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Capturing place in the Google Answer Box is one of an important factor to increase clicks and traffic to your business site. As we all know How effective to get ranked in Google or any search engines. But the question arises, How can you do that? For, this, first you recognize your places to get an online presence. If you are a blogger and content writer, I know, you definitely want your articles to appear in Google answer boxes. But how. right? In this article, I will explain how to appear in Google Answer Boxes for WordPress users and what exactly the Google Answer Box is?


Google Answer Box

Google Answer Box

Answer boxes are simply the Google’s push to answer questions directly on the search results page. It is an algorithm that tries to answer user’s questions right on the search page. It gathered information from various sources and this algorithm decides which results should be displayed inside an answer box. Google Answer Box is displayed on the left above of the Google search page. It is one of Google’s SERP features. It holds the prime purpose to show the result in the first page in a box for higher ranking.


How Information Displays in the Google Answer Box?

The aim of the Google Answer Boxes is to offer a pleasure to the users to instantly get the best and satisfactory result. When users want to search for the instant information mainly for the public figures, distances, conversion rates, scores, and many more. If users got the satisfaction through the Answer Box then, in that case, they can move on and search for something else. Still, as different people have a different choice of selection, so not all the users are looking for information that Google’s knowledge graph can provide with complete accuracy and in an organic way.


Ways To Be Appear in Google Answer Box

There is the good number of best ways you must go with so that you can easily appear in Google Answer Box by just improving your content, focus on Meta description and most important improves SEO practices. Let’s check out the ways below.


Meta Description Optimization

A meta description is a brief description that explains what your web page is all about. It is added to the <head> section of your site’s HTML. You can use WordPress SEO plugin like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO plugin to add meta description to your articles by using. You must make sure that your meta description includes your target keyword. It also needs to explain what questions or topics this particular page will be answering.


Follow SEO Best Practices

Just apart from answering the user questions, you also need to make sure that Google can find your page and understand it just as easily. This means you still need to optimize your posts for SEO just like you would normally do. Include your keywords in SEO title, description, and keywords.

To make the best SEO practices, you must focus on the things
Focus keyword should be added to the content.
Properly utilize categories and tags.
Make sure there is enough content to cover the topic.
Must add the internal linking to your posts.
Add title and alt tags to your images.


Content Contains Short, Accurate and Helpful Answers

The purpose of Answer Boxes is to provide quick answers. Make sure that your article answers the question as early in the article as possible. It also helps to include your keywords in the form of a question followed by the short answer. After that, feel free to add as much detail to your answer as you want. Adding more information will allow you to use the keyword throughout the article, and you can even use the same article to answer other questions your users may have about the same topic.


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Wrapping Words!

Here, I am giving my final words to this article. I have covered most of the important aspects to get the place in Google Answer Box in an easy way. Hope you like this article, and it solves the purpose of your reading. If you have any suggestion on it, you can write your point in the comment box below.

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