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BuddyPress is one of the free and highly functional plugins that allows creating your own community site with WordPress. This plugin offers you multiple features such as creating profiles, groups, activity streams, sending messages, sending friendship requests and much more. One of the noted features of BuddyPress is the Activity Stream feature. BuddyPress offers various types of activities such as New members, Profile Updates, Comments, Posts, Replies etc. By default, BuddyPress Activities do not have any options to be shown according to a user’s needs i.e. all the activities are shown on the activity page of a member by default.

Presenting BuddyPress Activity Filter

BuddyPress Activity Filter is a free add-on by Wbcom Designs that allows you to customize the working of BuddyPress Activity. This feature is usually done via coding but after this plugin, it has become much easier. BuddyPress Activity Filter allows site admin to change the default activity filter based on the type of activity.

It allows the admin to set default and customized activity feed based on their types. You can also set any activity as your default activity. For example, if you want to set comments as your default activity and display only the comments on the activity page, you can do so with this plugin.

Moreover, the site administrator can also remove a specific type of activities from being displayed on their BuddyPress Activity.

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Features Of BuddyPress Activity Filter

As we all know, BuddyPress displays all the site activity into the main activity feed by default. This results in unwanted items being displayed on your feed. This makes the feed look more cluttered and reduce the look of your activity stream. This plugin can help you with this by giving you certain customizations options for the activities to be displayed on the Activity Page and give you the freedom of limiting certain activities from being displayed in the Activity Stream.

This plugin gives you three major functionalities which are:

1. Display Activity
2. Hide Activity
3. Post Type Activity

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1. Display Activity:

BuddyPress Activity Filter Plugin
Display Activity Activity filter

This setting allows you to select the activity you are going to display by default. Without BuddyPress Activity Filter, all the activities are shown by default. With this setting, you will display which activity type you are going to display by default. We selected the Updates type in the settings as you can see in the screenshot. This will now display only the Update type in the front end activity page by default.

BuddyPress Activity Filter Plugin
Activity filter

2. Hide Activity

BuddyPress Activity Filter Plugin
Hide Activity Activity filter

This setting allows you to select the activity you do not want to list on the Activity page by default. The activities that you will select will be hidden and not displayed on the Sitewide Activity page.
This setting will not allow you to hide the activities that you selected in the above setting as it is the default one. You can hide any other activity type.
For example, we selected New Members, Profile Updates, rtMedia Updates, Group Updates and New Groups to be hidden. All others will be displayed except these.
As you can see in the screenshot, all the activity types that we selected are hidden.




Activity Filter

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3. Post Type Activity

BuddyPress Activity Filter Plugin
Post Type Activity Activity filter

This setting displays all post types registered on the site and gives you an option to restrict which post types you want to display on the activity feed. It also allows you to rename that particular post type as well as decide where and how to display them.
For example, the custom post types created by bbPress plugins such as Forums, Replies and Topics can be renamed and their visibility can be changed. You can either not display them at all or display them in Activity Streams or in Groups. If you selected ‘Display in Groups’ option then when you add a new post in that specific custom post type, all BuddyPress groups display this activity.

Activity filter

You can also check this video for a complete tutorial on BuddyPress Activity Filter.

Filter Unnecessary Activities Today

BuddyPress Activity Filter is a free and very useful plugin that allows you to customize activity streams without using any code. It gives you complete control of your site activities and allows you to display activities the way you want.


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