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Are you looking for maximizing your website Email List? Great! You are at the right place right now. In this article, I will share with you How to grow your website email list through Lightbox Popups. Do you have any idea, What are the Lightbox Popups? Simply, these are some of the most effective ways to convert your website, visitors, into email subscribers and customers.

As regular users or visitors of various websites, we already know, why millions of web pages collect email lists and subscribers lists? As we all know, the goal of any business is to increase its sale and profit. For, this, first you need to have a great audience list, that might be converting as your future customers. The higher the visitors and subscriptions list, the higher will be the opportunity for sales.

Let’s know the brief introduction about the Lightbox Popups-A lightbox popup is a web form that you can see on top of the webpage. When it appears, the webpage is darkened in the background, so that the form gives its proper look and is able to attract the viewer. These are used for capturing email addresses and subscription lists. At some places, these are also displayed with the purpose of the call to action such as, “Like us on Facebook” or “Use this coupon code” etc.

Check Out The Reasons Lightbox Popups Grow Email List

There are plenty of reasons why lightbox popups collect more emails at your website. However, if your website is not using the lightbox popup, then it’s time to get them installed to grow your business email list. If not, trust me, you are missing thousands of email subscribers and sales opportunities. Let’s find the reasons below.

Clear Call to Action View

Lightbox Popups
Lightbox Popups Grow Email List

Lightbox popups have only one, clear call to action in view on the page as it removes all other distractions. As the lightbox popup comes into action, the rest of the screen becomes darker, this lets the user’s eye automatically goes to read your message and view the email signup form. This makes it clear what the user should do next. Removing other distractions is important because having more choices is proven to have a negative effect on your conversions. In fact, the more options you give people, the less likely they are to take action. And even if they do ultimately decide to take action, they will be less happy with that decision than if you had only given them one choice.

Eye-Catching Power

Lightbox Popups

When lightbox popups appear on your page, you can not help but notice them. In fact, they are impossible to ignore. Visitors are required to focus on your call to action for at least the brief moment that it takes to either opt into your email list or press the “X” button to cancel and exit the lightbox. However, this is also the reason that popups work really well to increase your email subscribers which might give the high leads. There are ways by which you can make popups less “annoying” or intrusive. In fact, they do not need to disturb your visitors at all, because you can use them to enhance the user experience.

Start With The Right Moment

Lightbox Popups

How to pick the right moment? What should be the right time to appear Popups. For example, If you are using OptinMonster, you can control precisely when your lightbox popup will appear, to make sure that this is happening at the right time. You have to decide which could be the right moment for popups’ appearance so that your visitors would not get annoyed and irritated. Set for the right time gives you pretty well results. Most people who visit your site are already there with the intent to buy, and they are really happy to get a discount.

Interest-Based Offer Displayed

Lightbox Popups

If you are using Optin Monster Lightbox popup plugin, you have the opportunity to increase your conversions by displaying a lightbox popup based on interest. What would be the best offer for any given user browsing your site? If they are browsing for some educational tutorials, you could show them a course-related offer. Similarly, you can show them the offer through popup whatever be the requirement and browsing history says of the visitor.

Personalized for Specific Visitors

Lightbox Popups

OptinMonster also allows you to display lightbox popups only to specific visitors. So that you can personalize your offers for specific visitors only. Show your popup to visitors coming from a specific ad campaign. You know a lot about the people you target your ads to, so use that information when writing your popup copy. You could display popups to people visiting from a specific referrer, such as a popular publication that you have just been featured in. For that, you can address those visitors by name and further increase your conversions.

Capture Abandoning Visitors

Lightbox Popups

Did you know most of the visitors will never come back again? So, for that case, what are your marketing efforts to keep them stay on your website. If the visitors only come just for once and do no money-making activity for your website, then we can say you are wasting your time and money. However, lightbox popups triggered on exit-intent give those abandoning visitors one last chance to opt-in. Through Lightbox popups you gain the chance to convert your visitors into email subscribers and customers soon after.

Wrapping Words!

Here, I am now wrapping up my words. I have mentioned above the reasons and ways How important Lightbox popups is? How we are able to grow mail lists through popups. Here, I would like to recommend some Lightbox plugins you can use: FooBox, Nivo Slider, Simple Lightbox, WP Featherlight, Easy FancyBox. I Hope, you have read the full article and it has solved your purpose of reading. If you have any suggestions, you can leave your comment below.

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