Best Shopify WordPress Plugins In 2024

Shopify WordPress Plugins

Any discussion of an eCommerce website is incomplete without WordPress and Shopify and rightly so. Shopify WordPress Plugins are one of the easiest ways to launch an online store and come with lots of features. From marketing to payments and shipping – everything is handled by them. However, you need a little boost to be able to drive sales and eventually grow your brand. Here is when Shopify plugins come into the picture. 

Shopify is highly favored by businesses for several key reasons. It excels in user-friendliness, offers robust backend support, comes with built-in features, and enables the creation of both B2C and B2B wholesale stores. These capabilities greatly enhance the overall functionality of businesses that choose Shopify as their platform of choice. Further enhancements include responsive and OS2.0 themes or designing your store with Shopify theme and templates software platform. Shopify plugins help in improving customer engagement, thereby driving more sales to your brand. 

Here are some mind-boggling facts that prove why you should build your store with Shopify

  • It is the third biggest eCommerce platform
  • Shopify enjoys a 20% market share. 
  • It is used in about 175 countries.
  • There are more than 800,000 stores powered by the platform. 

There are a lot of plugins out there and it is easy to get overwhelmed by them. Keeping that in mind, in this article, we will guide you through some of the best Shopify WordPress plugins for your brand. Are you ready? Let’s start!

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Top Shopify WordPress Plugins In 2024

1. ThriveDesk


ThriveDesk is a contemporary simple yet affordable customer support software to answer customer questions, engage with website visitors, manage sales with Shopify or WooCommerce, etc. If you are running a WordPress-based small business or an eCommerce platform, a SaaS, and SMB, then ThriveDesk is undoubtedly the best option for any business size. Choosing ThriveDesk will also get you a shared inbox to manage everything from one place, live chat support, knowledge base, reporting, community support, and lots of WordPress integration at an affordable price range.

2. HubSpot CRM

Shopify WordPress Plugins
Shopify WordPress Plugins

If you want a plugin that does everything for you and has some powerful features – look no further. HubSpot CRM is designed to make things easier for you. It organizes, tracks, and nurtures your leads and customers. It syncs your online store data without any hassle and you can personalize the same to suit your marketing techniques. They also send emails to potential customers who have abandoned their carts. It tracks all your interactions with customers and helps you to design strategies accordingly. 

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3. SendinBlue for Shopify

Shopify WordPress Plugins
Shopify WordPress Plugins

Once you have found your leads, you must act on them. One of the ways to do this is with an excellent email marketing tool. The more relevant people you have on your list, the better your chances are. This plugin analyzes email statistics and segments your contacts based on their previous purchases and so on. In short, it brings your marketing and lead strategies in one place to give you maximum benefit. The integration is seamless and we highly recommend this plugin. 

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4. Plug in SEO

Shopify WordPress Plugins
Shopify WordPress Plugins

Plug-in SEO takes care of the traffic that is directed toward your website. It is no surprise that SEO is a key element when it comes to boosting your sales – and this plugin understands that. Shopify stores from all over the world use this plugin. This plugin acts as your SEO assistant and helps you understand your strategies better. It keeps checking your shop and alerts you in case of any issues. The essential elements required in SEO are included in this plugin such as page titles, headings, meta descriptions, and so on. 

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5. Bundle Upsell

app store Plugin
Shopify WordPress Plugins

Upselling is a method where you create different opportunities for customers based on their previous purchases. It enables customers to purchase related products and thereby helps you in making a large sale. It is a commonly used method that has proven to be successful. In short, it encourages your customers to spend more money by purchasing products that will work well with the items in their cart. It also allows the user to create custom bundles for your products with just a few clicks. The plugin Bundle Upsell is designed to boost your sales with powerful techniques. 

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6. Wishlist Plus

Shopify WordPress Plugins
Shopify WordPress Plugins

Having a wishlist option on your eCommerce website is highly required. Did you know that adding a wishlist has proven to improve your sales? It is easy to install, set up, and can be customized without any hassle. The dashboard is smart and provides you with different metrics and reports of activities that take place on wishlists. This information can then be used to alter strategies and increase sales. Wishlist Plus helps you to keep track of products your customers are interested in and thereby helps them purchase those products later on. It enhances the customer experience in a few easy steps.

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7. Socialphotos-Shopify WordPress Plugins

Shopify WordPress Plugins
Shopify WordPress Plugins

Having a strong social media presence is essential in today’s time. Customers want to be able to connect to the brand they purchase from. You can use these plugins to keep your potential users in the loop. Here’s how it works – it complies with your product pictures from popular social networks and creates an album on your website. Socialphotos provides your customers with social proof and they are more likely to purchase from you. Moreover, it’s fully customizable and gives you freedom when it comes to choosing pictures. 

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8. WP Shopify-Shopify WordPress Plugins

Shop Plugin
Shopify WordPress Plugins

WP Shopify is a viral plugin. It allows you to integrate your Shopify account with WordPress. You can easily connect to your Shopify store and sync your products for your website. It also creates a shopping cart on your WordPress. If you are looking for seamless integration, this plugin is ideal for you. What’s more – it lets you customize your website according to your preferences and includes a lot of templates and filters. Design it the way you desire and make the most of this plugin! 

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9.  Drop In Blog

Drop In Blog

The last plug-in on the list is not a WordPress one but an alternative to WordPress blogging features. Although WordPress is probably the best-known blogging platform, there’s a reason why many people nowadays decide to avoid using it when it comes to pairing it with Shopify. One of the main downsides is the cost, which is why we recommend you try Drop In Blog for your store’s blog. 

DropInBlog is the best blogging app that helps you instantly create an SEO-friendly blog for your Shopify store. It is the best alternative if you are considering a third-party provider, WordPress, or Shopify’s built-in blogging feature. It is a cloud-based platform that embeds a blog into your HTML site. In less than a few minutes, you will have a powerful content marketing platform on your Shopify store that will bring many benefits. 

If you want an easy-to-use and embedded SEO-friendly blog for your Shopify store, then DropInBlog is the answer. Convert your visitors to customers more efficiently and increase your revenue from SEO efforts. 

10. PH Multi-Carrier Shipping Label App

PH Multi-Carrier Shipping Label App

The Shopify PH Multi-Carrier Shipping Label app automates all your shipping tasks by displaying exact shipping prices at checkout, printing shipping labels with a single click, requesting carrier pickups, and tracking orders in real-time within your Shopify store. The app is the best if you want to save time and cost. As the name implies, the app supports and is certified by all major carriers: UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, Stamps, Aramex, Blue Dart, Australia Post, Canada Post, Purolator, and more enabling you to ship globally. This app saves you from juggling multiple shipping solutions letting you select your preferred shipping services to ship to all domestic and international destinations.

Shopify Product Reviews

The Shopify Product Reviews app is a free plugin that enables customers to write reviews about products on Shopify stores. It allows merchants to collect and display reviews on their product pages, which can help build trust and credibility with potential customers.

The Shopify Product Reviews app is a powerful tool for merchants who want to collect and display customer reviews on their websites. By providing a platform for customer feedback, merchants can build trust with potential customers and improve their website’s search engine rankings.

Final Thoughts on Shopify WordPress Plugins

StoreMate WC Vendor

In conclusion, merging WordPress and Shopify with the help of b2b eCommerce consultants is the best thing you can do for your business. Manage your sales and make the shopping experience unforgettable for your customers with these special plugins. We hope that after reading this article, you can get a better idea as to which plugin suits your brand the best. So, what are you waiting for? Install these plugins and take maximum advantage with the assistance of b2b eCommerce consultants! We wish you all the best!

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