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PeepSo is known as the go-to plugin for creating a social networking website on WordPress. This super-light plugin allows the creation of a social network, quickly and effortlessly. A website that is similar to that Facebook. Facebook is the place where people communicate, share, and spend most of their time. Hence, people have started utilizing Facebook to buy and sell with each other. This is possible because Facebook is a large community where buyers and sellers are connected on a global platform. Enabling them to communicate with each other and discuss the details of the product before even entering a negotiation. And the fact that people on Facebook trust their friend’s listed contacts helps its cause too. Our core idea behind this plugin, PeepSo WC Vendors. This is to enable the creation of an online community marketplace on WordPress. A single destination for people to discover, buy, sell, and communicate with other people in their community.

What can I make with this plugin?

online community marketplace
online community marketplace
  • Create:
  • An Art Gallery,
  • Vegetable Market,
  • Used bookstore, 
  • Songs, records, and label store,
  • Furniture store,
  • Cooking Classes, and so much more.

You are limited by your imagination. Our plugin can create what you think is possible. Nothing is abstract if you pair the plugin with just the right theme.

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2. How will I get a return on investment with PeepSo WC Vendors Plugin?

PeepSo bundled with WC Vendors brings you a social marketplace capable of selling physical, digital, or variable products on your website. You can sell your own products or create a platform for multiple vendors to sell through your website. 

The advanced commission system of the plugin lets you set commissions based on a fixed percentage. This helps the platform owner to earn money through each sale in case they opt to create a multivendor marketplace. 

When paired with a membership plugin like Paid Membership Pro create a subscription-based model for your products. You can then sell membership plans to vendors, with a variable limit for each vendor based on the product they sell.

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3. Reasons to opt for PeepSo WC Vendors- an online community marketplace

online community marketplace
online community marketplace
  • The vendor’s dashboard has all the information you might need listed in an uncomplicated manner.
  • A comprehensive vendor registration form.
  • Products are listed in a card view. Each card contains a product image, name, price, vendor detail, and an optional sale tag.
  • Provides ease of navigation through your website via tabs on the PeepSo Member profile.
  • New products launched by vendors are also published on the activity stream which increases your product visibility in front of the community members.
  • Site admin controls profile section tabs. 
  • Customers get to mark products as favorites.
  • Subscribers can easily become vendors by going to the vendor tab on their profile page.
  • A quick link from the vendor store to the vendor profile.
  • Products can be sorted based on the product release date or alphabetical order.

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reign community theme

online community marketplace-Final Words

The PeepSo WC Vendor plugin can create a website to suit every business need. But it must be paired with a theme capable of handling and supporting PeepSo. Your choice of theme will determine the efficacy of our plugin. 

You can go with the Reign theme which supports PeepSo and allows you to customize your multivendor social networking website with ease. The PeepSo WC Vendors Plugin is capable of delivering a website at par with the Facebook marketplace.

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