Create WooCommerce Service Marketplace To Connect Freelancers To Businesses

WooCommerce Service Marketplace

Dealing with clients and closing the deal, completing the tasks assigned, and then getting the profits of Shopify Development for the work done is what a freelancing business is all about. An individual, or you can call him a freelancer, can work all day long or part-time as he wants. The more they work, the more they earn. This flexibility in professional work and the passion for their skills help them be confident in the professional market, even if they have no costly resources or assets.

Although it seems easy, when you, as a freelancer, get into the deep to get the client onboard, you’ll be able to understand the complexities of the freelancing business.

In this guide, we’ll help you figure out what are those challenges that a freelancer has to face and what are the possible solutions to overcome these. Stick to the end; you’ll learn lots of things.

Let’s start with the common challenges faced by freelancers!

Common challenges of freelancers

WooCommerce Service Marketplace

Do you want to start a freelancing business? Are you planning to acquire genuine clients? Do you know how to promote your skills at the global level? These are some general questions that might confuse you!

When you try to get into detail one by one, it becomes easy for you to understand the challenges or problems that are generally faced by freelancers.

Challenge #1: How to set up infrastructure

Whether you talk about working as a freelancer or launching a small, medium, or large-scale enterprise, the infrastructure is the foundation. This will be the place where you reach out to the clients, meet them, close the deal, and work for them. Hence, this should look like a professional place. Such an infrastructure requires incurring the cost, which might vary according to your budget and demand.

Challenge #2: How to get clients onboard

If you’re just starting out your career as a freelancer or planning to grow your freelancing business online, no matter what, getting the clients onboard is essential.

If you’re selling graphic design services online, your target customers would be those who are looking for new images or videos continuously. If you’re selling web development services online, you need to reach out to those who want to get their business online. And so on…

But the major challenge is how you will know who your potential customers are. Where you’ll find them? And, what’s the right way to reach out to them?

Challenge #3: Is the client reliable?

You have incurred the costs of promoting your expertise and business. And, the clients have started approaching you. But that’s not it…

Since you’re working for them, you always want them to pay you the pre-determined amount at the right time. What if they won’t pay you in time?

Here comes the question of client reliability! You should only work for those who are reliable. But, how would you find reliable clients for your freelancing business?

Challenge #4: How to beat the competition

No matter what expertise you have, you’re not alone in the market. Just Google the “Best WordPress Developers California,” for example. You’ll see a lot of search results for it. If you have started your business online, is it ranked at the top of search results for the right keyword?

If not, then it’s a big issue!

Hence, it is important to do proper competitive analysis and create a marketing strategy to beat the competition. Therefore, as a freelancer, you need to cut out some of your time from your freelancing tasks and spend that time in marketing your skills.

Challenge #5 : What if you’re not experienced?

Most of the clients want to close the deal with the professionals who have at least 1 or 2 years of experience in his field. If you’ve just started out your career, it might be difficult for you to convince them that you can work for them. It is because they don’t want to risk their money and time and are not sure whether they will get the top-quality work from you.

How to overcome these challenges

eCommerce solution

These are just a few challenges that we have discussed so far. The more you work on it, the more you will be able to get into these. So, what could be the possible solution to overcome these?

Creating a service marketplace website could help you and other freelancers to overcome such unwanted situations and growing business online.

A service marketplace is a kind of hub where service providers can register their services and meet the right client to close the deal. All this can be done by incurring a cost in the form of commission on sale. Freelancers won’t need to incurring cost on setting up their infrastructure. Rather, with the help of your service marketplace, they can manage to get clients online for selling their services.

Benefits to freelancers

The freelancers will get lots of benefits by registering their services on your freelancer service marketplace:

  • They don’t need to invest on huge or costly infrastructures.
  • Getting reliable clients online from a service marketplace is a lot easier than finding clients outside them. This is because you don’t know where they hang out and what’s the right way to reach out to them.
  • They don’t need to spend a lot of time on marketing their business. Instead, the marketplace owner always put their efforts on marketing activities to promote their website.

And, a lot more benefits!

Benefits to marketplace owners

If you’re creating an online service marketplace for freelancers, it will become the major source of revenue for you. You can charge from registered freelancers in many ways. For example,

  • You can charge a certain percentage of commission on sale, or
  • You can charge a fixed amount per month or year.
  • You can sell membership plans to them.

And, so on…

The more freelancers register on your website, the business you’ll get from them.

WooCommerce solution to create a freelance service marketplace

eommerce solution

Want to create your own freelance service marketplace? Want to provide a powerful platform to freelancers to grow their business online? WooCommerce service marketplace is a solution.

WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress that lets you create an e-commerce store without any coding required. It offers all such functionalities that are required by an e-commerce store to efficiently run and manage their business online.

Besides, WooCommerce, you’ll also need two other plugins:

  1. Woo Sell Services Plugin: Allows adding “My Services” section in WooCommerce to sell services online on WordPress.
  2. Dokan Multi-vendor Plugin: Allows adding multi-vendor store functionality on WordPress so that third-party vendors can also register, manage, and sell their services online.

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use these plugins. Here is a quick guide on how to create service marketplace on WordPress.

You would also like to know more about how to use Woo Sell Services plugin. Here is how you can sell services with WooCommerce.

Ready to launch your WooCommerce service marketplace?

I hope this guide will help you learn how to get started with your WooCommerce service marketplace. For any queries or doubts, you can use the comment section below.

Stay tuned with us and we’ll get back with more information that will help you grow your e-commerce business online. And, don’t forget to share this guide with your friends!



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