How To Do Data Visualization In WordPress

How To Do Data Visualization

Flourishing businesses and organizations take data-supported decisions and create products or offer services that are similarly measurably beneficial. But simply because data is helpful doesn’t imply it’s always simple to comprehend. That’s where data visualization sets foot in. By showing information is useful charts, number counters, graphs, and other types of data visualization that information is made more understandable.

You have numerous options for data visualization as a WordPress user. These top tools for data visualization in WordPress enables you to add loads of cool visualized data to your WordPress site very conveniently. Employ them to render it simpler to understand the statistics you furnish.

Helpful Plugins

WordPress is versatile and with plugins, a lot can be achieved, like boosting content through visual presentations. Though there are many plugins to this end, only chosen few are depended to offer the best results.


This plugin is both simple and powerful to utilize at the same time. Besides, being cloud-based it permits people to access it conveniently. If you wish to include infographics like charts and graphs on your WP blog site, this is the finest option to employ. It can relate data utilizing pointers and arrows for clarity.

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If you wish to design interactive data visualizations for your site then Visualizer is the finest option for you. It provides 9 kinds of charts: area charts, line charts, bar charts, pie charts, column charts, geo charts, bubble charts, table charts, and scatter charts. You can employ this plugin to design beautiful tables like a pricing table with easy entry. It comprises the best option for designing charts and graphs simply for free.

If you select the pro version, you receive an additional 6 chart types and email support. There’s a complete 30 day money return guarantee if you make a decision you don’t like it.

Apart from being simple to use, a few other perks of employing Visualizer include:

Flexible data upload: You can upload files straight from your computer or employ online file repositories such as Google spreadsheet.

The graphs and charts are responsive: Irrespective of the device being employed by a user, they’re designed to adapt-to-screen without jeopardizing user experience.


Infogram offers a simple to use editor for you to make your data visualization appealing and powerful. It permits you to incorporate charts and infographics within your WordPress website. The plugin presents striking pie charts which enhance your customization. Not just that, you can even create your personal infographics and word clouds to make your data engaging and powerful.

Completed visualizations can be exported into different formats: .PNG, .GIF, .PDF, .JPG, and .HTML. Interactive visualizations are also probable, ideal for embedding into apps or websites. Infogram also presents a WordPress plugin that simplifies embedding visualizations for WordPress users.

Infogram is an excellent option for designers as well as non-designers. The drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to build professional-appearing designs without plenty of visual design skill.

You also obtain entry to an analytics dashboard to display you how your audience interacts with what you design. This is superb to understand what grasps their attention and how they utilize your visualizations.

However, their platform extends beyond infographics. You can also design things such as:

  • Slide decks and presentations
  • Interactive maps
  • Social media graphics
  • Analytic dashboards
  • 18 separate chart types

Infogram’s free-forever plan contains up to ten projects with under 5 pages each, interactive maps, 37 interactive chart types, and basic animations.


Datawrapper was designed especially for including maps and charts to news stories. The maps and charts built are interactive and constructed for embedding on news websites. Their data sources are restricted, though, with the main method constituting of copying and pasting data into the tool.

After data is imported, charts can be designed with one click. Their visualization types comprise line, column, and bar charts, area charts, election donuts, scatter plots, choropleth and locator maps, and symbol maps, among others. The completed visualizations are reminiscent of those displayed on sites such as Boston Globe or the New York Times. Actually, their charts are employed by publications such as Fortune, Mother Jones, and The Times

The free plan is ideal for embedding graphics on tinier sites with restricted traffic, though paid plans are a bit expensive, beginning at $39 per month.

Datawrapper allows you to easily design:

  • Interactive maps for anywhere in the world
  • Symbol maps for displaying location-based data
  • Choropleth maps to show regional patterns
  • Locator maps to display specific locations

Every map is interactive, and users can drift over regions they’re curious in knowing more about. Moreover, you can modify the fonts, colors, texts, and more.

They possess 1,000+ base maps to select from. Or you can drop in a request for a particular region if it doesn’t exist already. 

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Chart And Graph Presentation

This is the most common visual presentation within WordPress. Bar graphs, pie charts, and line graphs are popularly employed by starters to interact with plain data. Graphs are superb at correlating subjects through data gathered over time. On the contrary, pie charts match data against the whole. Users may wish to include colors and render the presentation more bright.

Timeline With Event Presentations

This visual presentation resembles line graphs but it includes greater details of time at different intervals. The aim is to inform readers what occurred at different intervals during the growth of a concept.

As per different visual presentations, this is the leading one that is most ideal for projects with timelines. To possess this presentation, make sure that the proper plugin is already installed on your WP website.


Whether you opt to use common tables or comparison tables, the results will be awesome. The inclusion of colors in specific cells imparts greater visual appeal. The finest thing with tables is that it does not offer limitations in the matter of data presentation. It rests on you to turn up with the correct data presentation format and styles.


Embedding location maps or any different in your WP website inserts visual value instantly. It is essential to have the proper plugin to promote the effective addition of maps and other associated data. Further, ensure that your maps can offer directions and that they are hyperlinked with major locations that the readers might be keen in.

Pictorial Presentation

These add color to the visual presentations as graphics are included to the charts. Moreover, it is simpler to comprehend pictorial presentations in comparison to plain charts. A relevant plugin enables you to obtain a range of graphical presentations.

Videos And Images

How To Do Data Visualization

Although numerous experts waver from adding these in visual presentations, all WP websites are packed with videos and images. Sliders are also a type of visual presentation, and as they began being present in high quality, the attraction of websites has increased. WP contains default plugins to include these two and more advanced ones may aid you to insert text on them.

Wrapping Up

Exchanging all the proper data with your followers is wonderful, but it’s even nicer if you can offer it in a manner which is visually potent and easily digestible. These WordPress tools will settle yourself as the information source which they will approach first, and once that occurs, you will also head their list when they opt to make a purchase. 

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