Why Should You Avoid Using Udemy for Online Course Selling ?

Avoid Using Udemy for selling courses

Why should you avoid using Udemy for selling courses? Are you also wondering that question? Well, we will go through that in this article. So, have a happy read ahead.

Udemy is quite a famous website when it comes to selling and purchasing courses online. The platform has gained popularity because of its simple interface, which allows you to find the right course for your needs in seconds.

Whatever wrong you say about Udemy will not change the fact that it has seen tremendous growth and reached heights in the past years. Their formula of letting people sell courses on their platform has worked fabulously. Well, we will get into deeper details, but before that, let us talk about other related stuff.

What is Udemy, and Why is it famous?

Udemy is a platform where you can learn from the best instructors in the world. It has over 10 million students enrolled on its platform, which makes it one of the largest online learning platforms out there. The company was founded by two brothers who were frustrated with how expensive traditional education was for them. They wanted to make an affordable alternative that would allow anyone to get quality instruction at their own pace.

The founders also realized that they could help many more people if they made this platform available worldwide. So, they started working on making this happen. Today, Udemy is used all around the globe.

Udemy is known for its easy-to-use interface, which allows users to search through thousands of courses within seconds. This means that you don’t have to waste time searching for the right course. All you need to do is type what you are looking for and then click on the “Search” button.

This is why so many students use Udemy to learn new skills or improve existing ones. If you want to know more about Udemy, keep reading our article.

How does Udemy work?

Udemy work

Udemy works like any other e-commerce site. When you visit the site, you will see a list of categories. These categories include topics such as business, programming, marketing, etc. Once you select a category, you will be presented with a list of subcategories. Each subcategory contains hundreds of courses.

You can filter these courses based on price, rating, length, language, and much more. After you choose a course, you will be taken to a page where you can read reviews written by previous students. You can also watch videos created by the instructor.

You can purchase the course using PayPal or a credit card. In case you have any questions regarding payment methods, you can contact customer support via email or phone.
Once you complete the course, you will receive a certificate of completion. You can download the certificate directly from the dashboard.

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Why you should avoid using Udemy as a medium to sell your courses?

selling courses online

The above points were all advantages of using Udemy, and they’re all good enough. We aren’t lying, and we also did not get any money from Udemy to promote their website. We are not saying that you won’t earn money from Udemy. Indeed, you can make lots of money from Udemy if your courses reach amazing popularity. Also, Udemy does help you cancel out the need to manage everything by giving a helping hand. However, they take a slight part of the money from every course being sold on the platform.

Although, it is one of the few things Udemy snatches away from you. You should not use Udemy as a medium to sell your courses online because:

  • You do not own the platform and hence will not be able to have control over the audience and make further advancements.
  • Your name may acquire the hype, but your brand won’t because you do not own Udemy.
  • You do not have any control over the visitor traffic on the Udemy website. The reason is quite simple, and you don’t own the website.
  • As stated earlier, Udemy takes away a small chunk of your course selling cost.
  • You are not given access to student data; hence, you will not be able to understand deep things like advancements and upgrades. We’ll discuss this point in detail further in the article.
  • You do not get to decide on the policies applied at the time of selling those courses. For instance, you can’t decide on the refund policy for the courses.

Why getting student data is important in an e-learning website?

 e-learning website
Students use and surf the website with the aim of finding things. While they search for things they desire, they tend to use some key phrases. You can use that data to find out things like:
  • What students require in a course
  • What price courses do they prefer
  • What type of structure do they prefer in a course
  • What support do they require in different courses
  • What upgrades do they want to make to the website?

These points accumulated bring joy to an owner of getting full readings of a customer base. You can reach out to your potential target audience and organize marketing campaigns after deriving information!

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If Not Udemy? Then What?


I am sure you have had this question all the time held inside yourself when you were reading our article. You can still choose Udemy if you are not planning to offer courses for the long term. However, building your own e-learning platform can bring ample opportunities, and using those opportunities, you can create your dream LMS platform!

Use LearnDash, and it is the most powerful and impactful learning management system powered by WordPress. You can customize your e-learning platform to the fullest using LearnDash. Moreover, you get so many plugins and add-ons in the market, which can help you enjoy good LearnDash developments.

Then, for your LearnDash website, choose a suitable theme. Choose the LearnMate LearnDash WordPress Theme, the finest LearnDash WordPress Theme to pair with LearnDash LMS! Create an E-Learning website quickly and effortlessly with LearnMate, the most user-friendly option available.

Well, we cannot promise that you’ll experience heaven with LearnDash. Moments may occur with time when you will not feel good about your e-learning business. For moments like this, we have prepared a guide to boost your e-learning platform.


Closing Thoughts

For beginners in the e-learning industry, Udemy is extremely useful because it provides a great platform to try something new without spending too much money. It avoids the risk of being a business owner. But for long-term planners or entrepreneurs, Udemy might not give you the desired results due to various things not going as you want them to. That’s it for this article; we hope you had fun and learned something from our work. Thank you for reading the blog up to this point!

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