Best Text-To-Speech Softwares

Human voices are of huge help to make your online learners more interested and emotionally connected with the subject. Although you can hire voice-over professionals to include voices in your eLearning videos, it may tend to get very expensive. Also, there is always a problem with updating or adding content to your courses. The Text-to-speech software helps you eliminate the need for paying professionals for your needs.


Text-To-Speech Softwares For eLearning Videos

In this article, we compiled a list of the 10 best text-to-speech software for your eLearning Videos.

1. Zabaware text-to-speech reader:

zabaware- Text-to-Speech Softwares
Text-to-Speech Softwares

Zabaware text-to-speech software is great text-to-speech software with a speech synthesizer that reads multiple types of documents. They have a lot of packages but the two most used options are the Cerevoice and AT&T voice packages that start at $24.95.

Key Features:

  • Various compatible text types like documents, emails, websites, Windows dialog boxes, and many more.
  • Available for free download with high-quality non-human voices.
  • Great tool for reading disabilities as well as various concentration problems.

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2. Acapela group virtual speaker:

Text-to-Speech Softwares

Acapela group virtual speaker is one of the best text-to-speech software tools out there. It is particularly useful for eLearning purposes, with several compatible formats, languages, and voice properties. And the best part is that it is completely free of cost!

Key Features: 

  • It comes with 70+ voices and 30+ languages with an additional voice mood range as well as voice frequency to indicate emotions like sadness, happiness, whispering, or screaming.
  • It has several audio output formats right from 8 kHz to 44 kHz and many more.
  • It allows you to modify settings, voices, or languages as you are listening.

3. Ivona:

Text-to-Speech Softwares

Ivona is a member of the Amazon group of companies. It is supposedly one of the best text-to-speech software in the market. It has a total of 13 subscription plans available, starting from $29.95 which utilize the Windows Voice. The highest plan goes up to $159 depending on how many languages you choose to purchase.

Key Features: 

  • Ivona covers 24 languages with both male and female voices for them.
  • Ivona has a partnership with ReadSpeaker which helps bring optimized performance regardless of what device you use.

4. Read The Words:

Best Text-To-Speech Softwares
Text-to-Speech Softwares

Read the Words is an online text-to-speech software with an easy-to-use interface. It has a free version available and you can always upgrade to the premium plan which comes for $39.99 per year, or $10 per month. The premium version offers unlimited audio files for up to 1 hour and is inclusive of over 100 podcasts.

Key Features:

  • Read the words has 3 language options, i.e., English, French, and Spanish.
  • Free users can also create audio files of up to 30 seconds.
  • The free version offers 15 different voices to choose from for your eLearning videos

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Murf is a very versatile text-to-speech online software. It is simple to use, and has loads of natural-sounding voices, 20+ languages, and other features that make it one of the top tools. You can start from scratch using your script or choose from one of the templates.

Key Features:

  • It comes with 130+ voices and 20+ languages ranging from narration to advertisement use case
  • Allows uploading videos and presentations for you to sync the timing of voiceovers
  • Supports downloading multiple audio output formats including .mp3, and .wav across different frequencies.

6. AudioBookMaker:

Best Text-To-Speech Softwares
Text-to-Speech Softwares

If you are looking for free and reliable text-to-speech software, AudioBookMaker is arguably the best one in the market. It does not require any subscription, but you can donate money to provide for maintenance costs.

Key Features:

  • It is a multilingual interface that includes English, Russian, and simplified Chinese. 
  • It provides customizable speech parameters where you can change speed, pitch, and volume as per your needs.
  • It comes with a highlighted spoken text which is significantly important for learners with learning disabilities.

7. Voice Reader 15:

voice  reader
Text-to-Speech Softwares

Voice Reader 15 has been made by Linguatec. It has 4 membership plans starting from $49. The price range goes higher based on what you choose to include.

Key Features: 

  • It comes in 45 languages based on the subscription you choose to purchase.
  • It is compatible with plenty of mobile applications like Voice Translator for interpretation purposes, text-to-speech for mobile applications, Voice Reader, and Voice Reader Web for both PDF documents and webpages.

8. TextSpeech Pro:

Best Text-To-Speech Softwares

TextSpeech Pro is a download-only text-to-speech software that reads the most popular document types like PDFs, HTML, and many more. It also provides support for impaired users. TextSpeech Pro has 6 subscription options starting from $19.99

Key Features:

  • The paid version of TextSpeechPro includes AT&T’s natural voices with the ability to change volume, speed, and quality.
  • It gives you the option to have your emails, or any web page read out loud.

9. TextAloud 3:

Best Text-To-Speech Softwares

TextAloud 3 has been developed by NextUp and features over 29 languages. It has 2 premium plans where you can buy the software for $29.95 and then add various other voice packages like the AT&T Natural Voices.

Key Features:

  • TextAloud has a partnership with At&T Natural Voices, Acapela Group, Nuance Vocalizer, and Ivona bringing you many voice options and accents to choose from.
  • You can download the free trial version and then decide if you want to pay for premium packages.

10. NaturalReader:

Best Text-To-Speech Softwares

NaturalReader is another great text-to-speech software with Optical Character Recognition (OCR). OCR enables you to scan your text and convert it into digital text which you can listen to in audio form or save on your computer. It has a free version and premium packages that start from $69.50 all the way up to $199.50, depending on your needs.

Key Features:

  • It has a free version that is compatible with PDFs, Word files, and Web Pages.
  • It has a vast range of languages that include US English, British English, French, German, Italian, and many more.
  • It is a great tool for learners with learning disabilities.

11. iSpeech:

Best Text-To-Speech Softwares

iSpeech is a text-to-speech software with the ability to convert texts to numerous audio formats. Mobile applications for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry are also available for iSpeech. It offers various subscription options to choose from as per your needs. For $500 you can create audio clips for up to 10,000 words. As the prices go higher, the word limit keeps on increasing.

Key Features:

  • iSpeech offers multiple formats like Wav, MP3, Ogg, WMA, and many more.
  • iSpeech is not only limited to PDFs and copy-paste texts. Here, you can also voice-enable text from chat applications.
  • It is compatible with multiple devices.

In Conclusion of Text-to-Speech Software: 

Well, there you go! Now that you know the best text-to-speech software for eLearning videos, you can choose the one that perfectly fits your needs. The future is already here and we recommend that you join the game as soon as you can! 

We hope this article has been helpful to you. Thank you for reading, all the best, and stay safe! 

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