Grow Your Business With Lead Generation Platforms

Businesses in all industries are attempting to enlarge their lead generation efforts. Generating greater leads needs some changes to your present sales and marketing strategy; nevertheless, producing quality leads is an entirely new challenge. Consequently, numerous businesses invest in the recent and best lead generation platforms. 

61% of marketers mention creating traffic and leads is their prime challenge. In 2020, possessing great lead generation software in a position to optimize great content will still be a crucial strategy for marketers. With the plethora of lead generation tools available, how do marketers understand which tools are worth funding?

Let’s delve in and scout a few of the finest lead generation platforms and the features available to you:

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1. HubSpot

Grow Your Business With Lead Generation Platforms

From handling a whole contact database to publishing a blog, HubSpot offers sales and marketing teams with all they require to create leads and work like a well-oiled machine.

The platform presents the essential features and functionalities that should be in each marketer’s arsenal, like data analytics and reporting, lead flows, email marketing, social media, landing pages, besides more.

It is comparatively simple to install and use. Nevertheless, based on how you wish the tool to operate, a few of the features can be a little complex. HubSpot does even offer live chat and phone support if you become stuck.

HubSpot coordinates with a complete assortment of tools and applications, like LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Zoom, Google Suite, Databox, besides many more, including ClearVoice.

Marketers who prioritize blogging attempts are 13 times more likely to witness positive ROI.

2. Optimizely

Optimizely comprises a tool that aids users create high-performing landing pages devised to convert and build experiences.

Optimizely presents users with different tools and features to conduct and run checks and experiments across websites and mobile apps. This permits marketing teams to comprehend how landing pages are operating and what they can do to optimize them more to drive greater conversions.

After reading a few customer reviews, users hold that Optimizely is simple to use. It’s greatly-intuitive and clean interface offers a superb user experience.

Optimizely does provide different platform integrations, a few applications need an enterprise plan.

Optimizely presents different plans for businesses of various sizes and needs. Desirous users must contact one of their representatives for a quote.

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3. Keap

Keap, previously known as InfusionSoft, comprises a lead generation tool and CRM that enables users to create and manage segment emails, lead lists, and shopping carts.

There are plenty of reasons to like Keap, and among those reasons is the number of existing features. Keap permits users to import or insert new contacts, plan appointments, and send email follow-ups or automated SMS messages.

The Keap dashboard is simple to comprehend and easy to navigate. It just requires a few minutes of scrutinizing the tool to view how it functions.

Keap also presents an extensive variety of integrations, including Instapage, Gmail, and Shopify.

You can evaluate Keap for 14 days at no cost.

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4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Grow Your Business With Lead Generation Platforms

The avenues and probabilities of using LinkedIn currently are limitless. With a powerful sales and sustenance strategy, LinkedIn Sales Navigator can turn into your main lead gen source.

Sales Navigator allows you to use the search feature to form lead lists for your sales teams, include those lists into a CRM, and do sales outreach. Further, at the start of March 2020, LinkedIn declared some fresh product updates, which comprise new CRM integrations, improved reporting, InMail activity monitoring, and SmartLinks.

After scrutinizing the tool for a short period of time, users can quickly learn how to use Sales Navigator.

Linkedin Sales Navigator is regularly growing. Some common integrations include HubSpot and ZoomInfo.

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5. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is among the best social media management tools available, with more than 16 million users! Many of those users also vantage Hootsuite for lead generation purposes.

Hootsuite provides superb functionality, including scheduling and calendar management, task management, contact management, and content management.

Its navigation has bettered hugely, making it clear and simple for users to design and schedule new social posts.

Hootsuite is strong and has included substantial functionality, including integrations with different third-party apps.

They do persist to present their free plan with restricted functionality. Most users view the maximum value from the tool with a paid version.

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6. Pardot

Grow Your Business With Lead Generation Platforms

Pardot is one more B2B marketing platform (owned by Salesforce) that permits users and marketers to smoothen email marketing and marketing automation.

What makes Pardot separate is its highlight on reporting, business intelligence insights, and optimizing ROI. It presents an extensive range of reporting associated with measuring conversion rates and website traffic.

Pardot is simple to use, though the placing of a few of the features isn’t extremely intuitive and can be perplexing at times.

Pardot does combine different tools, including Instagram, Salesforce, Unbounce, and various others.

Pardot is slightly more expensive and is built for more medium-sized enterprise businesses. It costs above $1,250 each month for every user. So, it may not be the finest tool for startups or small businesses that are on skimpy budgets.

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7. FuryLeads

If you’re seeking targeted leads created for you, the platform for you is FuryLeads. A B2B customized lead generation tool that oversees prospects to your preferences presented to you each week.

FuryLeads provides a superb user experience and detailed filters to assure you obtain your ideal client information permitting you to concentrate on the selling.

Each Monday, your account becomes updated with the latest prospects for you to begin your week off correct and start your outreach.

The weekly list contains a prospect’s complete name, authenticated email address, company name, LinkedIn profile, and numerous data points.

You can sign up to get one free list of 60 targeted prospects to your preference. Then onwards, the monthly rate is $129.

The keys to excellent email lead nurturing are:

Always offer value: Your emails should offer true value to your list. Don’t deliver them senseless updates or continuous promotional emails. Dispatch them with precious content that will aid them to solve their problem.

Don’t email too frequently: How frequently is too frequently? That rests on your list. Some people have greater sensitivity than others. You’ll have to examine your list to decide on a nice schedule.

Concentrate on the buyer’s odyssey: 80% of your emails should focus on the present stage of their buyer’s journey. Divide your list by which stage of the buyer’s journey they’re in. If they’re in the Consideration stage, 4 out of every 5 emails you dispatch them should be focussing on their Consideration stage requirements. Next, you can send the casual Decision stage offer to decide if they’re prepared to shift down the funnel.

The aim of your lead nurturing attempts is to develop loyalty with your prospects, keep driving them down the funnel, and identify when they’re prepared to transfer on to the following stage of the buyer’s journey.



Marketing and lead automation platforms have different purposes, one being to push sales, another to raise conversions, specified leads, and different factors. Every platform will perform things separately, so based on your goals, your budget, and your CRM, the answer will vary from company to company.

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