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Your Website is a mirror. It perfectly conveys your firm’s business delivery model. It is a marker for the first impression. It is a landing page of the website which decides if visitors will continue to log in or simply leave your site. This standalone web page distinguishes your site from others and is your key to a successful user-engaging website. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the best landing page plugin – The OptimizePress landing page plugin which makes helps you create a landing page in a breeze.

Optimizepress landing page plugin

Why OptimizePress Best Landing Page Plugin

The OptimizePress landing page plugin helps users create high converting landing pages. This plugin is fully responsive and offers an advanced editor which allows users to make granular customization. Its WordPress theme version is also available, so you can use the plugin with your existing theme or switch to the OptimizePress theme. It offers other features which are as follows:

  • Create full-scale marketing sites and sales pages
  • 30+ page templates and 40+ custom page elements. Additional free, as well as paid templates, are available in their template marketplace.
  • Drag & drop editor
  • Drip Feed Content
  • Many email providers are supported by the plugin via API integration and any others with custom HTML form integration.
  • Protect your content in secure membership portals
  • The premium blogging system helps you grow your site audience
  • The unique LaunchSuite helps create product launch funnels
  • Deliver free training or courses with progress bars
  • High impact webinar registration pages can be created
  • The LiveEditor System lets you build & edit your pages in real-time
  • You can use the following tools with OptimizePress: Google Analytics, Google Content, Experiments, Visual Website Optimizer, Optimizely, and Kissmetrics.
  • Site owners can add their buyers to their secure membership portals by integrating their shopping cart or gateway.
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Wrapping up

So, how you find this amazing plugin. With the help of this plugin, you can easily build your own pages with this live editor system.

It is fully responsive. You can automatically generate fully responsive pages for you when you with no extra work.

There are over 30 templates you choose any one of them which you like. You can click to edit anything on the page, or add more elements from our Element Browser to add more functionality to fit your requirements. So, go for this plugin now.



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