12 Questions To Ask Yourself During The Website Redesign Process

FAQ On Website Redesign Process

Website redesign is a complex but necessary process. Ensure your website is engaging, informative, and simple to use, as it is frequently the first impression of your brand that new potential buyers have. Asking yourself these questions while you plan your site’s redesign can help you focus on the needs of your users. Let’s look at the FAQs on the website redesign process

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Is The Website Easy To Navigate?

The answer to this question will guide your decisions about what content to add and how to organize it on your new website. When redesigning a website, the user experience (UX) is a crucial factor to consider. Users shouldn’t waste time sifting through irrelevant content before finding the one they came for. The new site should have a straightforward layout and a few menu options so that users can find what they need quickly and easily.

Grouping related content under a single navigation item, such as “industries we serve,” is preferable to grouping it with unrelated content in a navigation item named “services,” as in the preceding example. When you keep the number of links to a minimum and everything in its place, it’s much easier for the user to take in all the information. Websites with a clear hierarchy also fare better in Google’s search results because of this factor. See our article “Optimizing Your Navigation Menu” for more information.

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Can Users Complete Their Goals via The Buyer’s Journey?

This is a pivotal question to help you create engaging content and a user-friendly interface. Customers today may learn much about a product or service before they click through to your website. Visitors to your website will include individuals who are already well-versed in your offerings and are on the verge of making a purchase and those still in the research phase. Using the buyer’s journey may help you tailor your website’s structure, style, and design components to better connect with your target audience.

Make advantage of CTAs (calls to action) to move visitors through the buyer’s journey. Someone who comes to your homepage might be looking for an explanation of what you provide, or they could be an eager client ready to get in. Create simple paths for both site visitors by including calls to action that encourage users to learn more about your products or services, the benefits they give, and those that enable users to get in touch with a sales professional. When developing a website, it’s essential to keep in mind the many stages of the buyer’s journey and the material each step requires.

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Does Your Brand Appropriately Represent?

Pose this question to yourself while choosing your new website’s aesthetics. By including well-thought-out, consistent brand aspects in the site, you can highlight your company’s unique selling points and convey its values to visitors. Rebranding your company’s visual identity is a worthwhile project to do while designing a new website. The following are the most fundamental graphic requirements for a website to represent your brand accurately.

  • A well-thought-out color scheme uses a primary and secondary color scheme to draw the eye to key components of the design and unite the overall layout.
  • To guarantee WCAG compliance, use appropriate contrast ratios.
  • Fresh, current photos that do justice to your brand, offerings, and services
  • Determine what kinds of pictures most accurately depict the tone of your brand (for example, landscapes, photographs of people, or illustrations)
  • Choose one or two sets of typefaces that complement your logo and are suitable for use on the web in terms of readability, simplicity, and compatibility.

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Does This Website Seem Reliable?

This is a crucial question to ask while developing the structure and content of a new website. An efficient website fosters connections with clients. Website aesthetics should be aesthetically pleasing and convey professionalism and reliability. A more professional and friendly vibe may be achieved by keeping the site’s design clean and uncluttered. Using genuine photos or videos might give customers a more accurate idea of what to anticipate from you and your business.

Ensure the first paragraph of your homepage text clearly states where the reader is and provides a summary of your business. Some people will find your site through a search engine and then navigate to a subpage; these subpages also need to be informative. Keep in mind that consumers may already be familiar with your industry or the solution you provide if they found your site through a search engine, and write them such that they convey that information quickly and clearly.

Will Some Features Of The Site Cause It To Load Slowly?

Inquire about this before you start building the site. While engaging media like photos, movies, and animations may boost a website’s visual appeal and user experience if constructed and displayed correctly, they can also significantly slow it down.

Improving conversion and decreasing bounce rates depend on how quickly the page loads. It’s also common knowledge that Google considers page load time when determining a site’s position in search results. Several methods are available for reducing page load time, such as compressing scripts and style sheets, optimizing media files, and using a caching system.

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Is There A Mobile-Friendly Version Of The Layout Available?

FAQ On Website Redesign Process
FAQ On Website Redesign Process

Thinking about this subject early on in the creation process is important. A mobile-friendly website is crucial in this day and age when more people than ever use it online from their smartphones and tablets. Thanks to responsive design, content may now correctly render and interact with users across all device types. Not only does search engine optimization (SEO) benefit from a mobile-friendly site, but the site’s user experience is also improved. Google has said unambiguously that site responsiveness is a ranking criterion and that it solely scans mobile versions of sites (not desktop ones) for indexing purposes.

Mobile optimization is a crucial aspect of search engine optimization. When planning a makeover of your website, several factors must be considered. But don’t let it scare you away; success in digital marketing is on having a user-friendly and optimized website for conversions. If you’ve been considering a redesign of your website, you should give some thought to the following points first.

If We Want Users To Do A Specific Action, Will They Be Prompted By The Present Design?

Probably, your company has probably progressed since the time your website was built. Is it simple for existing site visitors to go from “prospect” to “customer/client,” or are out-of-date calls to action making this more complicated than it has to be? Determine which aspects of your call-to-action are most important to you before you start digging into the makeover.

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How Do We Rank The Usability Of The Existing Website And Users’ Experience?

You and your staff know your site’s ins and outs like the back of your hand, but how do users feel about it? Try to put yourself in the shoes of a first-time visitor to your site. Consider a wide range of user profiles and how easily they may get the information they require. Does anyone find it awkward or difficult to understand? Would you run the risk of alienating potential customers?

Is There Anything About The Site That We Should Fix?

Identifying and prioritizing issues that have previously served as roadblocks is an important step in developing the list of “musts” for the new site. Is there a particular problem that causes a high volume of calls to customer service? Something from the past, like a plug-in, that’s holding things up? A complicated and winding road that not even your staff can figure out? Do not delay in prioritizing these.

Is There Anything That Might Improve The Website’s Experience But Is Currently Absent?

It’s time to stop dwelling in the past and start planning for the future: What have you wanted to have implemented onto the website for quite some time now? What would it be if you could have any capability in any other app? Any “I wish” remarks from the company’s internal staff or external stakeholders?

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When Will We Know Whether The Site Has Been A Success?

This may appear to be an afterthought, but it should be given serious attention immediately. Consider what you want to accomplish and how you may fairly evaluate your success. What specific indicators of success will you be tracking, such as the number of visitors or the number of completed forms? In what time intervals will you be looking at the numbers? The project’s success ultimately depends on your ability to predict its financial return, and you’ll need a benchmark against which to compare future adjustments.

Do We Have The Means To Accomplish Our Goals?

Creating new content, updating existing content, maintaining the site, analyzing data, and changing out graphics are time-consuming chores typically assigned to employees with other responsibilities. Where do your colleagues’ expectations lie? A third party can handle that. Ensuring your ideal location is sustainable and within your means requires careful consideration.

What else can we answer for you? Feel free to contact us with any inquiries regarding the overhaul of our website. Get in touch with us using our website’s contact form. Hiring a competent digital marketing agency is key to realizing your full online potential.

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