Best LearnDash Membership Plugins Of 2024

LearnDash Membership Plugins

LearnDash Membership Plugins is the most popular WordPress plugin to let you create eLearning websites of your own. With the help of this plugin, you can create and sell courses as well as easily manage them from your website only. 

When it comes to creating an eLearning website where you sell courses, one of the most essential requirements of such websites is to give members access to your instructors and students. This is where membership plugins come to play. However, when it comes to choosing the right membership plugin, not all of them are compatible with LearnDash. Therefore, today we will you about some of the best WordPress LearnDash Membership Plugins that you can use to create membership levels on your eLearning website. 

WordPress LearnDash Membership Plugins 2022

1. LearnDash for Ultimate Member

Best LearnDash Membership Plugins
LearnDash Membership Plugins

Ultimate Member is a feature-full user profile and membership plugin for WordPress offering a wide range of features such as member directories, user profiles user role editing, content restriction, user login, registration, and more. 

LearnDash for the ultimate member is a dedicated plugin for LearnDash that adds the ability to list the courses of users under their profiles.

It also offers many membership features such as:

  • Posting complete courses to activity wall
  • Adds users courses to profile
  • Customize tab labels
  • Post Started Courses to Activity Wall
  • Post Completed Lessons to Activity Wall

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2. Memberful WordPress Plugin

Best LearnDash Membership Plugins
LearnDash Membership Plugins

Memberful WP is another reliable and functional membership plugin for WordPress that lets you integrate your site with the Memberful platform. This platform is super easy to work with and allows you to sell memberships to your audience.

Few Features of this plugin include:

  • Automatic syncing of members and their information. 
  • Bulk Restrict Access Tool
  • Advanced Role Mapping
  • Private RSS Feed and more. 

When it comes to integrating this service with your e-learning website, this plugin provides inbuilt support for the LearnDash plugin. All you need to do is install the plugin on your website and start protecting your course for members only. 

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3. Memberium

Membership Plugins
Membership Plugins

Memberium is a risk-free, fully automated membership plugin that is strongly integrated with Keap/Infusionsoft. It doesn’t require any custom coding or costly developers, and it’s backed up by an award-winning team for constant support.

LearnDash, LifterLMS, Sensei, WP Courseware, and LearnPress are among the LMS plugins that come pre-installed in Memberium, allowing you to create online courses to teach people about your areas of expertise without the need to integrate LearnDash, LifterLMS, Sensei, WP Courseware, and LearnPress.

Whether you’re an author, a course creator, provide internal training, or run a service business, the plugin allows the administrator to grant access to restricted information to an unlimited number of students, members, or others, create and sell as many courses as you want, and create an unlimited number of membership levels.

Memberium can be used to onboard new clients, collect data that is sent directly to Keap, set up a billing portal, and allow clients to upload files to Keap. Memberium can also be used to train your team or employees on an internal basis, as well as distribute your books and prohibit individuals from sharing download links.

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4. iMember 360

iMember 360
LearnDash Membership Plugins

iMember360 is an infusionsoft Membership plugin that offers you many advanced features to create a membership site with WordPress. This plugin is super easy to use, totally secure, and well-integrated with LMS like LearnDash. 

iMembers 360 is said to offer more than 400 features and integrations with many awesome services as well. 

Some of its useful features include:

  • Member Creation
  • Content Protection
  • Drip Feeding
  • Video Protection
  • Membership Site Orders And One Click Upsells and a lot more. 

With its LearnDash integration, you can create fully functional e-learning membership portals with many advanced features.

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5. Paid Memberships Pro LearnDash Integration

paid membership pro
LearnDash Membership Plugins

Paid Membership Pro is one of the most popular WordPress membership plugins that let you protect your content for your members only. Apart from this, the PM Pro LearnDah Integration lets you connect your courses to memberships that you set up in the pro plugin. 

This integration is recommended by LearnDash itself and works flawlessly with your LMS. 

A few of the features of this plugin include:

  • Creating Membership Levels
  • Assigning courses to different levels
  • Offer coupons or discount codes for courses
  • Sell courses in a bundle
  • Sell Access to courses as an ongoing subscription

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6. Restrict Content Pro LearnDash Integration

Content pro
LearnDash Membership Plugins

Restrict Content Pro is a powerful membership solution that lets you restrict content to your valued members along with many advanced features. 

These features include:

  • Customer Dashboard
  • Membership Levels
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Built-In Integrations
  • Membership management
  • Discount codes and more. 

Moreover, the LearnDash Restrict Content Pro integration lets you provide membership access to your courses and many more course-related features. Your students are auto-enrolled into courses after signing up for membership.

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7. LearnDash MemberPress Integration

Best LearnDash Membership Plugins
LearnDash Membership Plugins

Memberpress is a premium and easy-to-use membership plugin that will help you create a membership website with multiple features like memberships, grouping, coupons, reminders, reports, and more. 

The LearnDash member press integration lets you create membership levels in MemberPress and associate the access levels to LearnDash courses. 

Features of this LearnDash add-on include:

  • Associate membership levels to courses
  • Automatic removal upon membership cancellation
  • Create trial membership levels with various payment gateways

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Woo Sell Service

All these LearnDash Membership plugins are fully compatible with LearnDash and offer many advanced features that can be used to create an easy-to-use and powerful membership website with LearnDash. You can download any of these plugins and create courses specific to members only on your e-learning website. 

We hope you found this article informative. If you have any suggestions for us, let us know in the comments below.

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