LMS as a Recruiting Tool

Learning Management Systems (LMS) has become a great way to train employees through an online medium without wasting a lot of time and money in the process. Most modern organizations have adapted the use of LMS in their employee training programs. But did you know that LMS can also be used as a recruiting tool for your company? Yes, you read it right. In today’s world, LMS is a lot more than just a learning and development portal. In this article, we show you how you can leverage the use of LMS in your organization in the recruitment process.

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LMS as a Recruiting Tool

Let us first understand what today’s employees want from their jobs. Understanding their needs and expectations can be of great use in the recruitment process.

What do your employees want LMS as a Recruiting Tool? 

Any employee that joins your organization has some basic expectations from their job. They want to do something that makes them feel good about themselves and their job. They want to be impactful in their role. Every employee has some goals that he wants to achieve, and improve their knowledge and skills in the process. This is exactly what an LMS provides: achieving their goals, and improving their knowledge and professional skills. If you have an LMS that gives the employees what they seek, why not flaunt it in the recruitment process?

Candidates want to do meaningful work in your company, something that also helps them develop professionally. Statistically, about 76% of employees view professional development as the most important factor while joining an organization. About 40% of employees who do not see an opportunity for professional development leave their jobs within the first year of their recruitment. Your LMS offers the very same things that any talented professional wants from their jobs. To get great employees, you have to prove you can meet their needs and help them develop professionally.

LMS as a Recruiting Tool

Using LMS during the Recruitment Phase: 

Now that we have understood what the employees want from your organization, let us see how can flaunt your LMS in the recruitment process:

1. Employer Branding:

Employer branding plays a very important role in the recruitment process. Getting potential employees attracted to your organization by employer branding gives you a push in the recruitment process. Look for ways in which you can include your LMS and the development opportunities it provides in your employee branding materials. You can post media like pictures and videos of your employees using LMS on various social media like Instagram or Facebook, and your company’s official website. You can also record an interview with an employee who has professionally grown in the company. Have them take you through their journey of success and the use of LMS in the process. Add a description along with the media stating how LMS helps employees pursue their personal and professional goals.

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2. Pre-Employment Tests:

You can also make use of your LMS in the pre-employment tests. This may range from knowledge skills, personality tests, or any other skills you want to test your candidates in before their official interview. Using LMS for pre-employment tests also gives the candidates a chance to see your LMS in action, and understand how things work in your company. Not to mention, it saves the company a lot of time and resources as compared to other testing methods. You can send the potential candidates to your portal to complete the tests just before their interview round. This also gives you a good reason to bring up LMS in the personal interview.

Pre-Employment Tests:
LMS as a Recruiting Tool

3. Interviews:

When a candidate passes the pre-employment tests and makes it to the interview round, be sure to reserve a part of the conversation for asking what the candidate’s goals and career aspirations are. Ask them about their professional development strategy and the skills they would like to acquire. This gives you a wonderful reason to bring up LMS during the interview. Show them how they can achieve their goals in your company and how helpful your LMS will be in that process. You can also use the interviews of existing employees, where they share their success story, and the impact LMS has had in their professional development process. Explain the programs, resources, and support your company can offer to help them grow professionally.


To conclude: 

The professional growth and development of any employee will benefit the productivity of the company in the long run. Giving the employees the feeling of competitiveness and excitement in the process of learning new things and developing skills is the key to recruitment. If you can convince the potential employees that you are the right company for them, the recruitment process can become far easier than it has to be. You can attract the best candidates interviewing for the job by proving that you can help them achieve their goals, and improve their skills, of course, with the help of the LMS that your company uses. Along with all the training and development features that your LMS offers, it can also be used as an effective recruitment tool for your company by using the above-mentioned methods.

We hope this article has been helpful to you. Thank you for reading and all the best! 

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