streaming services by using VPN

The attraction of Kodi is in its ability to allow users to view and play videos, podcasts, music, and other digital media files from the storage media, both local and on the network, as well as the internet. It opens the gates for streaming movies and TV shows as well as sports events. Users must be careful to avoid legal problems associated with viewing content without proper authorization. But then, the real attraction of Kodi is to access restricted or blocked content that generally would not be possible otherwise. The other high-point about Kodi is the customization options that allow users to use the platform in the way they want.

Kodi customization options

The customization options of Kodi enhance its attraction as users can make the necessary changes to derive the best user experience from the media player that provides much more extended viewing options. By changing Kodi skins, users can make it look better by trying out many types of skins available in the Kodi repository. But skins only change the appearance of Kodi and does nothing more. To customize the Kodi interface along with the Kodi add-ons that can provide a much better viewing experience. Users must make use of Kodi 17 builds and the like to customize their viewing experience by making changes to the interface that suit their viewing preferences.

Surf the internet in private with VPN

Using a VPN is part of the best practice for Kodi users because it allows them to access all types of content, legal and illegal, without worrying about the law catching up with them. That is possible because of the nature of VPN service that uses the technology of connecting with the internet by keeping the user credentials and identity concealed. VPN helps to bypass the prying eyes and control of ISPs and instead give complete liberty to users to access any content by maintaining complete privacy without anyone knowing about it. It allows users to view paid services free because no one can track the activities of users on the internet as their IP address remains hidden.  As all communication across the VPN remains encrypted end-to-end because it happens through a protected tunnel, there is no chance of any infringement on user’s privacy.

Netflix bans VPN

Netflix is accessible by using a VPN, but this does not go well with the streaming service provider that looks down upon VPN users and bans them. Netflix detects VPN and blocks its users to safeguard its revenue stream by preventing illegal viewing of the programs. In simple words, Netflix takes to geo-blocking content as part of its business practice that a VPN can easily circumvent. Therefore, it is natural for Netflix to ban VPN users.

But users can still get away with the stranglehold of Netflix by choosing some selected VPN services that effectively bypass the restrictions. Leaving aside the debate about ethics and legality, this is a viable option for users to get the most from the streaming services without any restrictions.

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