How to Increase Community Engagement Using Hashtags like Twitter?

Increase Community Engagement

Do you also want to increase community engagement using Hashtags like Twitter? Hashtags have become a critical tool to attract more audience to your posts or content. However, knowing when and how to use hashtags can help expand your brand’s exposure on several online platforms. We will help you learn how to use hashtags to improve your brand visibility and why you should choose them using this guide. Also, we will discuss why BuddyPress Hashtags can be your best choice.

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How do Hashtags Work?

Hashtags are typically keywords or phrases with the (#) sign. It is used without spaces to make it accessible to those looking for the same. It is used in social media posts to increase the visibility of a particular post on social media signs. Anyone looking for a similar topic or post can easily access the information. It is a great way to increase community engagement and traffic to your posts.

Why Use Hashtags for a Community Website

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Today we use hashtags for almost anything we do online. It is a terrific way to spread your posts to others with similar interests. In short, anyone looking for a particular topic can use hashtags to get relevant information on social media. The best example we have is Twitter. You must be familiar with trending hashtags on Twitter. Your audience can quickly access such trending posts and be involved in discussions. It is a great way to increase community engagement using hashtags like Twitter. Let your community members access more content and viral posts using hashtags like Twitter.

Following are the reasons you should use Hashtags to boost engagement on your community website:

1. Boost Interaction with Members

One of the best advantages of using Hashtags on your community website is boosting interaction with your members. As hashtags turn into links, it becomes easier to make your posts viral using popular search terms and increase community engagement. In addition, your members can easily indulge in a discussion about trending topics and interact with each other.

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2. Promoted Brand Recognition

Monetize Community Website- Increase Community Engagement
Increase Community Engagement

Hashtags have become a popular and effective way to increase community engagement. Hence, it boosts your chances to increase brand recognition with trending topics. You can quickly turn your business into a well-recognized brand using hashtags and sparking discussions.

3. Discovered Your Offerings

Another reason you need hashtags on your community website is to increase discoverability. Including some of the most popular hashtags in your community is a great way to let people discover your brand quickly. People nowadays follow popular hashtags to stay updated with the trends. With the help of hashtags in your community, you can allow them to discover your latest offering quickly.

4. Target Your Audience Accordingly

audience image- Increase Community Engagement
Increase Community Engagement


Do you want to target a specific audience to your community website? Hashtags offer a great and convenient way to help community owners for targeting a particular audience. For example, you can use certain hashtags to target a specific group or audience about a related product or service.

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Why BuddyPress Hashtags for Your Community Website?

BuddyPress WordPress Hashtags- Increase Community Engagement
Increase Community Engagement

BuddyPress Hashtags, a dedicated plugin for both BuddyPress and bbPress. Allow your users to discover the trending topics in your community using hashtags that turn into links. Increase community engagement with the best and most convenient way to let your audience. You can use BuddyPress Hashtags in BuddyPress Activities and bbPress Forums widgets in your sidebars or whatever suits best for you. Get the chance to add all the hashtags that the community uses as a whole maximum time.

You’ll also get the offer to sort hashtags and limit the number of hashtags displayed in your community. First, filter the most popular hashtags based on your interest and use hashtags under topics or replies for better reach. Then, allow your users to search for the most popular community topics using hashtags links.

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Following are the reasons you must choose BuddyPress Hashtags for your community website:

1. Integration with BuddyPress and bbPress Forums

BuddyPress Hashtags works on both BuddyPress and bbPress Forums to provide remarkable ease and convenience. Get the chance to increase community engagement using Hashtags like Twitter. You can add hashtags on several parts of your community, such as Activities, posts, pages, and forums. Allow your audience to use hashtags anywhere in your community for better popularity.

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2. Non-alphanumeric Hashtags- Increase Community Engagement

Want to get complete freedom to be creative with hashtags in your community? BuddyPress Hashtags enables users to use non-alphanumeric hashtags so you can be as creative as you want for boosting engagement and traffic.

3. Multilingual Support- Increase Community Engagement

Many community owners need help finding the most appropriate plugin add-on that provides all the freedom they deserve. For example, with BuddyPress Hashtags, you can add hashtags in multiple languages to boost traffic to your community.

4. Hashtag Logs- Increase Community Engagement

Get complete logs on your Hashtags used all over the community. Get access to the number of times a hashtag is used on various parts of your community. You’ll get all the logs of your Hashtags in the logs section. Get the complete list of logs to check how many times a particular hashtag is used on a particular activity.

5. Use Shortcodes- Increase Community Engagement

Another great way to increase community engagement using BuddyPress Hashtags is using available shortcodes to display the trending hashtags on your community pages. Shortcodes are available for both BuddyPress and bbPress Forums to help you access the most popular hashtags of the community. Also, the font size of the most-used hashtags will increase to highlight the popular topics in your community.

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Increase Community Engagement -Final Words

We hope you understand the importance of using hashtags like Twitter on your community website. Hashtags have become an integral part of online platforms. You can increase community engagement and popularity using this great feature. BuddyPress Hashtags can be the ideal choice for you to add the feature with just a few clicks on your BuddyPress community. Get the most popular add-ons from Wbcom Designs and contact them for any queries. You’ll get instant support from their dedicated team for any doubts or queries. Also, remember to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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