A Content Locker comprises a marketing tool that you can employ to grow your subscriber base. Suppose you know to possess some truly nice content on your blog or website that you are certain that your readers will be forced to read. Therefore, with a Content Locker WordPress Plugins, you can display a slight portion of the article, like a teaser, and then induce the reader to subscribe to your portal to obtain complete access. There might even be other actions like sharing or liking the content to get access. So you can also employ a Content locker to grow your online presence.

Generally, the primary philosophy is to select high-value content and ‘lock’ it in order that the readers can only acquire access if they perform specific things you wish them to. Nevertheless, don’t lock entire content on your portal, and particularly not the mediocre one, else your viewers will feel duped and this might cast a bad impression.


Content Locker WordPress Plugins

If you are operating WordPress, then you can employ these plugins to incorporate content locking functionalities in your portal.

1. Content Locker Pro

Content locker Pro
Content Locker WordPress Plugins

Among the finest content locker plugins, this product from My Theme Shop can aid you to obtain more shares and likes for your content. This plugin can raise engagement on your portal to a large extent, which is excellent for the general SEO of your site.

This content locker plugin functions with any WordPress theme, enable you to take advantage of this plugin straight away. If you possess elementary knowledge of SEO, you understand that bounce rate, engagement, and count of social sharing are few of the most vital algorithm parameters, and the whole of them are attended to by this plugin quite efficiently.

With regard to the design, this plugin presents you 16 separate locker design alternatives to pick from, and a sophisticated content locker options panel to calibrate it according to your requirement.

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2. Bloom

Best Content Locker WordPress Plugins
Content Locker WordPress Plugins

Among the finest email opt-in WordPress plugin, Bloom presents you with a content locker option along with few other options to grow your email list.

If you are a subscriber to the ElegantThemes club, you will obtain entry to this plugin with over 87 splendid themes, like Divi theme and also the Monarch social sharing plugin.

Bloom is an extensive plugin that will assist you to raise the number of email members by presenting them simple to use and contemporary interface to become members of your email list.

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3. Opt-In Content Locker

Opt-In Content Locker
Content Locker WordPress Plugins

Opt-In Content Locker is employed for concealing the content by adopting an inline popup and show it to members only. This plugin offers plenty of functionalities such as – versatile and instinctive form builder to create individual opt-in forms, monitor the number of subscriptions, export popup settings from one website and import to a different website.


  • Not necessary to show your vital content until the user deposited his/her e-mail or name.
  • Conceal your content through the help of shortcodes.
  • Permit your users to subscribe with their Google and Facebook accounts.
  • It enables you to utilize over 600 Google Fonts and backs nearly 50 Email marketing providers backing.

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4. WordPress Content Locker

Best Content Locker WordPress Plugins
Content Locker WordPress Plugins

WordPress content locker comprises a feature-filled plugin. It offers shortcodes to conceal your content and employs five separate styles form to unlock the content.

It instantly loads your locked content after the user has shared, liked, deposited mobile code or email code. In reality, it permits you to maintain a record of the mobile and phone numbers so that you can dispatch limitless promotional messages.


  • The content can be unlocked by your users via Email, SMS, or Social media platforms.
  • This plugin can save unrestricted email addresses in the database which can be utilized later for email marketing promotions. It upholds five email marketing supplier support.
  • The admin panel allows you to select the way in which concealed content has to be shown: completely invisible or partially transparent or blurred. Content locker is equipped with an inbuilt, advance analytics tool for tracking the users with locked options.

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5. Locker Cat

Best Content Locker WordPress Plugins
Content Locker WordPress Plugins

It is among the finest free content locker WordPress plugins, besides an effective means to optimize social shares and viral traffic for your site.

This plugin will assist you in concealing text, videos, download links, images from your visitors. To unlock any of your content your users initially need to exchange it on social media such as Facebook share or a Tweet.


