Online shopping has started dominating the industry. This is mainly because of the fact that you will be able to access all the products without actually visiting the store. However, in order to run your store successfully, you will have to follow a lot of strategies. You need to display your products before the audience in such a way that your customers get attracted by them. One way to do so is by displaying product recommendations to your customers.

1. What are product recommendations?

Product recommendation is a way of filtering the products on your website and displaying those products to the customers that they might be interested in buying. This mainly works by displaying a highly sophisticated product recommendation system. eCommerce Product recommendations are of extreme importance in promoting the sale on your website. So, here we are with a few popular practices for product recommendation on your E-Commerce store.

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2. Display only a few recommendations

Do not try to confuse your customers with unlimited recommendations. You will end up hurting your customer’s user engagement. Too many recommendations may distract your customers. It may also divert the customers from their actual purpose. Keep your recommendations minimal and user-centric. Always go for quality over quantity. This will help to keep a proper balance between user experience and conversion rate.

3. Try to understand the customer’s shopping behaviour

eCommerce Product Recommendations

You can use data analytics to understand the shopping behaviour of your customers. The products that you recommend to your customers must be based on proper research. It must be data driven and relevant. No two customers have the same shopping preference. Each of them has their own likes and dislikes based on which they make their decisions. So, you must carefully study the behaviour of the customers before making any kind of recommendations to them. Gather all the necessary information about the customer’s search results and make your decisions accordingly. Personalized product recommendations will help to increase the sale on your E-Commerce portal.

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4. Use good quality product images

Pictures have a big role to play in attracting customers towards your website. The pictures should be of good quality. It will help your customers to purchase a product with greater confidence. Good quality images are the best way to compel your users to check out the recommendations. This will also stop your customers from regretting later. You can also hire a professional photographer for your website.

5. Improve Average Order Value

Increasing the AOV can be used to increase the revenue on your website. A good way to create upselling opportunities is by adding Frequently Bought Together recommendations to your E-Commerce website. The product analysing system will analyse large chunks of data which includes previous shopping behaviour and purchase history and then recommend add-ons to the users. The Frequently Bought Together section is mainly used to encourage the customers to purchase the add-ons thereby increasing sales on your website.

6. The recommendations must be smart and effective

eCommerce Product Recommendations
eCommerce Product Recommendations

The recommendations should be able to give all your users a personalized experience. Until and unless your recommendations are smart, you may lose your customers to your competitors. The product recommendations must reflect the shopping patterns of your customers. Creating different types of product recommendations is an excellent way of enhancing the user-experience. You may try to recommend the best-sellers to your users. You may also recommend the products that other customers have recently viewed. Another great option is to add category-wise recommendations to each of the categories.

7. Include Social Media Proof To Acquire Trust

eCommerce Product Recommendations
eCommerce Product Recommendations

Including social media proof to the products will help to increase their credibility. Most people prefer buying products that have at least a 4 star rating. Shoppers also prefer spending more money on products having better reviews. If you wish to increase the trust of your users, then you can try adding badges to some of the products of your website. The badges will display how many times the product was purchased on a particular day. As soon as your customers find out that other people are also buying your product, they will also start taking interest in it. You may also add stars to your best-sellers to bring them to the notice of your customers.

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8. Place Your Product Recommendations At A Visible Location

Your product recommendations should be positioned at such a location on your website that they immediately grab the attention of the viewers. Most of the product recommendations should be placed on the top fold of the web pages. This will help the shoppers to spot the products as soon as they visit your website.

9. Display The Recommendations On The Homepage Itself

The best possible way to display your recommendations is to display them on the homepage of your website. You must try to make your customers familiar with the products of your web page simply by placing all the relevant product recommendations on the homepage. Your viewers will become familiar with the E-Commerce store by scrolling your homepage.

10. Include Product Recommendations in the 404 Pages

You may include the product recommendations in the 404 Pages of your website as well. Most of the viewers who encounter any kind of error will immediately abandon the website. However, in some cases, errors are unavoidable. You just can’t get rid of all the errors. So, in order to retain your customers, you may display the product recommendations in the 404 pages. This will keep your users engaged even when your website is facing an error. It will also help you to increase the conversion rate of your website.

11. Include Product Recommendations In The Abandoned Cart Emails

You can include products similar to the abandoned products in the abandoned cart emails.This is a very effective way of increasing the sale on your website. You may also include Frequently Bought Together items in your abandoned cart emails.


Customized eCommerce product recommendations will definitely help to drive traffic towards your website and make your eCommerce store profitable. It will give your customers a highly experienced shopping experience.

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