WordPress Plugins for Displaying Data

Data makes the world go round, right? Visualizing it in creative ways makes it more interesting and engaging, which is necessary because, typically, no one really likes reading through numeric data. Whether you’re looking to display your sales data or other metrics, one of these WordPress Plugins for Displaying Data might just be the answer to your problem.

WordPress plugins can provide additional functionality and features to your website, but it’s not always easy to figure out which plugins are the best for your unique situation.

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Best WordPress Plugins for Displaying Data

That’s why we have put together this list of the best WordPress plugins for displaying data so you can easily find the one that works best for you!

1. WPForms

WPForms- Plugins for Displaying Data
Plugins for Displaying Data

Are you looking to make your survey and poll data more engaging? You can easily do it with this plugin. If you use forms to gather data, it lets you convert them into surveys with a few clicks. You can also create various charts and graphs. The plugin also creates PDFs and JPG pictures if you want to download the visuals.

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2. Graphina- Plugins for Displaying Data

The Elementor platform has become a huge favorite because of its drag-and-drop style of creating beautiful WordPress sites. Graphina is part of the Elementor family, giving you the capability to work with numerous chart and graph variations.

Graphina brings flexibility. These tables are excellent for storing any data. For example, if you wanted to showcase the top golf pro salaries for golfing fanatics to find, then you can do so without it looking messy. It will adapt your data visualization seamlessly into all WordPress themes that can work with Elementor.

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3. TablePress

TablePress- Plugins for Displaying Data
Plugins for Displaying Data

Tables are king when visualizing data, and if you need a flexible, free way to do it, TablePress can be very helpful. If you work with only a few data pieces, you may overlook table management when you use favorites like Excel and Google Spreadsheets. TablePress, however, can take on more significant content projects.

You can share your tables in posts, content pages, and widget areas using shortcodes. It has several interesting features, including custom content (text, visual, number, HTML, JavaScript), Excel formulas, row highlighting, import via traditional methods or external servers, etc.

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4. Visualizer- Plugins for Displaying Data


One of the best ways to make your data more interesting is to make it interactive. Visualizer allows the creation of interactive charts and tables. It is good for long tables because you can paginate them for easier navigation.
This plugin comes in free and premium versions. Fortunately, the free version will suffice if you are working on a small project. You can create different kinds of charts, including bubble charts, scatter charts, geo charts, pie charts, area charts, and table charts. The paid version gives you email support.

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5. Data Tables Generator

Data Tables Generator- Plugins for Displaying Data
Plugins for Displaying Data

This plugin is suitable for creating simple and elegant-looking tables within seconds. All you need to do is install the plugin, input your column headers and field names, customize the table style with one of their predefined styles or create your own custom style and you’re ready to generate a table.

It piggybacks on Google Charts to create responsive charts. It has a strong advantage in allowing the importation of data from PDF documents in addition to Excel, Google Charts, and CSV files. Another strong forte is that it integrates well with WooCommerce, so you can easily use it for an online store.

You can have very good data, but you must present it in an easily consumable way. If you are putting it on your website, you must do it in a format that grabs your visitors’ attention. Since not everyone knows how to code, WordPress plugins are an easy option, and they will also boost engagement as people spend more time on your site looking at the visuals than reading text. Pick one of these plugins and see your traffic grow.

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Conclusion of Plugins for Displaying Data

If you’re going to be using data sets and tables in your WordPress posts, then the options we have listed above are probably your best options. However, there are more out there that you could be a better fit for your theme and your data type. For example, if you want to share your data in the form of a pie chart, using TablePress wouldn’t be the right choice, etc.

Plugins will also have a further effect on how well your site runs. Plugins can have some effect on your site speed. If you are using a very good, pricey hosting service, then this probably won’t be an issue but for the cheaper options made for beginners and new sites, you can notice a difference in site speed from plugins. Research which plugins are best for your hosting service and site speed.

You may not even need plugins; if you can come up with your own code or perhaps find third-party coding that will create the data style you need for your posts, then you can do that. This can be difficult long term though if you plan on going into the code and editing the data at a later date.

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