sell courses via PayPal, LearnDash and PayPal Integration

Simplify your course selling process with LearnDash. No need to struggle with any sort of hassles, just a simple Payment acceptance with PayPal.

LearnDash, the #1 WordPress LMS Plugin, provides built-in support for PayPal to accept payments online. Hence, there is no need to integrate your WordPress LMS website with additional payment gateway plugins or add-ons.

Just configure the required settings and you’re all set to sell your courses online!

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How PayPal Helps?

No matter where you are, PayPal account helps you check out safer, easier, and faster. The best part is that you can shop or sell with just one account globally. Even getting started with PayPal is very simple. Just sign up with your email Id, fill out your contact details, verify and link your credit or debit card.

LearnDash and PayPal

You need to make your course purchasing process as simple and safe as possible for your learners. This allows them to stay tuned with your course selling website.

How to sell courses online via PayPal using LearnDash 3.0

Integrating PayPal account with LearnDash is very easy and you can do it within minutes. Let’s get to know how to do it:

  1. Navigate to the LearnDash LMS settings tab.
  2. Click on the PayPal settings
  3. Fill out all the details properly.

Paypal Details

Following details need to be filled up while integrating your PayPal account with learnDash LMS:

Paypal settings

1. PayPal Email

In order to connect your PayPal account to your online course selling website, you’ll need to enter your PayPal email here.

2. PayPal Currency

Here you need to enter the currency code for transactions. As per the PayPal Currency Codes Documentation, PayPal allows merchants to accept payments in a variety of currencies for the buyer’s and merchant’s convenience.

Some common currency codes are:

  • USD for United States Dollar
  • CAD for Canadian Dollar
  • AUD for Australian Dollar

3. PayPal Country

Here you need to add your country code. I’ll recommend you to have a look at PayPal Country Codes Documentation.

PayPal Country is a two-letter code for a particular country. You need to enter the code for the country in which you reside.

Some common country codes are:

  • US for United States
  • CA for Canada
  • AU for Australia

4. PayPal Cancel URL

It might be possible that your prospective learner would like to cancel their payments or might also be possible that the payment fails due to any technical errors, your user will be redirected to the PayPal Cancel URL.

In short, here you need to add the URL used for purchase cancellations.

You can redirect your users in two ways:

  • Either create a page that contains your support or contact information; or
  • Redirect your user to the Home Page.

5. PayPal Return

You have to redirect your user to the page after a successful payment is made. Therefore, here you need to add the URL used for completed purchases (typically a thank you page).

The best idea is to create a Thank You Page or Next Step Page and link that particular page in this section.

You need to add the full URL of your page , beginning with https://” for both PayPal Cancel URL and PayPal Return URL.

6. PayPal Notify URL

Here you need to add the URL used for IPN notifications so that LearnDash can communicate with PayPal.

Use the following URL in case this option is blank. Just replace the word “yoursite” with your domain name.


7. Use PayPal Sandbox

You can set up a Sandbox account with your PayPal account by enabling this checkbox.

It will help you to test Paypal Payment when your site is in the development phase.

Bonus Tip:

Setting Courses to Accept Payments

When you’ve made desired changes to your PayPal settings, your next step is to set up your courses to accept payments.

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Navigate to LearnDash LMS > Courses
  2. Select the course that you want to sell with PayPal
  3. Navigate to the Settings at the top
  4. Scroll down to “Course Access Settings” option.
  5. Set the “Access Mode” either to the “Buy Now” or “Recurring” option.
  6. Add the course price in the Course Price field.

Buy Now Option

Buy Now allows you to sell courses for one-time payments. The course is protected via the LearnDash built-in PayPal and/or Stripe. Users need to purchase the course (one-time fee) in order to gain access.

Buy Now option

Recurring Option

Recurring option allows you to set up a recurring payment (aka: subscription). Include the “Billing Cycle” in days, weeks, months or years. Valid range is 1 to 90 when the Billing Cycle is set to days.

Recurring option

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Hope you have understood how you can sell courses online via PayPal with WordPress LMS Plugin LearnDash. Leave a comment below to ask your queries or simply just contact us.

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