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The constant evolution of the search pattern of Google has led to many paradigm shifts in website designing. The latest announcement by the world’s premier search engine is that the mobile version of a website’s content will be the main consideration in ranking them. This leads us to focus on different types of mobile SEO strategies like Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), condensed and concise contents on the website. The AMP project has grown in importance since its launch, so it is worthwhile to look at this concept in detail.

AMP– Definition and Features

As described above, the acronym stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and is an open-source project from Google that optimizes the loading time of web page content when viewed through mobile devices. The mobile SEO strategy works by trimming down HTML, external resources, extensions, and 3rd party JavaScript loading. This, in turn, slows down the page viewing. Google started preferring websites with better performance on mobiles and ranking them higher since 2016. A survey conducted on this project showed a 73% increase in visits by users through mobile-generated Google searches. This proves the point that mobile SEO is almost mandatory for higher SERPs in Google.

Difference in Content for Mobile and Desktop

The previous concept of mobile SEO for better functioning as e-commerce sites has become more integrated into the design aspect of a website. Now, this includes providing similar ease of navigation for many sites with content. A desktop user has more time and a larger screen to view and understand contents, whereas a mobile user can view only small chunks of information or images. So, your mobile SEO element must include making your content leaner without losing its intended meaning or point. The guidelines described below may be kept in mind while optimizing your site for mobiles.

  • Concise Headers – Make your header or sub-headers to the point and lose all other embellishments
  • Short Paragraphs – Make a précis of all the paragraphs of your content. This provides a summary of all contents while removing the rest of the unnecessary parts
  • Call to Action (CTA) – Incorporate as much of CTA lines in your mobile SEO content a possible. Also, provide CTAs in the anchor texts instead of the end of content lines

Condensed Texts are the Way to Go

Going forward, you need condensed and concise content as part of your mobile SEO implementation. In the process, there should be no compromise on the quality of your content and alteration of your intended meaning as per the original. We may look at some time-tested rules of good content writing described below.

  • Be Simple and Direct in your Approach – Use simple and to-the-point sentences for conveying your point in as few words as possible
  • Use Conversational Language – Do not use unnecessarily complicated and convoluted sentences. Write in the same tone as you talk; this allows the usually busy reader to get your point that much faster
  • Use Impact Verbs – Try to use words or phrases that stay in the reader’s mind for a longer period
  • Write in Active Voice – Unless it’s mandatory otherwise, use active voice in your content. This creates a more engaging atmosphere and the user feels addressed to instead of a third person

Key is Condensed, Meaningful Content

While there is always the temptation of removing contents altogether, the idea is to keep providing quality and meaningful content to the user. Some good Mobile SEO according to AMP includes combining similar pages and focusing on the common keywords. Similarly removing spam contents and cluttering advertisements from your website and keeping affiliate links to a minimum.

Thus, all the above mobile SEO strategies point towards the fact that condensed and precise content is essential for achieving higher rankings for your site. If you have any feedback or suggestions then please comment in the section below.



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