How to Prepare Your Team For Social Selling

Social Selling

Digital selling is the new future as people are now moving online to purchase any product or service. Now companies need to be present on every digital platform to connect with their prospects, especially social media. A successful business should have a professional sales team with an effective social selling strategy. It is because people are most active on social media. So, your cold outreach won’t help you a lot. 

Various companies are now using social media platforms for marketing their goods. Instagram, Facebook, and Lindin are pretty famous. But your sales team must have insight knowledge on how to drive sales through these platforms. The article is here to help you on how to prepare your sales team for social selling. 

What Is Social Selling?

Social selling is where a sales team uses social media to assist prospects throughout the buying-selling process. It comprises sharing content, responds to comments, and providing valuable information to your customers. Well, do not get confused with social selling and social media marketing

It is the new sales model that has overtaken the concept of cold calling and other methods. Social selling helps your company reach new prospects by educating and providing communicate content regarding your product and services. 

Social Selling Training For A Sales Team

With billions of people on the internet, a sales team needs to have proper training before connecting to prospects. As most of the platforms are free to access, you must train your sales team and representatives. Training your team will help you in the following ways:

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  • Boosts web traffic, organically 
  • Drives sales
  • Offer quality leads
  • Builds brand image
  • Increases reach and engagement over social media platforms
  • Builds Authentic Relationships

Overall, social selling practices ease the sales process. But the question is how to ready your sales executives and team for social selling? Comprehend the below-given points and take your team to the next level. 

Training For Your Sales Team

Sales Team

1 – Ask Them To Have A Good Social Media Presence 

A sales team must remain active on different social media platforms. People prefer profiles with recent posts. So, to interact and engage them, your team must regularly post, reply to comments and answer people’s queries. Each representative must have an individual profile with high-quality content. People only interact with profiles that provide them valuable information and help them during purchases. 

Representatives must follow and idolize some big brands’ profiles for better understanding. They must consistently keep on scrolling social media and create some insightful content for the prospects. 

2 – Clarify Individual Roles

In a team, every member must better understand his/her role. They must be aware of their tasks, contribution, and goals. From team leader to sales manager to a representative, you must clear them their work. Start from the team leader as they are the key player of your sales team. Probably a sales leader guides his/her team on how, where, and who to sell. 

For better results, mark up their weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks and objectives. Hopefully, after being clear on their roles, they will provide you and your company with good results. 

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3 – Educate Them On Three Cs Of Social Selling

Industry experts and professionals have formulated three Cs of social selling. Your team must understand and apply these three components while framing an effective social selling strategy. 


Each of your sales representatives should share valuable and relevant content across social media. The shared content may be in the form of ebooks, images, blogs/articles, videos, infographics, etc. 


Representatives’ profiles should have clear context and disclaimer on their social media profiles. They should clearly mention themselves with their roles. It makes it easy for people to identify them. Moreover, it helps them in building an authentic relationship with people across social media. 


Your representative should always be ready to communicate and collaborate with different people. They should inform as many people as about your company to build a brand image. 

4 – Right Tools For Social Selling

Social tools

As it is social selling, you and your team should know the right tool for it. A dedicated social media tool or platform helps representatives in connecting with prospects throughout their purchasing.

Most of the B2B social selling prefer LinkedIn. However, you can also use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for audience engagement. Try a third-party tool such as TweetDeck or HootSuite for managing and optimizing your social media. 

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5 – Social Profiles Optimization 

For social selling, all your reps need to optimize their social profiles. They must fill inconsistent and relevant information regarding themselves and your business. Each profile must have a link to your company website. It should also contain a short description of your company with the registered address and contact information. Also include some of the photos and pictures that describe and highlight your brand. 

Things to optimize:

Profile/display Picture

An executive should use a professional image. Avoid blur images and also one with groups. Do not use any object and try to look friendly.


Use a few keywords that represent your brand, company, and products. A short and catchy headline would be perfect for customer engagement


A bio is where you write something about yourself. But in the case of social selling, do not highlight your accomplishment. Try to mention things like how you can help people through your work. 


Always link your company profile page and website in your profile. 

6 – New Connections

Social connection

Social media is all about connecting to new people. Always leverage your team to connect with new contacts. As most accounts are public, it is easy to communicate with people on a large scale. Search for people using keywords and hashtags. Get yourself approved in groups related to your niche and comment on the post for better reach. Post some quality content for audience engagement and interactions. Connect with people who have liked, commented, or shared your post. Also, add people to your connection who have visited your profile. 

7 – Look For Customer Journey

Social selling lets you engage with prospects throughout their buying journey. From researching a product to making payment, your representatives must assist customers at their best. Tools like BuzzSumo and HootSuite can help you in determining a customer’s buying journey. Knowing your customer journey helps reps in connecting and guiding customers at the best time. Just ask your salespeople to pay attention to customer needs and contact them to buy your product and services. 

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Social selling Learndash

Now, it’s time to train your sales team for effective social selling. Encourage and motivate your team to boost your sales and traffic. Keep on training them with trending techniques and tools as it will help you in long-term success. 

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