Essential WordPress E-commerce Plugins

Building a great website that attracts customers and grows your business takes drive and determination. You need a good idea, good execution, and some familiarity with site builders like WordPress. Building your site, however, is often only half the battle. Running a business online is not as easy as simply throwing a site together and publishing it. HTML and other backend processes are quite complicated, and doing it all manually requires a lot of expertise. Luckily, there are plugins for all of that. Let’s roll on some Essential WordPress E-commerce Plugins for online stores.

Essential WordPress E-commerce Plugins

Below are 10 essential WordPress E-commerce plugins to help you run your online store.

1. WooCommerce

WooCommerce, Essential WordPress E-commerce Plugins
Essential WordPress E-commerce Plugins

This free plugin provides support for an infinite number of products and site visitors, as long as your chosen web host and site infrastructure is up to the task. WooCommerce helps you conveniently organize everything you sell online into an intuitive, easy to navigate store that your customers will find easy to use. There are also certain things you should customize in WooCommerce.

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2. WP Deposit

WP Deposit, Essential WordPress E-commerce Plugins

WP Deposit is great because it lets you sell credits to your site’s customers that they can then redeem for actual products on your site. Selling prepaid credits is a nice way to help customers who are doing microtransactions avoid having transaction fees comprise a significant part of their purchase.

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3. Table Rate Shipping

Table Rate Shipping, Essential WordPress E-commerce Plugins

If you are planning on shipping products to your customers, determining and managing rates based on buyer location, order quantity, and size can become a headache. This plugin helps you manage all of that right from your WooCommerce store.

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4. Social Coupon

social coupon, Essential WordPress E-commerce Plugins

This is a great way to build your brand and get your name out there. What Social Coupon does is reward clientele with discounts if and when they share you on their social media. A great way to recruit customers for marketing purposes.

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5. WooCommerce SEO

WooCommerce SEO, Essential WordPress E-commerce Plugins

Doing your own SEO is always advised, but why not take all the help you can get. This WooCommerce plugin helps make sure your products are more visible in organic searches, helping you draw in even more customers.

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6. Product Countdown

Product Countdown, Essential WordPress E-commerce Plugins

This plugin is great for creating a sense of scarcity, which is often enough to motivate a customer to buy. It lets people know, via a countdown, that they only have a limited time to take advantage of one of your offers.

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7. WooCommerce Currency Converter

WooCommerce Currency Converter

If you’re doing business online, you’re doing business globally, so you need to make buying convenient for your global clientele. WooCommerce’s currency converter displays prices in different currencies based on a user’s IP address, which will ultimately increase trust and conversions.

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8. WooCommerce Social Login

Woocommerce social login

This is a great plugin for building stronger social media connections with your customers because it lets them log in and check out using their social media accounts. The plugin also collects valuable data that will help you better understand your customers, and how to market to them.

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9. OptinMonster


This is a conversion rate-optimizing plugin that helps you convert users who decide to navigate away from your site before purchasing by prompting them to join your email list. Email subscriptions are still an important part of e-commerce and go a long way to helping you maximize sales.

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10. Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads


Easy Digital Downloads is a free WordPress plugin that allows the selling of digital products with WordPress.
You can use this plugin to sell eBooks, WordPress plugins, PDF files and more. Moreover, you can also create discount codes to encourage customers and allow them to purchase multiple downloads at once using the shopping cart system.

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Final Thoughts on Essential WordPress E-commerce Plugins

Starting an e-commerce store sounds, and in many ways is relatively straightforward, but without the right plugins, you will quickly realize where the major pitfalls are. Keep in mind the above 10 essential e-commerce plugins for online stores and take your digital business to the top.

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