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LearnDash, as we all know, is by far one of the best WordPress Learning Management System plugins. This plugin provides an amazing and interactive way to create an e-learning website with WordPress. LearnDash has introduced some great enhancements in its upcoming update with the main goal to improve the user experience.

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Let’s look at what are these enhancements and bonuses that LearnDash is offering this time to its users.

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Update Your Old Version of LearnDash with the Latest Version LearnDash 3.0

Updating the old version of the LearnDash LMS WordPress Plugin is really very easy. Just a few clicks and all set!

If you’re already using LearnDash LMS, you can update it by heading over to the settings tab under LearnDash LMS. Just follow these few steps:

Step 1: log into your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 2: Head over to the LearnDash LMS settings tab

LearnDash settings

Step 3: Navigate to the “Activate Template” option and select the new version LearnDash 3.0

LearnDash 3.0

What’s new in LearnDash 3.0 (LD3)

LD3, i.e., LearnDash 3.0, has come up with some exciting features that provide your prospective learners with a new learning experience. You can create and sell your courses on your eLearning website having an interactive and intuitive design.

Let’s scuttle forward to what’s new in LearnDash 3.0

1. Easy Login and Registration Process

Anyone can get started with the course without any complex registration process. When your learners select the desired course, they can log in or register directly from there with an easy login and course registration process.

2. Experience the new Course Builder Options

The new updates in LearnDash provide you with some exciting course builder functionalities.

Let’s roll onto each of them one by one.

a.) Drag and Drop Feature in Course Builder

learndash course builder

Organizing and managing courses including all the lessons, sections, topics, and quizzes have now become more convenient. With the latest LearnDash Updates, you’ll find drag and drop option that allows you to rearrange the order of lessons, topics, and quizzes as per the course requirement.

b.) Add New Lessons with the Drag and Drop Option

add new lesson learndash

Create your Lessons in LearnDash LMS and manage them using a simple drag-and-drop feature. Head over to the course builder and drag the lessons from the document section lies on the right-hand side. It will surely simplify your course creation process.

c.) Add New Section to Your Online Courses

LearnDash Add New Section

If you would like to add a new section to your previously created courses, no need to struggle with any complex process. Just select the course and head over to the course builder option. Click on the “New Section Heading” and add some text over here. Then, click “Add Section Heading”.

Isn’t it simple?

d.) Add New Topic to Your Online Courses

learndash course builder, add new topic in learndash

Apart from adding a new section to your courses, you can also add a new topic easily. Just select the course and head over to the course builder option. Scroll down to the lesson where you would like to add a new topic. Click on the drop-down menu and hit the “New Topic” option. Add the Text and click on “Add Topic”

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3. Design and Content Elements

Design and Content Elements

The Design and Content Elements in LearnDash 3.0 includes a lot of features that make generate interest among your learners to grab knowledge from your eLearning site.

You can change the display of accent color, progress color, notification, and warnings color. Even you can enable the focus mode to provide your learners with a distraction-free course experience. Besides, you can upload your Logo from here.

4. Explore Quiz Builder in LearnDash

quiz builder

Experience the new quiz builder options from LearnDash 3.0

You can drag and drop your previously made quizzes easily to your courses with the drag-and-drop feature. Create quizzes directly from the course builder option.

Besides, you can also edit your question type easily from the drop-down menu given beside the quiz.

5. Focus Mode


Focus Mode allows your learners to learn from your online courses without getting distracted by the other elements on your site.

It’ll ultimately keep them engaged with your courses.

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Recall Other Features Of LearnDash

1. Pagination of Lessons, Widgets, and Profile.



This is actually mind-blowing. This feature not only enhances user experience but also makes your lessons look cleaner.

Like, if you have micro-content and you end up with many lessons. Currently, all these lessons display on the course page or in the Course Navigation widget. If you have 50 lessons, they all get displayed. That makes your content look buggy and gathered on one page.

But, this feature comes to your rescue.

If you have a course with 50 lessons then you can use the pagination feature so that only a certain number of lessons display at a time, resulting in a cleaner and more user-friendly experience for your learners. Isn’t it interesting? and even easy too.

Whatever number of lessons you decide to display for the course content, they will also apply to the Course Navigation widget so that it too will show a condensed lesson list.

Taking it one step further, not only this they added this pagination component to the LearnDash Profile as well. This is particularly useful if your learners are enrolled in a lot of courses. Very helpful.

LearnDash always comes up with a unique and amazing feature. But this is not it. Let us check out what else the new LearnDash is carrying.

2. Single Click Add-On Access & Updates

LearnDash Addons

LearnDash has a large variety of free add-ons available. They offer great functionality and always improve your website.

While these add-ons offer a lot of flexibility. The best thing is they developed Add-Ons management dashboard. This can be accessed from the LearnDash menu options.

On this page, you will have a consolidated interface for all of the free integrations. They also made it possible to quickly locate free 3rd party LearnDash plugins that you can easily get from WordPress.org.

If you need to connect to WooCommerce then you just need to go to the add-ons page, click install, and activate. Everything you need is literally just a click away!

The add-ons menu becomes available as soon as you enter valid license credentials in your settings.

3. Bonus Revealed

Restrict Content

LearnDash has all the new integration with the popular Restrict Content Pro (RCP) membership plugin!

So, if you are using RCP for managing your membership, this is the time just install LearnDash and use the new add-ons page to add free integration. Once activated you will be able to map LearnDash courses to various membership levels for your users!

4. Translation Settings got simplified 

LearnDash Translations

LearnDash also comes up with all news changes in language. LearnDash serves hundreds of countries and dozens of languages all over the world. They modified all the languages and made it easier for customers. They include a number of user-donated translations, the aim is to make it easier for you to modify these files, or even add your own.

Under LEARNDASH LMS > SETTINGS, you will now find a Translations tab. Here you can quickly access the language files.

With the help of Poedit and Loco Translate Plugin which are the most popular program, you can easily modify or add a translation

How did you find it?

I just love the LearnDash Enhancements and yeah bonus integration, and the language simplified. With LearnDash 3.0 version you can get these unique and cool features. These enhancements will take your learnDash site to the next level. So, what are you waiting for update your LearnDash now.

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