All set now to gain tremendous traffic on your vlog.

Final words

So, where you find your vlog? Are you already using vlogging platform on your website? or Still in a dream to make your website rank on top in Google. This dream can only be fulfilled if you start using vlogging for your brand. Share your experience. If any doubt please feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading.

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