  • You can insert [lockercat] My locked content [/lockercat] shortcode anywhere on your WordPress site, like your Pages and Posts.
  • Offers a simple way to unlock your content, as users either have to exchange it on FB or they can tweet it in your twitter account.
  • This plugin is wholly translatable into various languages with the aid of its backup team.
  • In reality, you can conceal or lock the content partially or completely from your readers.

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6. OnePress Social Locker

Content Locker
Content Locker WordPress Plugins

With over 10,000 plus activation and 4.5-star rankings, this plugin is fairly renowned. It offers numerous style forms and effects which you can employ on your portal for showing locks with animation effects.

This plugin will assist you in raising the number of shares, likes, followers and draw greater traffic from social networks. Social Locker enables you to lock anything in your content and instantly unlock it once a visitor has shared your page.


  • You can conveniently configure any URLs which can be employed for sharing by your social lockers.
  • Equipped with advanced analytics tools to monitor which lockers on which pages are mainly unlocked then others.
  • It has 3 strong lock modes via more tag, skip & lock, and CSS selector.
  • This plugin is totally compliant with the Visual Composer, which is finest for non-coders and aids them to personalize the website conveniently.

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7. Content Locker

Content Locker
Content Locker WordPress Plugins

It contains many features that render it a splendid and simple to use plugin. Some features are monitor the performance of every locker, exporting emails with CSV, showing your policies and terms, besides more.

This plugin is combined with Mailerlite and MailChimp to gather the email of visitors conveniently. It upholds Google Plus, Twitter or Facebook. To date, it includes 10K active installations and even now counting.


  • It assists you in gathering emails and different details of users, which you can employ further for promotion and marketing purposes.
  • Your visitors simply have to exchange or login in return for unrestricted access to your content.
  • Content Locker will aid you in speeding up your website since it is a lightweight plugin.
  • This plugin will function with each theme available.

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8. Social Locker For WordPress Plugin

Content Locker WordPress Plugins
Content Locker WordPress Plugins

Social locker WordPress plugin will assist you to lock your most appropriate content within a set of social buttons until the visitor’s tweet, likes, +1 s, your page. It will include systematically viral traffic to your website, your sales page, or opt-in funnel. It offers social buttons for all 7 major social networks within the same interface: Google, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can simply utilize them together or differently for customized results.


  • 4 kinds of locks
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Smart targeting
  • Delayed content
  • Professional themes
  • Attention catching styles and effects
  • Developer friendly
  • Superb customizability
  • SEO friendly
  • Collect names and emails
  • Google Analytics

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9. Content Lockers from MyLead

content Lock
Content Locker WordPress Plugins

MyLead is a global affiliate network that offers an extensive base of affiliate programs that can be promoted with the help of Content Lockes. The network lets you generate up to 4 different types of Content Lockers. They can all work on any kind of device and are easy to install. They are also fully customizable so that you can adjust them to the content you’re publishing and the appearance of your website.

MyLead lets you pick from 4 types of Content Lockers – CPA Locker, File Locker, Captcha Locker and Mobile Rewards. Once you’re registered at the network, you get access to them for free.


  • CPA Locker – it makes your audience perform an activity that you care about, in exchange for receiving the content that they want,

  • Captcha Locker – it appears in the form of a system to verify that the recipient is not a bot,

  • File Locker – it lets you upload a simple widget on your website to block access to the file. Before downloading the file, the recipient has to perform an action from the list,

  • Mobile Rewards – it allows your audience to use the offers and gain points that can be exchanged for prizes that you choose for yourself, for example, bonuses in your mobile game. 


  • fully adjustable,
  • developer friendly,
  • free access,
  • ready-to-use templates,
  • optimized for every device.


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Conclusion of Content Locker WordPress Plugins

These WordPress content locker plugins will perform a major role in the success of your blog by raising your social sharing number, domain authority, and traffic. You will receive the correct return for the investment by developing valuable content for your community and these plugins will present a positive effect on your blog. Grab these stunning content locker plugins for your website!

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