Top Nine Computer Programming Languages To Learn In 2024

Computer Programming Languages

The ability to build a computer program is one of the most valuable talents you can acquire in today’s environment. Every industry has been affected by computers, from plane autopilots to the digital speedometers on bicycles. Computers are now incorporated into nearly every product or service on the market. So, which programming languages are the best to learn? There’s no denying that the development and programming communities are evolving at an unprecedented pace. A wide range of new Computer Programming Languages and frameworks are emerging to meet the needs of many developers and applications (web applications, mobile applications, game development, distributed system, etc.).

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Best Programming Languages to learn

There are many various types and levels of programming and the best coding languages to learn if you’re interested in a career in this highly sought-after field. So that’s what you’ll be able to tell from this point onwards.

1. Python

Computer Programming Languages

Python is a popular choice for beginning programmers. It includes a wide range of features that make it ideal for novices. Python is a high-level scripting language that may be used for a variety of purposes. Its grammar is quite simple.

You won’t need to spend a lot of time learning and can jump right into working on straightforward projects without having to worry about the specifics. Programming in Python can be done in many different ways, thanks to a wide choice of libraries that can extend the language to accomplish just about anything you can think of.

2. Java

Computer Programming Languages

In addition to C, Java is another popular general-purpose programming language. One of the most sought-after languages at firms large and small (including HubSpot!), programming in Python provides a solid basis for a career.

JVM is a virtual machine that enables Java applications to work on almost any hardware and operating system. It is typically on the back end of software programs, from large-scale enterprise software to smartphone apps. The Android operating system is built on Java, which is notable.

Even though Java has a higher learning curve than Python, it is still one of the finest solutions for first-time programmers and is easy to master.

3. JavaScript

Computer Programming Languages

Despite their similar names, Java and JavaScript are not related in any way. JavaScript is the preferred programming language for the web. Most commonly, it’s found on the front end of websites and applications, which helps bring life and interactivity to the interfaces. With the help of frameworks like Node.js, it may also be utilized on the server.

According to Stack Overflow, it’s the most popular programming language globally, utilized by 68% of professional developers. Over 98% of all websites use it as well. In light of these statistics, it’s safe to say that everyone interested in learning web development should start with JavaScript.

JavaScript is known for its complexity in the developer world, but only if you get into the advanced features. JavaScript is easy to learn for novices since it is straightforward, flexible, and adaptable. To see your code in action, open it in your browser rather than downloading and installing another program.

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4. CSS and HTML

CSS and HTML- Computer Programming Languages
Computer Programming Languages

HTML and CSS aren’t programming languages, but they’re nonetheless helpful. For web development, these should be the two languages you master in addition to JavaScript. ‘ Even if you don’t know HTML, you can’t do much with a website without it.

HTML, a programming language, defines the content and structure of a web page. An HTML file’s interpretation by your browser is what you see when viewing a web page. What makes web pages appear good is defined by CSS, an associated language that determines the page’s style.

Because HTML and CSS avoid the programming aspect of web development, they’re both easy to learn and a terrific method to acquire a feel for coding a website without having to learn an entire programming language. Start with these two and see if you enjoy them before moving on to an introduction to JavaScript.

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5. C- Computer Programming Languages

Python, for example, has a human-readable syntax, making it an excellent choice for beginning programmers. Writing programs that do many things with a small amount of code is possible. On the other hand, some languages are more challenging to learn because of their closer resemblance to machine code in terms of grammar. Among them is C, in case you weren’t aware.

What’s the point of learning a lower-level language if you don’t need it? Regarding long-term benefits, starting with C is a superior option because it provides you with a solid foundation of knowledge. Instead of simply memorizing syntax, learning to program necessitates a great deal of problem-solving. C is the most excellent option for those who want to know the ins and outs of their programs from the ground up.

As a result, C is frequently used in beginning computer science classes at colleges and universities. As a result, you’ll have to write more code to accomplish the same tasks as in other programming languages. However, studying C will help you become a better programmer in the long run if you’re looking for a challenge.

C is a hugely influential programming language and knowing it will provide you with foundational knowledge that you can apply to other programming languages. Programs written in C are most typically found on personal computers (PCs), operating systems (OS), and databases (DBs).

6. C++

Many programmers prefer C++, a direct descendant of C. An integer can be multiplied by one using the “++” operator in C. (Yes, even programmers like a good time once and then.)

Classes and objects allow you to model real-world items in the code in C++. Because the programming capabilities of the language have been expanded to include this additional level of depth, it is possible to create software for systems, client-server applications, embedded firmware, and video games using the language.

7. C#

For Windows programs, Microsoft developed C# (pronounced “C sharp”), a popular derivative of C. In addition to being known for its use in the Unity game engine, C# is a popular choice for desktop apps. As a result, anyone who wants to pursue a career in video game creation will almost certainly have to become proficient with C#.

Taking on C# as your next programming challenge will be much simpler after you have a firm grasp of the syntax of the C family of programming languages.

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8. PHP

PHP- Computer Programming Languages
Computer Programming Languages

If you’re interested in web development, here’s another server-side scripting language to watch. With PHP, dynamic web pages may be built on the fly, allowing for a more tailored browsing experience. For beginners and professionals alike, PHP is the world’s most widely used programming language.

The WordPress CMS is built on the PHP programming language, making it an essential part of every WordPress developer’s toolbox. To better understand how PHP powers websites, it’s a good idea to check WordPress’s core files.

9. SQL- Computer Programming Languages

SQL- Computer Programming Languages
Computer Programming Languages

Do you want to work with databases or in any position that includes storing, retrieving, and analyzing data? If that’s the case, you should probably learn SQL at some point.

Database administrators use SQL, an acronym for Structured Query Language (sometimes pronounced “sequel”), as their go-to programming language. Tables containing columns and rows make up a relational database, where data items are linked to each other.

Data scientists, product specialists, business analysts, and marketers who want to incorporate business data into their decision-making can benefit from SQL’s ability to add, extract, and modify data stored in relational databases.
SQL isn’t like other languages; you can’t “create” anything, but it serves a much narrower function. On the other hand, SQL is necessary if you plan to work with data in any capacity.

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Conclusion 0f Computer Programming Languages

The programming language you choose to learn will be determined by the type of career you want to pursue. Regardless of your path, there is no better moment to learn a new skill and launch your coding career.

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