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Use your google photos in WordPress blog

Using Photos from Google is one of the most popular ways of storing and sharing photos online. Blogging with the WordPress is very easy to access. is free platform and is a good choice for hobby bloggers and those starting a blog for their family. Use your Google photos on WordPress blog.Here are some of the benefits of using

It will be so great if they played well together — if you could use photos you’ve uploaded to Google on your site?

We thought so, too: starting today use google photos in WordPress. You can browse, search, and copy photos from your Google account right from your blog posts and pages. Introducing: photos from Google!. So, let’s start with some amazing ways to how to get photos of google on your WordPress blog Here we go-

google photos in WordPress

  • To get started using google photos in WordPress, first you need to go to your Media Library on and select the media source drop-down. Then choose the Photos from Your Google library option:google photos in WordPressNow, after that, you need to connect to your Google account by pressing the connect button.

google photos in WordPress

  •  Once you’re connected your Media Library will display your recent Google photos in WordPress
  •  After that select, the image you want to use, click on the Insert button, The image will automatically be copied to your Media Library and then you can insert into your post.


  • google photos in WordPressNow, last go to the search option and choice the image for your blog and Google will pick out automatically. Let’s take one example if you want to search for ‘’dog’’ just go to search option. Type ‘’Dog’’ then Smart Google will pick all Dog photos from your Google account.

That’s not all!. Since Google analyzes and automatically categorizes your photos. You can use their sorting to browse and search your photos whether or not you’ve added any tags or descriptions.

All thanks go to Google. It made more advanced. You can find more help at our Photos from Google support page. I Hope that this information is worth for you so, try today.



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