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Reign has a new add-on. Expanding its support to the WCFM marketplace plugin. Yayyyy! We are so excited to announce that Reign Theme now works with the WCFM marketplace. The creation of the best marketplace and multivendor eCommerce solution is now possible. Great for startups, mid-sized businesses, or a company looking to expand its functional eCommerce website. The addon comes with tons of great features, such as a responsive page layout, unlimited color options, frontend drag & drop, header styles and so much more.

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Reign WCFM Marketplace plugin features

1. Store Listing Layout

Store Listing Layout

Make sure that your website stands miles ahead of its competitors. Let your customers search stores on the basis of category, location, distance, and ratings. And the results of the search can be sorted on the basis of store age, ratings, and alphabetical order in both ascending and descending order. Now isn’t that convenient?

While your customer sorts between stores. Each store is displayed in a card view. These cards contain the name, contact information of the store, an option to send in an inquiry, and the rating of the store.

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2. Single Store Layout

Single Store Layout

After your customer paves his way to a store of his liking. He will come to the Reign special single-store layout. A unique page filled with information with a listing of all products offered by the store owner/ vendor, and filters for refining the results. 

The product cards contain the price and photograph of the product. While the list of products can be sorted between popularity, average rating, latest, and price (low to high & high to low)

3. Product Page Layout

Single Store Layout- marketplace plugin
marketplace plugin

This is the page that matters the most because it will decide whether a sale is made or not. Hence, we made sure that it is bundled with information and oozing class. Just what your customer would like to see.

The product page contains a description section, a related products section, store owner detail, a widget to select the quantity of product, add to cart option, and tabs for reviews, terms& conditions, and inquiries. The product image is zoomable and hence can be used to inspect the product virtually by the customer.

4. Vendor Dashboard Layout- WCFM Marketplace

Vendor Dashboard Layout- marketplace plugin
marketplace plugin

We couldn’t help but make an aesthetically appealing vendor dashboard. After all, if your vendors don’t find your website easy to use. You won’t have a marketplace to sell. The page has so much to offer from sales report graphs to total gross sales records. Reign makes sure that your vendors are happily crunching the numbers that they like. While the Reign WCFM marketplace plugin handles all these calculations. 

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5. Shop Page Layout

Shop Page Layout- marketplace plugin
marketplace plugin

Keeping in line with our promise of an exquisite design. We made the shop page minimalist yet powerful. The shop page lists products in a card format which consists of product images, information, and a product rating. These product cards can also be sorted in various ways to deliver the desired results on the page.

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Conclusion of WCFM Marketplace

We at Wbcom Design are working tirelessly hard to make sure that we stay true to what we set out to achieve with The Reign Theme which is to provide One Solution for All your Business Needs. Regardless of what the business is about or which stage it is on. We are still working on improvements, so feel free to contact us with any suggestion or feature which you would like to see next on Reign.

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