10 Best Social Proof Plugins For WordPress and WooCommerce in 2024

Social proof Plugins

As human nature, we often tend to copy people. Social Proof Plugins is the tendency of humans to try things that they see other people doing, buying, or recommending. Social Proof can be used in customer reviews, testimonials, email newsletters, or even the number of your Facebook fans and followers. This helps online stores and marketplaces boost their overall conversion rate. 


Best Social Proof Plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce

There are several social proof tools available on every website builder. We will now look at the most effective social proof plugins for WordPress and WooCommerce.

1. TrustPulse

Social Proof Plugins

TrustPulse is said to be one of the best WordPress and WooCommerce social proof plugins available on the market. It is easy to set up for beginners and can instantly boost the conversion rate of the user. It comes with several great features like smart targeting, which can be used to display social proof to the right customers at the right time. TrustPulse is free to use for up to 500 sessions per month. Post that, pricing starts from $4 per month.

Key Features: 

  • Uses the FOMO effect for displaying real-time notifications on your website.
  • Notification Bubble for users to be updated with recent purchases, sign-ups, and more.
  • Easy to use for beginners.
  • Smart Targeting
  • Built-in analytics

2. Thrive Ovation

Thrive Ovation is another social proof plugin for WordPress. It has been made to specifically boost the conversion rate through testimonials. Meaning, with this plugin you can add social proof by showing what your existing customers have said about your product or services. This plugin costs $39, which includes lifetime updates. However, a small extra fee has to be paid after a year to continue receiving the support.

Social Proof Plugins TriveSuite
Social Proof Plugins

Key Features: 

  • Ability to convert customer comments into testimonials
  • Ability to create a landing page where the user can collect testimonials through an online form.
  • Can be integrated with popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter
  • Ability to send automated emails

3. Stars Testimonials WP Plugin

Stars Testimonials WordPress plugin by Premio is a user-friendly plugin that lets users show customer reviews and boost social proof on their website. By using Stars Testimonials, you help your customers make smart purchasing decisions, which can increase your sales in no time. Aside from that, you can improve your credibility as real buyers testify by sharing their experience with your brand. With Stars Testimonials, you can also show start ratings, company name, and an image of the buyer. This testimonial widget is highly customizable according to your needs and preferences.

Stars Testimonials WP Plugin
Social Proof Plugins

Key features:

  • You can choose how many reviews you can display
  • Customize your widget easily, even without coding experience
  • Insert star ratings and other elements that prove the identity of previous buyers
  • A long list of testimonial layout
  • More widget style
  • Reliable customer support

4. Constant Contact

Constant Contact
Social Proof Plugins

Constant Contact is a plugin designed to cater to email marketing. It is used to send regular email newsletters to your customers, updating them about your latest products or services. As the number of people subscribed to your email newsletter increases, you can use that number as social proof for your customers. This plugin costs $20 per month.

5. WPfomify

Social Proof Plugins WPfomify
Social Proof Plugins

WPfomify is another great notifications plugin on WordPress and WooCommerce. It allows you to monitor recent sales, signups, and even the traffic you have on your website at any given point. It is designed to be quickly responsive irrespective of the device it is being used on. WPfomify costs about $99 per year and includes all the top features of the plugin.

Key Features – 

  • Customizable theme to make it match your website
  • Can be used to show reviews and create timer countdown bars
  • Integration with several top plugins like ConvertKit, Zapier, and many more

6. Shared Counts-Social Proof Plugins

Shared Counts is a WordPress plugin that allows users to share your content on their social media accounts with one simple click. It also displays your post’s share count on the social networking platform. The higher the number of share counts, the better is the social proof for your new customers.

Social Proof Plugins Shared Counts
Social Proof Plugins

Key Features: 

  • Easy sharing button  for any social media website
  • Integrated with all popular social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest
  • Uses the SharedCount.com API to fetch numbers for your shared counts.

7. Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon offers several plugins to add social media feeds to your website. For example, you can use the Instagram Feeds Pro to display new pictures to the user, or the YouTube Feeds Pro to update your users with the new video reviews. It offers an ‘All Access Bundle’ where you can get all the plugins for $299 per year. If you wish to purchase individual plugins for specific platforms, you can also buy them at $49 per year.

Social Proof Plugins Smash Balloon
Social Proof Plugins

Key Features: 

  • Choose exactly which posts you want to be seen on your website
  • Includes all popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter
  • Comes in a free version for beginners to check out all Smash Balloon plugins.

8. WPForms- Social Proof Plugins

WPForms is another great plugin to collect testimonials for social proof. It is designed in a way that even beginners can use effectively. It lets you create forms where you can collect a survey, reviews, or testimonials. WPForms comes in a free version with limited features. You can also opt for the WPForms Premium version that starts at $39 per year.

Social Proof Plugins WPForms
Social Proof Plugins

Key Features: 

  • Customizable forms to add or remove desired fields
  • Ability to add ratings or upload file  feature in the form
  • Comes with existing templates to make it easier for beginners

9. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is a lead-generation plugin that helps you convert website visitors into email newsletter subscribers. It can be used to create eye-catching popups or other sign-up forms which get displayed on the visitors’ screen. OptinMonster starts at $9 per month which includes limited features. The Premium plan for this plugin costs $29 per month.

Social Proof Plugins OptinMonster
Social Proof Plugins

Key Features: 

  • Comes in a wide range of popups and sign-up forms
  • Customizable templates
  • Timer countdowns to use the FOMO effect
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Option to include yes/no questions, and spin the wheel feature in your popups

10. notification X

Social Proof Plugins NotificationX
Social Proof Plugins

As the name suggests, NotificationX is a WordPress notification plugin, similar to TrustPulse. It displays download counts, comments, reviews, the latest sales, and much more. It is available in a free version that also includes a wide range of features for beginners. However, if you want to reap the full benefits, the pro version starts at just $39 per year!

  • Can be used on specific posts or pages, or multiple pages at once.
  • Comes with an analytics tool to monitor the conversion rate
  • Comes with a timer countdown feature
  • Displays a popup notification to all visitors every time someone comments on a post.

Buddy X

Conclusion of Social Proof Plugins

Social Proofing is a great way to boost conversion rate as people tend to trust other customers more than the seller. With the use of these plugins, you can instantly start to display social proof to your potential customers. All you need to do is choose which plugin suits your website and brand the best, and you are good to go! Have you used these plugins before? Let us know below!

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