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Good Headlines get attention. Good headlines get clicks. headlines can judge the success or failure of your content, more than any other factor. Thrive Headline Optimizer is one of the recent WordPress plugins from Thrive Themes. As an organization that spends significant time in making transformation centered topics and plugins Thrive Themes have been on a tear. As the name suggests, this plugin is about optimizing your headlines. Features are maybe the most vital part of any bit of substance you employ and with Thrive Headline Optimizer, we bring the point by point thorough discussion about this plugin.

Features of Thrive Headline Optimizer plugin

Headline optimizer is a simple and easy to use WordPress plugin. Thrive headline optimizer is one of the most effective, and statistically robust WordPress plugin. It helps to test your headlines, like the most successful sites do. It comes with amazing features let us understand one by one-

Quick & easy A/B title testing

This feature lets you to click-worthy headline for your content to get more interaction instead of visitors leaving your website.

Bulk testing

Another beast feature is Bulk testing which saves time and optimizes all of your existing content at once to immediately start seeing results.

Detailed A/B testing Metrics

If you want to see the improvement in your engagement then this feature is for you. It lets you uncover the different metrics for each headline and see how much the winning one improves your engagement.

Engagement Reports

This feature allows you to check and analytic your engagement report to Get a “total report,” it’s a quick overview to help you understand how interesting your viewers find your content.

WooCommerce compatible

If you are running an online store then this feature tests your WooCommerce product names to get the most clicks and maximize your revenue.


A visitor enters the single-post page after seeing the headline (excluding off-site sources). This action also excludes them from future engagements on that post

How did the Thrive Headline Optimizer function?

Thrive Headline Optimizer
Note down as many headlines you can think of and start the test. The Thrive Headline Optimizer plugin will give you the best template that will maximize user engagement. The Thrive Headline Optimizer plugin uses 3 critical engagement factors to come up with the best option.

  • Click Through Rate- This means how many website visitors are actually clicking on your headline
  • Time On Content- Count visitors who’re visitor duration is x second or longer
  • Scrolling- Count visitors who scroll x% down the page

How easy to use this plugin

Write headline

First, all you need to do is Writer as many headlines as you can then as you can think of your piece of content. Thrive lets you give a template to make this as easy a possible.

You are all set

Now you sit back and relax, Thrive Headline Optimizer takes care of the rest. The headlines you came up with are shown to different users when they come to your website. Based on the engagement factors above, data is gathered, statistically relevant tests are run and the plugin automatically starts to display the winning headline to your visitors to maximize engagement.

More engagement will grow your business

Thrive Headlines optimizer helps you to get more engagement. The Thrive Headline Optimizer algorithms only focus on the most important engagement indicators: click-through rate, time spent on content and scrolling.

And you as the user have complete control over EVERYTHING. Decide which metrics you want to test, how they are tested and how many tests you want to run. There are no limits.

However, if data isn’t your thing. Take comfort in knowing we have designed the plugin to work great with the default settings. Just input your headline variations, click start and rest assured knowing the plugin will do the rest for you.


Thrive comes in three types of options


15 license pack 5 License pack 1 license pack
In this option, you’ll get 15 websites installed, induces all features, unlimited free updates and 1-year full year of support.
$ 147
In this pack, you’ll get 5 websites installation, with all the features, unlimited free updates, and 1-year full support.


1 license pack- In this pack, you’ll get 1 website installation, with all the features, unlimited free updates, and 1-year full support.



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