How to Track Your Community Statistics in WordPress?

Track Community Statistics

Do you want to know the number of daily, weekly, or yearly visitors coming to your WordPress website? If so, then how? Your community website needs monitoring more than an average website. You need a community statistics plugin for your WordPress website to ensure a proper flow of data on your member’s activity to your website for better conversions. Fortunately, many plugins are available for visitor statistics with google analytics integration. Still, there are none for BuddyPress or BuddyBoss Platform specific to track how visitors are engaging with your community. You can use Google Analytics plugins to track visitors.

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But you must learn why you need BuddyPress Stats for your BuddyPress or BuddyBoss Platform community.

What are WordPress Statistics?

If you have never heard about WordPress statistics, you must first understand the CMS. The concept of community statistics is straightforward. You can gather tons of information to understand better user behavior on your website and spot areas for development. The number of visitors, bounce rate, new and returning users, time spent on the site, and many more metrics to track for a better understanding of your audience.


At first, the sheer volume of data may seem daunting to understand and identify. Therefore, it’s crucial to pinpoint a few critical measures, especially when you’re starting. For instance, you might begin by concentrating on the bounce rate for a few vital website pages. If site visitors are leaving your homepage rapidly, likely, they need to obtain the information they need there quickly or simply enough.

Why You Should Track Community Statistics?

Your community statistics are essential to your company’s success. But do you know you can grow your website by observing minor details about your audience and metrics? You can use these community analytics to understand your website visitors better and enhance their experience. For instance, you can focus on making your BuddyPress website more mobile-friendly if you have more mobile users.

Your community statistics help build your content and SEO strategy to improve overall engagement and conversions. Moreover, it will help you determine what content and posts are popular with your audience. Regarding statistics, the number one platform that comes to your mind is Google analytics. But Google Analytics is focused on providing metrics related to website traffic only, not the activities in a community. Hence you need a dedicated plugin like BuddyPress Stats to understand your audience behavior in your BuddyPress community.

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BuddyPress Stats: Why is it the Ultimate Option?

The BuddyPress Stats plugin is designed to keep track of all activity on your BuddyPress-powered community website. Monitor and track what your users do in your community with the plugin’s excellent features. Control the total user profile counts on your community and get the advantage of the range of statistics available in a central dashboard. It shows the total number of members, active members, status updates, groups, posts, activities, groups, and blogs for your BuddyPress community in the footer or widget. Now it is time to talk about the advanced features of the community statistics plugin for your website. Please allow us to explain why BuddyPress Stats is the best choice.


1. Widgets Types

Although you may have several choices, going with a full package is usually advisable. You will find seven different widgets with various graphs for all the data in WordPress Stats. It enables site administrators to learn about activity at various periods, such as daily, weekly, monthly, and annually.

2. Access to Logged-In Members

For easy access, the plugin presents several types of statistics visually appealing and engagingly. As a result, users who are logged in can access all the information about their activities to monitor their performance.

3. Admin Access

Site admins can quickly get an update on the users’ participation in their community website. The community statistics plugin allows you to compare user registrations, new activities, and groups from the previous day to the present day, the previous week to the present week, and the previous month to the current month.

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4. Quick Summary

Get a quick summary of your user’s behavior and the most active pages. Don’t have the time to go through the detailed analytics? Get BuddyPress stats to get a quick view of the overall update of activities on your community website.

5. Group-Specific Widget

The plugin offers a group-specific widget that allows you to learn about the total activities carried out by members of the group. You can filter activities based on the previous week, the previous month, the current month, and the year.

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WordPress Statistics on Your Community Website

If we are looking for the best statistics plugins for your community, it is BuddyPress Stats. Those who are searching for a convenient and reliable option for their BuddyPress-powered website can take this as the best option. You can access all of the features and functions of the community statistics plugin without leaving your WordPress dashboard. The various methods for using the plugin to check statistics on your community website are shown below. Let’s investigate this! After purchasing, you may install and configure the plugin right from the plugins area or download it from the official website of Wbcom Designs. Here’s what you can do with the BuddyPress stats plugin:

  • Identify and filter the active users, popular groups, new activities, and many other things.
  • Members who are logged in have access to view a graphical representation of their activity.
  • Check out all the community interaction insights with easy access to graphical charts.
  • Without looking through extensive stats, quickly summarize member collaborations.
  • Quick access to the website’s top groups with thorough activity data.

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Start Tracking Your Community Statistics Insights Now

So are you ready to boost community engagement with the best community statistics plugin? Install BuddyPress Stats to monitor the activities of your members and groups in a single WordPress dashboard. Collect a diverse set of statistics in an easy-to-understand manner. Get the plugin directly from the official website of Wbcom Designs and grow your community in the right direction using strong engaging strategies. Use your community’s statistics to build new strategies for a powerful community with all the insights in a single dashboard for great convenience and ease.

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